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March 12: Urban rejuvenators

  • March 12: Urban rejuvenators

    March 12: Urban rejuvenators

  •  City Bliss or Wellness on wheels

    As the name suggests, this one offers you services on the move. The establishment bought what was was originally a 16 seater bus from Force Motors and transformed it to a two-seater spa.

    Inside the van you will find two trained and experienced therapists, a driver and a steward. The interiors are well endowed with features such as reclining captain seats, chiller for refreshments & drinks, a credit card POS terminal, plus entertainment facilities such as video and music. There is a camera mounted on top of the vehicle which captures the exact location of the bus. The client can just switch on the camera mode and will get to know where the bus is at that point of time.

    Swadeep Patil, founder of City Bliss, opened this spa for those who don't have the time to visit one due to their busy schedules. The client just needs to call and fix an appointment and within two hours, the bus will be waiting at their building or office premises, whereever they want. Once

  • SPA lunch at Out of the Blue

    This is an every Friday event which takes place from 1pm-4pm at Out of the Blue in Carter Road, Bandra. They have something called Spa lunch on its palate which consists of a buffet with a whole lot of salads made of exotic ingredients, choicest dips, assorted breads, main course and a dessert counter.

    What makes this entire lunch exciting is a relaxing foot or hand massage that can be enjoyed over a special spa concoction such as a Blue Berry Cucumber cooler and other spa drinks or just a nice glass of wine while you sit back, sip and get pampered.

    COST: - Rs 375 + taxes, with hand and foot massage complementary.

  • Caressaa Spa

    Located in Juhu, it occupies a spacious multi-storey building. Among the variety of services they offer are rejuvenating massages, reflexology and anti-ageing treatment. There are seven treatment rooms, two of which house "Dermalife capsules", and one is used for a "rope massage".

    The Dermalife spa capsule offers a combination of steam, aroma, LED lights, and a Vichy shower, that allows guests to get a shower while lying down. The Alpha LED Oxylight spa capsule is a dry heat, oxygenising sauna. The LED lights change from lavender to poster red, and are said to have the ability to penetrate the skin.

    Geo-thermo therapy involves the use of natural stones to transmit the required temperatures and induce the desired physiological response in the body. The alternative application of hot and cold and their effect on the human body is known as geo-thermo therapy.

    In the rope massage, the therapist walks all over the client's body with the help

  • Tailwagger's pet salon

    There are numerous spas in the cities that cater to the needs of the pets. Tailwagger's is one such in Bandra. The spa has introduced music therapy for dogs and has a special technique that provides a massage using pressure points, with the ambiance of specially formulated classical music and chants to soothe the animal.

    Along with the massage the salon also uses Reiki to relax the pets further. Besides your poocj can also go there for a simple haircut.

    COST: Varies depending on the size, condition and breed of the dog. However, a haircut and bath typically costs Rs 1,350 for a small breed dog and Rs 1,650 for a large breed dog.