• The urge to control T N Ninan

    It is a pity that the Modi government's initial reformist impulses have given way to interventionist ones

  • Guns, thieves & ghosts Shekhar Gupta

    We get tangled up in our own crooked web on purchases, and the murky arms bazaar knows it

  • Being Ahmad Patel Aditi Phadnis

    He is starting to realise that an era is ending. And he is not ready to have a five-decade career besmirched ...

  • A woman's place Mitali Saran

    Case after case shows that seeking empowerment is still not a woman's place

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Bombay HC allows possession and eating of beef if procured from outside Maharashtra but upholds cow slaughter ban. What is your view?

  • The order embarrasses the state govt
  • The order only provides partial relief

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