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Festivals unite people in Manipur

Festivals unite people in Manipur

Manipur, Feb 08 (ANI): Vibrant folk dances performed by young artists of Zeliangrong tribe in Manipur reflect joy and happiness. Celebrated every year, "Gaan Ngai" festival brings together all Naga tribes and marks the occasion with peace and unity, "Gaan ngai" is a post harvest thanks giving festival celebrated with great enthusiasm.

It is celebrated in different parts of the Northeast by singing, dancing, playing games and merry making. In Imphal, the Meitei community came together to celebrate Imoinu Iratpa Day, the traditional worship of the Goddess of wealth, Ema Imoinu, by making offerings to the deity.

The streets of Greater Imphal and valley districts were brightly decorated with colorful lights and people came out in large numbers to mark the festival. As part of the celebration, various cultural items were also showcased.

Celebrations of festivals play an important role in promoting the cultural legacy of the indigenous communities besides fostering a spirit of unity among t