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  • Sunita Narain

    Sunita Narain: Sublime food makeover Sunita Narain

    Now we need to fight back to reclaim our food and our habits. The only way to do so is to rediscover food as pleasure and be thrilled, not just by its smells and tastes, but also by the knowledge it e

  • Vikram Johri

    Seeking a middle ground Vikram Johri

    This week, the production team behind upcoming Bollywood drama, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, met the Mumbai Police commissioner to request improved security arrangements for the release

  • Ashish Sharma

    Calendar countdown Ashish Sharma

    Around now, preparations are on for what has morphed into the art season in India with a number of public events and platforms

  • Ashish Sharma

    Eye on the game Ashish Sharma

    When I visited Twitch, the most striking part was the sheer number of people swarming on the sidelines, watching other people play

  • T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan: Books as samosas and pakoras T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

    Specifically, let me ask: Has the definition of a book changed? Is it the same as what it used to be about a decade ago?

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta

    The power of the beast Arundhuti Dasgupta

    The lion has been the insignia of kings and generals throughout the world

  • Mitali Saran

    Mitali Saran: Birdiness, birditude, and birdicity Mitali Saran

    Turns out ornithology isn't for the birds

  • Alok Chandra

    Upping the game with Grover's latest Alok Chandra

    To my mind, the wine appeared to be still quite young and I think it will benefit from at least one year of bottle ageing

  • J Jagannath

    Gifts from a film fest J Jagannath

    The former, a French-German-Belgian psychological thriller starring Isabelle Huppert, is based on the rape-without-tears bestseller Oh... by Philippe Djian

  • Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: The age of the devotional deejay Geetanjali Krishna

    At the dawn of this brand new age of the devotional deejay, I mused that I urgently needed to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones

  • Kishore Singh

    Kishore Singh: Catering to her whims & fancies Kishore Singh

    All those men whose wives are content with a bauble or two, they have it easy

  • Veenu Sandhu

    When time stands still Veenu Sandhu

    War, and proxy war, demand and always extract a price - from both sides. But how do you make a neighbour, who will simply not stop provoking, and the jingoists see this?

  • Kishore Singh

    The artist in exile in his studio Kishore Singh

    Yusuf Arakkal worked the entire gamut of artistic practices ranging from his first love, painting, to sculpture, mural making and installations

  • Ashish Sharma

    A how-to for everything Ashish Sharma

    For most of these holidays, I keep myself from doing things by reading hundreds of WikiHow posts, and even using a dozen or so

  • Mihir S Sharma

    Mihir S Sharma: Elena Ferrante, Lionel Shriver, and 'identity' Mihir S Sharma

    Does an author have the right to their own identity? The answer seems obvious: Yes, of course they do, just like anyone else

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