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  • Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Fake news demons Arundhuti Dasgupta

    The real is finally mythical; and fake news, much like the golden deer in the Ramayana, is leading the world from order into chaos

  • J Jagannath

    TV bingeing this Diwali J Jagannath

    A list of few TV series to binge watch during the festive season

  • Mitali Saran

    Guess who's coming to dinner Mitali Saran

    Doctor, I'm having bad dreams

  • Aakar Patel

    Taj Mahal: A monument of gratitude Aakar Patel

    It is ingratitude bordering on stupidity that one would choose, for petty and juvenile reasons, to demote an asset any other nation would value and treasure

  • Ashish Sharma

    Internet economy Ashish Sharma

    Millennials roaming cyberspace can make an economy sputter even further by not participating in Real Life

  • A cat, not a coward Uttaran Das Gupta

    The conditions under which Murugan has produced this book, with 210 short poems, provide a hint to his preoccupations

  • Kishore Singh

    The staple at the auction house Kishore Singh

    Old-time collectors recall how he would keep scribbles of his renderings at hand, so they could "order" customised works with the figures they wanted placed in a way they could choose

  • Veenu Sandhu

    The mark of a man Veenu Sandhu

    The ongoing moustache protest is only the latest blot on the face of a nation that has failed to ensure even the safety of the Dalit community

  • Alok Chandra

    Wines from the 'Rainbow Nation' Alok Chandra

    It's no secret that South African producers have taken Chenin Blanc to another level

  • J Jagannath

    Superheroes of Newton and Spyder J Jagannath

    In its 100-minute duration, Masurkar has woven a yarn-and-a-half, told with the perfect lightness of touch

  • Mitali Saran

    Dinner party Napoleon: Bringing Modi's working style home Mitali Saran

    I'm sorry for all the shade I threw at the PM

  • Ashish Sharma

    We the people Ashish Sharma

    Thirty thousand youth join the job market every day, Gandhi said, but the government creates only 500 jobs a day

  • Aakar Patel

    Cycling: Two wheels and the city Aakar Patel

    The Indian motorist or rickshaw driver has no respect for the cyclist, so one gets pushed constantly into spaces where one has to stop

  • Kishore Singh

    Splashes of feminist fervour Kishore Singh

    Women artists no longer need a gender-specific platform for their work even as a certain misogyny refuses to fade away three decades after the exhibition

  • Vikram Johri

    Demigods on the field Vikram Johri

    Dhoni goes beyond rationale, tipping into the sort of admiration that is the essence of true celebrity