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Debunking two worries
Akash Prakash

Are India stocks over-owned? And are they too expensive?

Coping with technophobia
R Gopalakrishnan

Innovators must recognise and accept that there will be blockers to their innovation, but they must listen carefully to the concerns

Now, anyone can buy a drone. Heaven help us
Nick Wingfield

With the price of drones falling, the machines have emerged as central characters in stunts from the puckish to the criminal

The search for higher purpose
Indrajit Gupta

DaanUtsav is a peer-driven model, which entirely depends on selfless efforts of its volunteers to evangelise the idea of giving in our society

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Banking on thin ice

Explicit condemnation of large defaulters welcome

The right smoke signals

Upping stakes on tobacco use is healthy policy

Peter Thal Larsen

Cost inflation
Peter Thal Larsen

Faulty airbags puncture Takata financial cushion

Richard Beales

No we shouldn't
Richard Beales

Bank misdeeds show lack of 'should we'

Una Galani

The big wheel
Una Galani

Samsung IPO offers ringside seat for restructuring

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Undue credit for Modi

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for some of the previous government's policies appears to be in vogue. At a recent launch of an affordable ...

Tensions on the ground

Relations between developers and real estate consultants have hit a low point in the National Capital Region. Developers here are openly blaming ...

Image problems

It is now established that in keeping with the prime minister's style of functioning, the last expansion of the council of ministers had ...

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Letters: The gold think tank

This refers to the report "WGC ties up with IIM-A for a research centre" (November 27). Even the right exploitation of a small portion of ...

Letters: Why lenders always lose

This refers to the report "Current system protects large promoters: Rajan" (November 26). Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan's ...

Letters: Smoke alarm

This refers to the report "Ban soon on sale of loose cigarettes" (November 26). It is the youth who are the most vulnerable since they start by ...

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Can India keep its flag high?

Authors of World Bank's Doing Business report attribute India's jump to 7th place to changes in the company law, but rollbacks since June could ...

Delhi's winter of reforms

The FM has signalled financial sector and capital market reforms by committing to implementing recommendations of the Financial Sector and ...

Trade union rivalries still alive and well

A weekly selection of key court orders


Time for legal reforms, Mr Gowda

To be successful, the new law minister needs to do some tightrope walking, taking into confidence both the legislature and the judiciary, while ...

Rubber stamp board - a thing of the past?
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Companies Act 2013 can't deter removal of an independent director from a company with concentration of ownership

BIFR alone to decide if unit has revived
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders

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Street seeks clarity on coal block auctions

Analysts believe total cost of production at Rs 1,000/tonne reasonable for power firms

Dr Reddy's: Strong US pipeline to boost revenues

Recent launches, strong portfolio in limited-competition categories should aid revenue and margins

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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A K Bhattacharya

Industry leaders were not as gushing with praise for the government of Mr Modi as would have been expected

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Cutting interest rates now would have few risks, and several benefits

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Consumer goods companies that boycott discounted sales of their products by e-tailers could be liable for scrutiny by the competition regulator for restricting free trade and customer choice