Polson Ltd Certificate Under Regulation 40(10)
    17/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Board Meeting Outcome for Disclosure Under Regulation 30 Of SEBI (LODR) 2015-Appointment Of Secretarial Auditor
    08/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Compliance Certificate Under Regulation 7(3) Of SEBI (LODR) For The Half Year Ended On March 31 2023
    04/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Compliances-Certificate under Reg. 74 (5) of SEBI (DP) Regulations 2018
    04/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Scrunizers Report On Extra Ordinary General Meeting
    01/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Combined Report Of Scrutinizers On Poll And Evoting Of EGM
    01/04/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Proceedings Of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
    31/03/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Intimation Of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting Of The Company To Be Held On March 31 2023 At The Regis
    09/03/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Quarterly Results For The Quarter Ended December 2022
    14/02/2023| bse
    Polson Ltd Board Meeting Outcome for Proceedings Of Board Meeting
    14/02/2023| bse

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