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Fuel scarcity hits Imphal

Fuel scarcity hits Imphal

Imphal, Sep 06 (ANI): Hard days are here again for vehicle owners and business community as Manipur is facing problems due to scarcity of oil. Artificial fuel scarcity has hit Manipur once again after stocks of petrol, diesel, and SK oil have decreased significantly due to heavy landslides, breaking of Barak bridges and also prolonged strikes over ILPS and anti-ILPS movement in the state.

Locals were seen standing in long queues in front of the only running petrol filling station to get their vehicles refueled. Many petrol pumps had put up boards reading fuel reserved for government departments only.

Prices of fuel like petrol have shoot up to between Rs 160 to Rs 180 per litre in black market, while the actual price is Rs. 57.

Rationing of fuel in a few outlets has been initiated since last month from 4 Kl to 12 Kl indifferently in the selected rationalize outlets, till date.