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The secular village of Agra

The secular village of Agra

Agra (UP), May 28 (ANI): In most parts of the world, the name of a person is enough to identify his religion. But for the people of this small village situated in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, name does not define the religion of a person.

Some thirty kilometers west of Agra city in Uttar Pradesh, there is Sandhan village. Not so different from other villages of India, where people are still intact to their roots, their own lifestyles, rituals and faiths.

In a Hindu majoritarian village that has a population of around fifteen thousand, the 'Pradhan' or the chief of the village is a Muslim. He contends, for decades there has been no fight among the people of his village over religion, caste or any other diversities seen in the village.

It could be surprising for many that there are many families in the village have who have members of the house espousing different faiths. If one reads Bible then other would be seen devoting his time in understanding the insights of Holy Quran