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RIP Planning Commission
Nitin Desai

The Planning Commission has not been central to the policymaking process since the mid-1960s

Banking on development
Barun Roy

The New Development Bank and AIIB are welcome but can they assuage the growing hunger for infrastructure funding?

Acche din for the financially excluded or too much din?
Vikram Gandhi & Chandni Ohri

The poor and unbanked can take their rightful place as consumers of financial services only if the Modi government encourages different entities ...

The SEZ fixation
Rahul Jacob

After listening to a presentation by the leader of the reformist provincial government of Guangdong, China's southernmost province, in April ...

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Govt action on environment contradicts stated objective

Government is diluting green regulations, not reforming them

A wasted moment

By ending talks with Islamabad, Delhi fails vision test

George Hay

Firing line
George Hay

Latest blunder hits StanChart where it most hurts

Andy Mukherjee

Testing times
Andy Mukherjee

Fed adds urgency to Indonesia's fuel reform test

Chris Hughes

London's so cool
Chris Hughes

London-UK house-price divergence is manna for BoE

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Inside out

Visitors at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters at Keshav Kunj in Delhi's Jhandewalan are warmly received. Important visitors are ...

The lotus luxury

Visitors to the RSS headquarters are also offered healthy snacks or food from the canteen depending on the time of day. The food from the ...

Varun's star, Rahul's fortunes

Political reporters have attributed Sultanpur MP Varun Gandhi's fall from grace in the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah run Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ...

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Letters: Make maths more relevant

This refers to the editorial "Why maths matters" (August 17). First, only six "millennium problems" remain, since Grigori Perelman has solved ...

Letters: The micro credit solution

This refers to the editorial "A complex chain" (August 20). The financial inclusion drive to deliver the intended and expected outcome of ...

Letters: BJP - An easy ride so far

Apropos the editorial "On the rise" (August 20), the last 18 months of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-II must be given credit for today's ...

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Exim Matters: Can govt fights be kept out of court?
TNC Rajagopalan

Last week, the Union law ministry asked various ministries not to take their quarrels to courts but resolve these amicably through empowered ...

Making exits viable
Jyoti Mukul

Only after a public-private project is commissioned and established should a company be allowed to exit

WATCHTOWER: Making India a centre for arbitration

The Law Commission of India has proposed radical overhaul of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, in an effort to make India a hub for ...

India-made regulations will deter "Make in India"
Somasekhar Sundaresan

For deals to be investor-friendly in India, review of merger and acquisition law is a prerequisite

Stream of decisions on cheque bouncing
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders


Cracking the code

Companies have a long way to go before meeting Sebi's corporate governance compliance requirements

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Jet Airways: International business is the only hope

Seeks to raise share of international biz to 60%, margins expected to improve on stronger rupee

Bosch: Reversal in fortunes on the cards

Higher domestic demand, increasing exports and localisation should aid revenues, margins

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Narendra Modi has invited comments and suggestions on his move to scrap the Planning Commission. What would your advice to the Prime Minister be?

Narendra Modi has invited comments and suggestions on his move to scrap the Planning Commission. What would your advice to the Prime Minister be?

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