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Big buck billionaires of 2013

  • Casino,Sheldon,Adelson,Czar,American
    American casino czar Sheldon Adelson

    According to Forbes magazine, the pole position was grabbed by American casino czar Sheldon Adelson, whose personal wealth rose by as much as $15 billion during the year. That's about a billion-and-a-quarter dollars every month or a staggering Rs 7,700 crore.

  • Facebook,Zuckerberg,Mark
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

    Not too far behind Adelson, at second position, is Mark Zuckerberg. The 29-year-old Facebook founder's fortune rose by $13.6 billion in 2013.

  • Jeff,Amazon,Bezos
    Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos

    Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos yielded the second position to Zuckerbeg by just a nose. According to Forbes, his net worth grew by $13.3 billion during 2013, bringing him to third position.

  • Warren,Microsoft,Biffett
    The Sage of Omaha

    The Sage of Omaha, as he is often called, made it to the fourth spot. Legendary investor-phlanthropist and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, saw his wealth grow by $13.3 billion during the year.

  • Waltons,Wal-Mart
    Waltons grab fifth position

    Positions five through eight went to the richest business family in the world, the Waltons, who inherited their fortune from Samuel Moore (Sam) Walton and James Lawrence (Bud) Walton, the siblings who established Wal-Mart. Christy Ruth Walton came at no. 5, Samuel Robson Walton at no. 6, Alice Walton at no.7 and Jim Walton at no.8

  • Larry,Page,Google
    Google co-founder Larry Page

    Google co-founder Larry Page came in at no. 9. The 40-year-old computer scientist and internet entrepreneur added $9.4 billion to his fortune during the year, taking his personal worth up to $30.5 billion

  • Bill,Microsoft,Gates
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates

    Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates came in at no. 10, adding about $9.3 billion to his personal wealth during 2013.