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  • Itu Chaudhuri

    Hello, good lookin' Itu Chaudhuri

    It's easy to see that attractive things are preferred but less easy to see that they can work better

  • J Jagannath

    Denver cinema J Jagannath

    It's heartwarming to see new foreign cinema being shown at every American city, says J Jagannath

  • A mirror for us Uttaran Das Gupta

    Themes of generational, class conflict are common in A State of Freedom as in its predecessor

  • Alok Chandra

    When it rains, just pour Alok Chandra

    Red wines can be classified into two segments: the Bordeaux style and Burgundy style

  • Mitali Saran

    Soak in the news, reach for your BP machine Mitali Saran

    The sordid events this week were more than enough to keep the body's mercury soaring

  • Aakar Patel

    Sufi mysticism and pantheism Aakar Patel

    Plato's successors developed the concept of pantheism, belief that identifies God with the universe

  • Kishore Singh

    Rockefellers' India connect Kishore Singh

    Even though several artists had availed of the Rockefeller Fund, information about it appeared scant

  • Ashish Sharma

    Real life's Good and Simple Tax Ashish Sharma

    Tax revenue could drain away if rampant GST-free activity takes place in cyberspace

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta

    In the name of the father Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Fathers and sons have had a vexed relationship throughout myth

  • Veenu Sandhu

    Holy *bleep* Veenu Sandhu

    'The Argumentative Indian' has come under censor board's scanner & being asked to make few cuts

  • J Jagannath

    Museum going J Jagannath

    It was the most surreal experience of my life to enter the main lobby of the National Gallery of Art

  • Alok Chandra

    High ways of spirits Alok Chandra

    Hopefully, all's well that ends well, and business should get back to normal soon

  • Mitali Saran

    Lunatics, zombies and jerks Mitali Saran

    Have you noticed how innocent people are forever expiring prematurely?

  • Aakar Patel

    Ritual over reason Aakar Patel

    Vegetarianism is linked inexorably to purity in India. We are only nation that uses word 'non-veg'

  • Kishore Singh

    Distortions and torture Kishore Singh

    Art historian Yashodhara Dalmia has done pioneering research on Indian artists and collectives