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Uttarakhand: 100 days after the disaster

  • landslide, roads, Uttarakhand,

    Large stretches of road end abruptly, washed away by river or destroyed by landslides. The government has prioritised the restoration of these roads. At places, new tracks have been built over the debris at others, they have been freshly hewed out of the hillsides. Many others, like this road to Chamoli town at Kund, have been repaired and rewalled. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand,

    The house of Bishna Devi Pawar, 50, at Semi village in Rudraprayag collapsed on June 17. “Our fridge, TV, Godrej, everything was destroyed,” she says. She has taken a house on rent for her family of seven for which she pays Rs 3,000. All she has got is Rs 2 lakh as compensation and Rs 12,000 as rent for six months. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Uttarakhand, food, NGO

    NGOs and welfare organisations are providing food and necessities to families who have lost their houses. At Bedubagar, Shankalp Foundation documents the needs of 27 families of Ganganagar whose riverside homes were completely battered by the Alakananda Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Kedarnath, Uttarakhand,

    The government failed to provide post-trauma stress counselling to victims. Anand Posti, 36, a purohit at Kedarnath, survived the disaster and walked three days through forests to reach his house at Lamgauday village near Guptkashi. Today he panics whenever it rains. “I will never return to Kedarnathji,” he says. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Uttarakhand,

    Village head of Chhinka-Chameli village, Raghubir Singh Kunwar, points to the abandoned house of Lal Singh who has not got a single paisa from the government since he has no property documents. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Uttarakhand, disaster,

    Ten families who lost their houses in Semi village live in tents by a highway. “We lost our house as well as our land,” says Chhoti Devi, 43, who shares a tent with 12 family members. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma

  • Uttarakhand, river,

    Villages across the swift rivers are linked by pedestrian suspension bridges. Many of them were swept away by the angry rivers. Here new cables are being laid near Agasthyamuni for a temporary trolley across the river. Photo Credit: Sanjay K Sharma