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A calm rupee
Andy Mukherjee

The Reserve Bank of India has room to cut interest rates and revive growth without having to fret about capital flight

Towards real fiscal correction
A K Bhattacharya

Nobody should dispute the laudable performance of the Narendra Modi government in sticking to the difficult path of fiscal correction

The tragedy of metrics
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

The possibilities of using readership or ratings data to tinker with content, launch shows and brands are phenomenal

Smartphone 'Cold War' seen in Asian moves on patent licensing
Susan Decker, Ian King & Jungah Lee

Asian regulators were spurred by the smartphone wars, in which tech giants battled over billions of dollars for more than four years

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Markets turn realistic

Support for indices as middle class gains confidence

West Asia to South

'Islamic State' not as distant from India as is being imagined

Una Galani

Game of succession
Una Galani

Samsung's $8-billion restructuring offer looks cheeky

Quentin Webb

Oh, Joyou!
Quentin Webb

Japan's flood of foreign M&A hits Chinese blockage

Swaha Pattanaik

Blinded by the light
Swaha Pattanaik

Cult of central bank transparency is too powerful

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Outside support

Auto-rickshaw drivers have been among the most loyal supporters of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal - both during his first and current ...

Living apart together

One had assumed that the merger with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) would give the staff of the Forward Markets Commission ...

Missing shoes

A Delhi-based media executive was nominated to the board of a Mumbai-based company. When it was time for him to attend the first board meeting, ...

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Letters: The right buy

This refers to the editorial "Begin with retail" (May 26). The retail sector is one of the largest providers of livelihood to the people. This ...

Letters: The PM's different faces

T N Ninan's column "For a softer Mr Modi" (Weekend Ruminations, May 23) is an interesting observation on how the prime minister looks smiling ...

Letters: Social media to the fore

This refers to the editorial "Instant change" (May 25). In recent years, social media giant Facebook has brought about drastic changes not only ...

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Decoding the mystery of falling company registrations

In 2014-15, about 64,000 enterprises got registered, a drop of 35%

New child labour norms leave many dissatisfied

69.5% of child labour in India are employed in the agriculture sector

Tax residency of companies

New rule leaves room for discretion in determining whether a foreign company can be said to be resident in India

Pardon delay, but not at high cost

The chronic defaulters in this aspect are revenue departments and arms of government


Time for companies to come clean

Businesses need to spruce up their compliance regimen in line with the government's move to curb generation of illegal money - in India and ...


'Welcome relief to closely held companies'

Parliament last week cleared the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which seeks to simplify some provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, to ...

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Tata Motors: Higher depreciation expenses & revaluation of forex debt hits Q4

Revaluation of foreign currency debt and commodity hedges crimp JLR's earnings

Dish TV: Connection with profits now in place

Turnaround in March quarter is likely to continue in FY16

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Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

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Sunita Narain: A changed monsoon?
Sunita Narain

IMD says severe and unseasonal rain this year has been because of the confluence of western disturbances with the easterlies from the Bay of Bengal

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Daniel Gros: Greece is different
Daniel Gros

Austerity has sparked economic revival everywhere it has been tried - except for Greece

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Hindustan Shipyard cannot be thrown to market wolves