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Kashmir floods: Army gains where media fails
Ajai Shukla

The national media failed dismally in highlighting the local response, and the rescue effort by locals when their govt proved unable to

Nilanjana S Roy: East of the Sun
Nilanjana S Roy

In comparison to the sophistication and variety of Japan's and China's popular-fiction market India's is still an emerging market

Sweetheart deals that hurt consumers
Vaibhav Choukse

In spite of globalisation, our health care sector is prey to underfunding, bad governance and lack of implementation of policies

The India-Pakistan phenomenon - ready for economic deconstruction

Fully free trade with Pakistan will hopefully abate its relentless compulsions for attack

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Mr Xi and Mr Modi

What to keep in mind as the two leaders meet

Innovate upwards

How to escape the middle-income trap

Swaha Pattanaik

Bad sequel
Swaha Pattanaik

'Hike huff' could disrupt markets

John Foley

Bread and circuses
John Foley

China data divide real and economic worlds

Edward Hadas

Find the culprit
Edward Hadas

Give Germany and China a break

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Ruled in

Much has been made of the National Democratic Alliance government's strict policy on the appointment of personal staff of ministers, with its ...

Photo gap

In line with its concept of honouring past ministers and people who have contributed to the development of agriculture in the country, the ...

Meet, pray, wait

Journalists and guests gathered at the press conference of Colors' reality show Bigg Boss (season 8) got to see the religious side of actor ...

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Letters: Looking beyond the average

This refers to Madan Sabnavis' article "Global Competitiveness Report 2014-15: We can improve if we want to" (September 15). Some other ...

Letters: The charismatic leader

This refers to Bharat Bhushan's article "Chacha Modi or forging the Great Avuncular Leader" (September 12). Leadership does not have a proven ...

Letters: By the numbers?

The sigh of relief coming out from all quarters after the latest release of gross domestic product data was quite amusing. Indeed, if one asks a ...

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The elephant in the board room

Corporate India's 'tick-in-the-box' approach to detect and report fraud and misconduct is making many independent directors and auditors ...

Uber: Destructive innovators or system gamers?
Somasekhar Sundaresan

Who can run a taxi and on what terms, is a matter of regulation with varying intensity in cities across the globe

Land acquisition quashed under new law
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders

Making laws for 'glocal' economy

RBI's security concerns on e-commerce transactions point to the need to update laws for the segment

Wilful defaulters and the Companies Act, 2013

Recently, United Bank of India declared Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya, as well as some directors of the company, wilful defaulters. ...


Delhi HC joins dots on indirect transfer debate
Mukesh Butani

The verdict serves as reference for invoking treaty abuse provisions in the absence of General Anti-Avoidance Rules

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Divergent monetary policies positive for India

Inflows from Europe, falling crude oil to come to the rescue if rupee cracks against the dollar

Voltas: EMP revival to boost prospects

As cooling segment drives growth, turnaround in electro-mechanical business will boost earnings

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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Nitin Pai: Xi Jinping - $100 bn is coming!
Nitin Pai

The current moment presents the Modi government with an opportunity to take advantage, but very carefully, of Beijing's inclination to offer economic incentives

Ajai Shukla

Ajai Shukla: Kashmir floods - Army gains where media fails
Ajai Shukla

If perspectives of this month's flood disaster in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), especially the New Orleans-like inundation of Srinagar, were shaped ...

Devesh Kapur

Devesh Kapur: Summitry over substance?
Devesh Kapur

Expectations from Narendra Modi's trip to the United States need to be more realistic