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News in pictures: Top 5

  • Facebook, Flickr, Algorithm,

    The search tool uses tag locations to quantify relationships between individuals, even those not tagged in any given photo. The nimble algorithm, called relational social image search, achieves high reliability without using computationally intensive object - or facial-recognition software.

  • Inc, Drones, Jeff Bezos, Inc is testing drones to deliver goods, as the world's largest e-commerce company works to improve efficiency and speed in getting products to consumers.

  • Sonia Gandhi, Huffington Post, Congress,

    The Huffington Post has removed Congress President Sonia Gandhi from its list of the world's richest leaders. A note from the editor said that Gandhi was originally included based on a listing on a third party site which was subsequently called into question.

  • Cognizant, US, Texas,

    Nasdaq listed IT services firm Cognizant today said that it will hire 10,000 professionals in the US in the next three years. Of these, 750 will be from Texas. Cognizant also announced a grant for three years of $150,000 to support university-sponsored science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programmes at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

  • ISRO, GSLV D5,

    ISRO today announced that the launch of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV D5, which was called off at the 11th hour on August 19 due to a fuel leak in its second stage, is likely in the first week of January next year. The integration of the second stage of GSLV D5 has already been completed and integration of the cryogenic stage is planned on December 9