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The Beijing paradox
Shyam Saran

China's unprecedented effort to prepare global public opinion for its rise to pre-eminence

A new breed of campaigners
A K Bhattacharya

There was the Citizens of Accountable Governance, often guiding direction of its campaigning strategy in response to evolving political

Now playing - The small-town movie
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

Small-town flavour is becoming an important part of the Hindi film narrative

Construction needs a helping hand
Vinayak Chatterjee

Adverse circumstances have battered the sector; a spirited reset is in order

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Beyond the referendum

Now, EU has to face the challenge of Greece's exit

Not yet one market

Agricultural marketing reform should first take states on board

Quentin Webb

Deal with it
Quentin Webb

Asia's M&A boom leaves old guard in charge

Robyn Mak

American depository regrets
Robyn Mak

Buyouts of US-listed Chinese firms look doubtful

George Hay & Neil Unmack

End game theory
George Hay & Neil Unmack

Greek "No" vote means ECB can no longer sit on fence

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It's the media, stupid

The mood at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) offices these days reflects a sense of injured pride, ...

Testing times

At a time when states such as Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are grappling with the menace of mass cheating, Governor of Rajasthan and Chancellor of ...

Up, down and sideways

The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation is preparing to invest in the stock market. As part of the preparations, key officials had a couple ...

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Letters: To err with Greece

Apropos the article "Why Grentry augured Grexit" (July 6), the writer summed up Greek economy's tryst with the euro zone nicely. An ultra ...

Letters: Cautious on targets

This refers to the editorial "Thinking big" (July 7). While inheriting a sluggish economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team seem ...

Letters: Middlemen elimination

That the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) is stepping in to get rid of middlemen is highly commendable. It is ...

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Who determines the price - market or regulator?

The govt needs to decide whether it wants a regulator to exercise pricing controls

Liberalising legal services: Before the door opens

As the government is looking to open up transactional legal services to foreign law firms and develop India as an international arbitration hub, ...

How to make tribunals more relevant

If revenue department does not go to the tribunal at the drop of a hat, the latter will function better

ONGC, foreign partners lose tax appeal

A weekly selection of key court orders


Due diligence vital for start-ups

Sebi norms for listing of these entities require minimal disclosures and compliance


Why NGOs are ending up on the wrong side of the law

Experts say most such NGOs are on a sticky wicket when it comes to compliance with various provisions governing them

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Content monetisation to drive Eros' earnings

Diversified revenue streams and strong movie pipeline key positives

Tata Chemicals: Exit from fertilisers will be positive

Even with the fertiliser unit, the company's prospects look strong

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Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

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Ajai Shukla: From Tejas to AMCA
Ajai Shukla

Persistent allegations about the Tejas' performance shortfalls are now being exposed

Nitin Pai

Nitin Pai: How to buy a rifle
Nitin Pai

Prepare procurement plans well in advance, and have them cleared by the Cabinet, not just the services and defence ministry

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Sajjid Chinoy: Is the capex cycle finally turning?
Sajjid Chinoy

Three factors are driving the pick-up - the alleviation of implementation bottlenecks, a front-loading of government capex spending and the easing of monetary conditions in recent months