Shekhar Gupta Bhagwat right in diagnosis of China being the big threat, but his prescription is flawed

Aditi Phadnis India might be lauded for strategic restraint, but at home Rajnath Singh epitomises it

Buyers may go for cars with lower running costs as fuel prices spike: Study

India to reach 1 bn Covid vaccination mark next week: Health minister

Manmohan Singh diagnosed with dengue, gradually improving: AIIMS

Eyewitness testimony can't be rejected because of delay in recording it: SC

IAF chief visits forward areas in Ladakh amid border tensions with China

FM discusses post-pandemic recovery, other issues with World Bank chief

Rahul Dravid set to take over as Team India coach after T20 World Cup

Lunch with BS Standing tall in Hollywood: DNEG CEO Malhotra is an out-and-out Bandra boy

Sandeep Goyal So which James Bond do you like the best?

Charge of Old Brigade: Chennai Super Kings under Dhoni win IPL for 4th time

Pranab Bardhan Charaiveti: An academic's journey-6


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Do Mohan Bhagwat's concerns about the lack of regulation over OTT platforms and crypto currencies hold water?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say







Indiscreet history, astute politics

Aditi Phadnis

Rajnath Singh Mr Rajnath Singh, an erstwhile teacher of physics, is better acquainted with politics than history

So which James Bond do you like the best?

Sandeep Goyal

James Bond exhibition to be held in Mexico A study from Casumo too confirms that Dalton is the most popular Bond performer with audiences

Lunch with BS

Standing tall in Hollywood: DNEG CEO Malhotra is an out-and-out Bandra boy

Malhotra, whose special-effects house has 5 Oscars to its credit and is behind the latest Bond movie

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Keep in mind that gifts of above Rs 50,000 from non-relatives are taxable in the recipient's hands, except during a wedding

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apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 8 may come with a bigger display in 2022

Apple seems to have started working on the Apple Watch Series 7's successor, likely called Apple Watch Series 8. The Cupertino giant may be ...

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