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Debi - Soul of Kolkata

  • Pinak Pramanik,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga

    Pinak Pramanik clicked this picture in 2015 before the immersion of Goddess Durga

  • Joy Acharyya,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga,

    Joy Acharyya clicks a painter mixing the right shade of colour to be applied on the clay idol in Kumortuli, Kolkata

  • Avik Saha,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga

    Avik Saha’s depiction of the Durga idol in a water droplet

  • Ayanava Sil,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga

    The master and his creation, clicked at Kumortuli in Kolkata by Ayanava Sil

  • Arpita Pramanick,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga

    On the last day of the festival, devotees bid the goddess adieu with sweets and paan. This is a photograph by Arpita Pramanick clicked last year

  • Biswarup Saha,Kolkata,Durga Puja,Goddess Durga

    Biswarup Saha’s shot makes the goddess look like she’s arriving in a tram