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Small-bang Budget
Mihir S Sharma

Behind the smiles, the deep disappointment

A welfare-oriented Budget
A Seshan

Various social security schemes, especially for unorganised sector, and enhancement of the limits for tax concessions will benefit common man

Decoding the Budget's 'carbon tax'
Sunita Narain

The coal cess has to be used to provide biggest climate-change game changer for India - to provide affordable and clean power to the millions

Smothered by a boom in banking
Gretchen Morgenson

Ideally, finance should propel an economy by helping create jobs and wealth for the population

Editorial Comment Rss icon

Wanted: a time frame

Clarity needed on the plan to reduce corporation tax

Missing farm focus

Budget impact on agriculture blurry

Neil Unmack

Ending austerity?
Neil Unmack

Europe can afford to cut Greece some slack

Reynolds Holding

Fare is fair
Reynolds Holding

US airlines throwing stones from glass hangars

Dominic Elliott

Shrinking feeling
Dominic Elliott

RBS turnaround enters critical period

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Yes, minister

While most analysts agreed that the Budget presented on Saturday was a decent document overall, some decried that there were no fireworks - or, ...

Party time

You have got to hand it to the Badals, they know how to entertain guests. Last week, Sukhbir Singh Badal, deputy chief minister of Punjab, and ...

Poster war

While the rest of India was splitting hairs over what the Budget could throw up, a poster campaign over Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's ...

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Letters: Budget - The big picture

This refers to the report "FM's crowd-pleasing balancing act" (March 1). The National Democratic Alliance government's first full Budget carries ...

Letters: No achche din, yet

While the corporates are quite euphoric over what Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has bestowed upon them, the critics call it a "thanksgiving" or ...

Letters: Political wilderness

This refers to Sunil Sethi's column "The ides of March are here" (Al Fresco, February 28). The downfall of political parties and their leaders ...

Business Law & Tax Rss icon

Taking India back to future

The government has provided a long-term vision, avoiding any "big-bang" reforms but the devil will be in the details of the implementation, say ...

Governance pain of public banks

Dual regulation by the finance ministry and RBI, political influence in lending and appointment of board members have taken a toll on governance ...

Budget 2015 would also need reforms in Customs

One of the risks is to get swayed by the idea that exemptions bring popularity

TDS on payment to foreign consultant

A weekly selection of key court orders


Bumps ahead for Financial Code future

With many sections of the financial market unhappy about certain provisions of the FSLRC report, changes are likely in the modified draft


Three approaches to budget-making

The law governing manufacturing is replete with obsolescence on multiple counts

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Vision statement unlikely to boost corporate earning

Markets will find it hard to justify stretched valuations in the face of single-digit earnings growth

Will the Budget deliver big bang reforms?

Economic Survey rules out need for such reforms; analysts believe fiscal tightening, rural stress and political debacle might be restrictive

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Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

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T N Ninan

T N Ninan: Suresh Prabhu, the Railway star
T N Ninan

Prabhu was the architect of the Electricity Act of 2003, which set the stage for reforms in the power sector. He could well end up transforming the railways

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Arvind Subramanian: Moving towards the fiscal target
Arvind Subramanian

Chief Economic Adviser explains the Budget in an exclusive article

Mihir S Sharma

Mihir S Sharma: Small-bang Budget
Mihir S Sharma

Behind the smiles, the deep disappointment