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Path-breaking models for India?
Shyam Ponappa

Examples of coordinated initiatives if they can be made to work

Will India join the game?
Barun Roy

India has the necessary talent and financial muscle to become a major printing hub in the Asian region

From China to Chennai
Rahul Jacob

The state is seeking Chinese investment and collaboration in increasing the speed of the Chennai-Mysuru railway line and in renewable energy

With auto show, General Motors hopes to lessen damage
Bill Vlasic

The New York auto show offers General Motors another chance to move past its vehicle recall crisis in 2014

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A good effort

But foreign trade policy alone will not boost competitiveness

The urea problem

Now, it is time to decontrol prices

John Foley

Basket case
John Foley

China doesn't yet belong in global currency club

Neil Unmack

Take it easy
Neil Unmack

Draghi's QE is doing all it can for securitisation

John Foley

Home help
John Foley

China housing rescue uses right tool for wrong job

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Rogue members

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s membership drive, launched on November 1, requires a person to give a missed call on a specified number. The ...

Tough act

A leading e-commerce firm, which recently launched an advertising campaign with a top Bollywood actor, recounted the tough time it had while ...

Who lit the fire?

After the Supreme Court struck down the controversial section 66A of the Information Technology Act, questions were raised about why it was ...

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Letters: On a sound war footing

Ajai Shukla's column, "Don't divide the army, Mr Parrikar" (Broadsword, March 31), presents an alarming view of the state of affairs in the ...

Letters: Language and values

This refers to Nilanjana S Roy's column "A thousand tongues" (Speaking Volumes, March 31). India is a polyglot nation, which is a great ...

Letters: Transparency in politics?

This refers to the Chinese Whispers item "Same difference" (March 30). Not unexpectedly, rival political parties are criticising the Aam Aadmi ...

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An elephant in a hurry

Regulatory turfs are set to get reworked as financial sector reforms gather pace

How constitutional are Sebi directions?

SC's rationale on validity of IT Act holds immense significance for the financial sector

Caution on injunctions against banks

A weekly selection of key court orders


Tackling transfer pricing

Time and negotiation needed for the govt and corporates to come out of the maze around transfer pricing-related issues; the current half-hearted ...


Winds of change in insurance boardrooms

There are stirrings in the insurance sector - foreign joint venture firms are raising their stake to 49 per cent while their Indian partners ...

Conflict between govt policies and competition law

Many in the government often fail to consider the benefits of competition on the economy and consumers

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NTPC: RoEs likely to surprise positively

Allocation of 5 coal mines, promise of more earnings drive interest

Biocon: Multiple triggers

Proposed listing of subsidiary Syngene and commissioning of Malaysian unit are positives

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Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

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Ajai Shukla

Ajai Shukla: Don't divide the army, Mr Parrikar
Ajai Shukla

Internal simmering in the army has come to a boil after the govt tries to retain a discriminatory promotions policy

Ashok Lahiri

Ashok K Lahiri: AAP needs to transition from politics of protest to politics of power
Ashok Lahiri

How successfully Arvind Kejriwal manages the issue of inner-party democracy will determine whether the AAP is seen as transforming politics

A K Bhattacharya

A K Bhattacharya: Diversify or perish
A K Bhattacharya

Exports in the first 11 months of 2014-15 were estimated to be $284 billion, a decline over the same period of the previous year. Failing a dramatic ...