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Mission Mars

  • PSLV,C25,Isro,Mars
    Mars Orbiter seconds before take-off

    PSLV-C25 all set for a take-off from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota

  • PSLV-C25,Isro,Mars
    Mars Orbiter after separation from ground

    PSLV-C25 leaves behind trails as it rises up in the sky after take-off

  • PSLV-C25

    One of the strap-ons of PSLV-C25 being lowered to its transporter

  • Second stage

    Hoisting of PSLV-c25 second stage in the mobile service tower

  • Fourth stage

    Mars orbiter spacecraft mounted on top of PSLV-C25 fourth stage

  • Reflector deployment test

    Reflector deployment test carried out on ISRO's Mars orbiter mission spacecraft

  • PSLV-c25

    PSLV-C25 took off today morning and successfully reached the Earth's orbit

  • PSLV-c25

    PSLV-c25 payload fairing containing mars orbiter spacecraft inside

  • Network of ground stations

    Image showing a network of ground stations

  • India's Mars Mission

    India's Mars Mission