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Land-shackled - II
Devesh Kapur and T V Somanathan and Arvind Subramanian

The authors prescribe the cures for India's problems with land

The nitty-gritty of nanotech
Surinder Sud

This technology has potential uses in many sectors but India needs to invest more in R&D to reap the benefits of this fantastic science

The 'Vodafone' amendment is more than a retrospective issue
N S Nigam

The text of the Income tax amendment is so wide and so riddled with ambiguities that it deserves to be scrapped for those reasons alone

Midwifing new aircraft
Ajai Shukla

With no discernible hand at the tiller, the defence ministry seems directionless and inept

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Strategic mistake

Lack of vision behind India's stand on trade facilitation

IT kicks off

Global economic hopes lead IT firms to think positive

Ethan Bilby

Big fish, big pond
Ethan Bilby

Huawei suggests life is good behind Great Wall

Daniel Indiviglio

Daniel Indiviglio

Too-big-to-fail is more than one-size-fits-all

Ethan Bilby

Big fish, big pond
Ethan Bilby

Huawei suggests life is good behind Great Wall

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Country codes

A promotional video for a special edition of the hit quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati on north-east India has infuriated the Union government. In ...

Media and the messages

The National Democratic Alliance government's informal media gag has already sunk in with officials who would talk to journalists openly when ...

Activity report

Not far behind is the media team of Power Minister Piyush Goyal. Journalists are regularly advised to watch Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha TV whenever ...

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Letters: Small banks, big risks

Apropos the editorial "Differentiating to include" (July 21), of the two new categories - payment banks and small banks - the former is likely ...

Letters: Can't bank on service

This refers to the editorial "Differentiating to include" (July 21). Commercial banks in India have not been effective in serving our banking ...

Letters: Medical safeguards

This refers to the report "US FDA India head quits; regulator goes for rejig" (July 21). Many expensive drugs are imported from the US. India ...

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Why GAAR spooks corporate India

Trust deficit between taxpayers and tax administrators is the key factor that makes GAAR a non-starter

Rajiv Memani

Need debate on the time required to be GAAR-ready: Rajiv Memani

Interview with CEO & country managing partner, EY India

Is cost audit losing its relevance?
Asish K Bhattacharyya

By introducing the concept of 'public interest', the government has made the 2014 Rules unnecessarily complicated

New employer to pay PF penalty
M J Antony

The Supreme Court has held that a company which takes over another is liable to pay damages for default in payment of contributions to the ...


A case of tight-fisted executive and over-worked judiciary
M J Antony

Business Standard experts take a look at the challenges thrown by the Budget in growing financial stress in the judiciary, matters relating to ...


Making it easy for business

States have to take the lead if India has to improve its rank as an industry-friendly destination

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HDFC: Stable quarter; loan growth at 15%

Growth and spreads in non-retail segment seen improving; retail growth expected to pick up

Standout quarter for Idea Cellular

Performance across parameters ahead of Street expectations

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There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

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Nitin Pai

Nitin Pai: MH17 and the 'non-state actor' charade
Nitin Pai

Here's what happened: Russian proxy fighters in the Donetsk region of Ukraine shot down a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft - flight MH17, carrying ...

Abheek Barua

Abheek Barua: The rising vulnerability of emerging markets
Abheek Barua

Emerging markets could be affected by a combination of lower liquidity and higher dollar interest rates caused by a hike in the US Fed funds rate

Mihir S Sharma

Mihir S Sharma: Eminently funny historians
Mihir S Sharma

Hindutva historians totally deserve to be read