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Players and the game
Madhukar Sabnavis

Faces are important in India, because people connect with people, not concepts

Distracted or better informed?
Shyamal Majumdar

Gen Y employees may be all about 'me, me & me', but one can't ignore their aspiration for autonomy

The perils of pay-for-delay
Bhupesh Bhandari

Pharma companies should focus their efforts on innovating and competing rather than attempting to extract extra rents from patients

Why we still need the APMC laws
Madan Sabnavis

States need to create alternative marketing structures for farm produce since middlemen provide vital services that are unavailable to farmer

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The billion-dollar gift

Doubts over Flipkart's valuation will persist

Against science

Government should not back RSS on GM crops

Antony Currie & Daniel Indiviglio

Swipe this
Antony Currie & Daniel Indiviglio

GE's $20-bn cards unit IPO puts a lot on credit

Martin Hutchinson

Ignore the blips
Martin Hutchinson

US GDP gyrations obscure still slow, steady growth

Una Galani

No easy Flip
Una Galani

India's e-commerce prize may be spread thinly

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To do and not to demand

The private sector's observations on the failings of the public-private partnership (PPP) policy appear to have irritated more than one senior ...

One title is not enough?

Former external affairs minister Kunwar Natwar Singh's revelatory memoir, due out today, is dramatically titled One Life is Not Enough: An ...

Realty and reality

Property prices will rise in the next few days, so it is a good idea for everyone to buy apartments now, a senior executive of an industry ...

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Letters: Memoirs = controversy

It has almost become a convention that whenever a retired politician publishes his memoirs, it invariably attracts controversy. The latest one ...

Letters: Research on GM crops

This refers to the report "Genetically modified crops' field trials put on hold" (July 30). The government's hesitation in going ahead with ...

Letters: Power play

This refers to the report "PM to keep tabs on infrastructure projects"(July 27). Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the Planning Commission ...

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Saving PPP projects
Jyoti Mukul

Flexibility in terms and conditions could preserve contract sanctity

Soumitra Dutta

India's competitive edge is less sharp: Soumitra Dutta

Interview with Dean, Johnson Cornell University

Somasekhar Sundaresan

Some existential questions for Indian tribunals
Somasekhar Sundaresan

Retired judges who join tribunals are at the mercy of civil servants in the administrative ministries for policy governing their day-to-day ...

Gift of property need not be handed over
M J Antony

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal


Why GAAR spooks corporate India

Trust deficit between taxpayers and tax administrators is the key factor that makes GAAR a non-starter


Need debate on the time required to be GAAR-ready: Rajiv Memani

Interview with CEO & country managing partner, EY India

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Maruti: First-time, rural buyers drive volumes

Sees double-digit volume growth in FY15; strong product pipeline to support higher realisations

US launches and India recovery key for Cadila

Given rich valuations, upside for the stock capped for now

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There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

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Arvind Subramanian

Arvind Subramanian: A solution for the WTO
Arvind Subramanian

India is right to support its agriculture, but is going about it the wrong way

Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan: Ambient intolerance goes up in the Modi era
Bharat Bhushan

With the temperature of Hindutva rising in the Indian social discourse, Narendra Modi is yet to become the inclusive leader that the high office he occupies demands of him

M J Antony

M J Antony: Tribunals in the doldrums
M J Antony

The Supreme Court will decide their legal status in two months