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Are stock prices inflated?
Jaimini Bhagwati

Despite what partisan fund managers are projecting, the rise in the Indian equity market has to be evaluated carefully

'Neat and clean' innovation
R Gopalakrishnan

The idea of sanitation has raised many challenges down the years

The weakest link in development lending
Joe Athialy

The World Bank and ADB's internal accountability mechanisms sometimes violate their own guidelines and policies on project lending

Burning money
Jamal Mecklai

I remember back when I was in school, my closest friend was from what-appeared-to-be a seriously wealthy family. While they lived very well, his ...

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Zero tolerance

Govt should prevent construction of illegal floors and buildings

A new hope

New climate report means big changes to future agreements

Robert Cyran

Smaller blue
Robert Cyran

Top line shrinkage catches up with IBM

Swaha Pattanaik

Receding tide
Swaha Pattanaik

Fine global monetary ideals clash with reality

Robert Cole & Una Galani

Risky whisky
Robert Cole & Una Galani

Diageo throws money at Indian empire-building

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Same difference

Every morning journalists are sent a message on their Twitter handles allegedly exposing "lies" and "claims" of Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ...

NaMo redefined

NaMo is now a popular acronym for Narendra Modi. But Ramesh Naidu of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has come out with his own definition for NaMo. ...

The 'other' lady of Tamil Nadu

The exigencies of translating from Hindi to Tamil caused an amusing mix-up during Narendra Modi's speech at a rally in Erode. He said, "Sorry to ...

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Letters: Bernanke's message

This refers to the editorial "Monetary sovereignty" (April 17). Ben Bernanke's observation that we need to put our house in order is correct. ...

Letters: Two sides of a PM?

This refers to A K Bhattacharya's column "The PMO and the PM" (New Delhi Diary, April 16). When a journalist and a former coal secretary both ...

Letters: Add FDI to the list

This refers to the editorial "Trouble with Asean" (April 16). Indonesia and Thailand have contended against the federalist aspect of the foreign ...

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India plays catch-up game

destination for International arbitration

For banks, ALM as big a problem as NPA

Sorting out take-out financing could help counter the double whammy of asset liability mismatch and non-performing assets

Late objection to arbitration invalid
M J Antony

If a party to an agreement joins arbitration proceedings without raising objections, it cannot question the jurisdiction of the arbitration ...

Corporate guarantee need not be intra-group service
Vijay Iyer

ITAT ruling on Bharti Airtel has provided the much-needed guidance on transfer pricing


In Sahara case, law itself has been victimised
Somasekhar Sundaresan

Sahara represents the ultimate test of the conflict between the rule of law and dispensation of justice

RBI should curb rise in rupee
TNC Rajagopalan

The February 2014 export figures show a decline of 3.7 per cent in dollar terms over a year, raising apprehension that rising costs have eroded ...

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Earnings upgrade cycle for HCL Technologies to continue

Broad-based growth across service lines to boost revenue growth

Inflation unlikely to moderate significantly in 2014-15

RBI might retain rates at current levels, upside risks to inflation rise

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What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

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