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America's Wealthiest Billionaires

  • Bill Gates, Windows, Forbes

    Age: 57 years Bill Gates' net worth stood at $72 billion in 2013. He was the richest American billionaire in 2012 too. However, he ranked #2 in the Richest Billionaire list. Image Source:

  • Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, Forbes

    Age: 83 years Warren Buffett's net worth was $58.5 billion despite giving away about $1 billion last year. He was the biggest gainer, adding $12.5 billion to reach $58.5 billion

  • Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle, Forbes

    Age: 69 years Oracle's CEO Ellison's net worth in 2013 stood at $41 billion. He was ranked #3 in 2012 as well and was at #5 in the Forbes billionaires list

  • Charles Koch, David Koch, Koch Industries, Forbes

    Age: 77 years Charles Koch (centre), CEO, Koch Industries has a net worth of $36 billion. He was #4 in 2012, and he was ranked #6 in the Billionaire list. David Koch (left), Executive Vice-President, Koch Industries, aged 73 years, also has a net worth of $36 billion.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Forbes

    Age: 29 years The Facebook founder ranked 20 in the list with net worth of $19 billion. In the Fortune 400 list, only 32 people are under the age of 48, with 66 years being the average age. Zuckerberg climbed 16 places from his #36 last year Picture source:

  • Larry Page, Google,

    Larry Page (Left), Sergey Brin (Right), both aged 40 years have a net worth of $24.9 billion and $24.4 billion respectively. While one is CEO, Google, Brin is co-founder, Director Of Special Projects, Google. They ranked #15 and #16 respectively

  • Michael Dell, Dell Computers

    Age: 48 years The founder of Dell Computers has a net worth of $15.8 billion. He toppled 3 spaces from #22 in 2012 to be at #25 this year