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Six lessons from a fateful 2014
Claude Smadja

The six big global trends the past year crystallised

Can India reach the global top spot in solar?
Vandana Gombar

The govt does not have the deep pockets, or even the inclination, to fund a massive expansion in renewables

Success and failure in a year of prominent deals
Steven Davidoff Solomon

The hostile takeover rose from the dead and the American deal market revived while Europe and Asia were moribund

Reassessing Mr Vajpayee
Rahul Jacob

He reminds Parliament and TV viewers that he has always played by the rules of democracy as a Member of Parliament for 40 years

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Conversion agenda

The BJP should stop pushing a non-issue

Development challenges

Implications of India's declining fertility rate

Richard Beales

Universally hacknowledged
Richard Beales

Bank cyberinsurance is overdue to come of age

Daniel Indiviglio

Contagion immunity
Daniel Indiviglio

Positive US momentum could grow in 2015

Rob Cox

Second-degree merger
Rob Cox

Acquirers can expect more M&A investor skeptics

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Here today, gone tomorrow

An Indian Administrative Service officer of the Uttar Pradesh (UP) cadre, who is currently on central deputation, faced an unusual dilemma ...

The world is a zoo

The official Twitter handle of Doordarshan News (@DDNewsLive), the terrestrial TV news channel owned by Prasar Bharati, posted a photograph of ...

Clean-up act

A spurt in scam advertising and misleading communication over the past few years has prompted the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), ...

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Letters: Ballot over bullet

Apropos the editorial "Lessons from two elections" (December 24), the results of the Assembly elections in Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir are ...

Letters: A win for Jharkhand

This refers to the editorial "Lessons from two elections" (December 24). With a stable and one-party government, let us hope that Jharkhand, the ...

Letters: Cracking the J&K code

This refers to the editorial "Lessons from two elections" (December 24). Although the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) created history in both ...

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Corporate India learns to live with competition law

Compliance needs to be embedded in the decision-making process, say experts

Three areas of regulatory attention for 2015

The process of selecting and appointing personnel to run the regulatory agencies is the weakest link in the system

Arbitration agreement needs no signature

An arbitration agreement, even though in writing, need not be signed by the parties if the record of agreement is provided by exchange of ...


Putting an end to regulatory logjam

As the government gears up to regulate the e-commerce business, the industry has to step up its compliance effort


Related-Party Transactions: Learning from the USL case

Rejection of important RPT, which is not abusive, by a small group of minority shareholders is likely to hurt the company


Follow a phased, sequential approach for entry

Legal profession in India is different and distinct from the profession practised elsewhere in the world. It is more litigation-oriented as is ...

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BJP win in Jharkhand to boost CIL's volumes

State accounts for 11-12% of CIL production; resolving issues in the state will boost output

Persistent Systems: Future growth at the cost of margins

Continuous investments could pull down margins, say analysts

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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