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The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to address the challenges pertaining to underutilisation of public healthcare facilities and missed diagnosis on priority

National health mission drives standardisation in public healthcare system
Updated On : 17 Jun 2024 | 10:44 AM IST

Experts underscored the need on transition from rates to revenue focused on lowering tax rates, enlarging the tax-paying base and thereby creating the means for financing of India's investment

'Need to moderate rate, widen tax base for Viksit Bharat goal by 2047'
Updated On : 13 Jun 2024 | 5:31 PM IST

The role of the media as the watchdog of democracy can only be fulfilled through a balanced distribution of power, fostering dialogue, and upholding transparency

Enabling true journalism: The design principles
Updated On : 12 Jun 2024 | 5:14 PM IST

Ensuring food safety is a public health priority and an essential step towards achieving food security

World Food Safety Day 2024: Prepare for the unexpected
Updated On : 07 Jun 2024 | 10:56 AM IST

Robust tax revenues, a fast expanding digital and financial infrastructure and a strong manufacturing sector will give the new government a base for unleashing next generation reforms

Strong economic base to help new govt make India a developed nation by 2047
Updated On : 04 Jun 2024 | 5:52 PM IST

Dollar sale also helped; Such high surplus likely to be one-off

US Treasuries behind RBI's Rs 2.1 trillion bumper surplus to Centre
Updated On : 24 May 2024 | 3:37 AM IST

It likely overstates actual risks associated with the vaccine and conflates common illnesses with vaccine-related adverse effects

Study on Covaxin should revise statement on conclusions for clarity
Updated On : 21 May 2024 | 3:55 PM IST

"To achieve this herculean task, India's growth engine needs to fire on all cylinders, from manufacturing to services in the next five years," research note read

India must create 115 mn jobs by 2030 as more people enter workforce: Study
Updated On : 20 May 2024 | 5:55 PM IST

While realpolitik is not expected to result in a favourable trade agreement between India and EU, the partners would do best in settling for a more realistic agenda with some compromise from both side

India-EU FTA: Will the marriage reconcile?
Updated On : 07 May 2024 | 5:43 PM IST

In last decade, it has consistently remained a revenue-surplus state, allowing govt to invest in asset generation, introduce welfare schemes. But its socio-economic indicators leave much to be desired

Fiscal prudent Odisha faces many challenges on socioeconomic front
Updated On : 05 May 2024 | 11:50 PM IST

The two codes are crucial for safeguarding public interest and fostering economic growth with innovation

Intellectual property and competition law: Two sides of the same coin
Updated On : 25 Apr 2024 | 1:33 PM IST

A perusal of the judgment in DMRC vs DAMEPL would show that the SC has interpreted the terms of the contract and that too, in its curative jurisdiction

DMRC vs DAMEPL: SC broadens scope of court intervention in arbitral awards
Updated On : 25 Apr 2024 | 11:40 AM IST

India's negotiations must maintain a strategic approach and give concessions that meet its long-term objectives

Onus on resuming trade ties lies with Pakistan, India must set the terms
Updated On : 23 Apr 2024 | 4:40 PM IST

Advantages of India's FTA with ASEAN appear unclear and appear to make the country dependent on Chinese imports

In the economic transformation of Southeast Asia, a tale of two FTAs
Updated On : 18 Apr 2024 | 3:57 PM IST

The exchange rate will play a crucial role in this calculation and some assumptions must be made on this front

A trillion dreams: Is this realistic, or are four states chasing a chimera?
Updated On : 16 Apr 2024 | 10:50 PM IST

Apprenticeship in India has failed to take off majorly due to the lack of awareness among the firms especially in the services sector, believe industry observers

The right to first job: Why apprenticeship hasn't taken off in India
Updated On : 16 Apr 2024 | 7:06 PM IST

In exchange for tariff reduction, EFTA countries will increase foreign investments in India

India-EFTA agreement aligns tariff concessions with investment promotion
Updated On : 05 Apr 2024 | 5:19 PM IST

Easing inflation, a smaller fiscal deficit and a turn in US Federal Reserve's policy rates create grounds for policy rate cuts in India

4 shocks pushed up prices, led to supply disruptions and price reactions
Updated On : 04 Apr 2024 | 5:02 PM IST

Authority figures to availability choice: Our voting decisions are often coloured by biases that are often unconscious

Bias at the ballot box: The ways voters are influenced in elections
Updated On : 02 Apr 2024 | 1:52 PM IST

Classification of items for GST rates was done on the basis of harmonised system of nomenclature codes. The codes contain 21 sections. These are divided into 99 chapters, which have 1,244 headings

GST disputes persist due to conflicting interpretations of goods, services
Updated On : 12 Mar 2024 | 7:42 PM IST