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Back to the US
Martin Feldstein

The US must change the least company-friendly tax rates in the West

Towards a better Parliament
A K Bhattacharya

Data compiled by PRS Legislative Research say a lot about the changed environment in Parliament since the formation of the Modi govt

'Insiders' vs 'outsiders' at RBI
A Seshan

Real issue is reconciling problem of staff denied promotion with mgmt's desire to promote excellence. But history shows solutions lie within RBI

The good news on IRS 2013
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

The return of Indian Readership Survey numbers has met with a silent response. Does it mean that the feud over IRS will continue?

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The next 265 days

Govt starts with energy, but has no grand strategy

Europe, again

This time, even Germany is slowing

Peter Thal Larsen

Sesame Street
Peter Thal Larsen

6 steps to Alibaba's 12-figure valuation

Andy Mukherjee

A yen for commerce
Andy Mukherjee

Japan's $34-billion pledge unmasks Modi's growth ploy

Ian Campbell

Prescient lemmings
Ian Campbell

Gold's geopolitical ledge won't hold up

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Electric effect

At the curtain-raiser of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held at Delhi's Taj Palace hotel recently, the representative of a Chinese company stood up ...

Educated joke

At a hackers' conference in the capital last week, attended by droves of ethical hackers in the audience, a speaker was explaining how most ...

Congress hatao

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President Amit Shah had been talking about wiping out the Congress from ...

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Letters: A new path for CBI

Apropos the editorial "A wayward path" (September 2), the founder-director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) D P Kohli had exhorted ...

Letters: Bring CBI to book

The editorial "A wayward path" (September 2) is an apt description of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)'s total lack of professionalism ...

Letters: Nuclear power concerns

This refers to the report "Japan commits $35 bn investment in India" (September 2). India was expecting to clinch a nuclear deal for power ...

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Getting ready for the boardroom

As deadlines to meet the Companies Act and Sebi norms on board composition near, women aspirants prepare to play greater roles

Arun Duggal

The goal is to make women directors effective: Arun Duggal

Interview with Chairman, Shriram Capital

Asish K Bhattacharyya

Related party transactions - scepticism all around
Asish K Bhattacharyya

In the new regime, the controlling shareholder has to build a strong relationship of trust with minority shareholders

Customs relief for hospital equipment
M J Antony

The Supreme Court has clarified that a diagnostic centre, clinic or maternity home functioning in the premises of a hospital is also eligible ...


In search of a fine balance

As the Centre overhauls labour laws, it's vital to ensure businesses and workers do not take each other for granted

Time to move forward with a new GST model
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay

At the state level, it will be an amalgamation of sales tax and some existing state taxes

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Tech Mahindra enters the big league

Expects to end FY15 with $5 bn in revenues as deal wins continue

Big opportunities opening for Cipla

Respiratory product paves way for launch in larger markets and greater earnings visibility

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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