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The dangers of nuclear revisionism
Shyam Saran

Arguments to abandon India's 'no first use' policy for nuclear weapons are fallacious

The wrong foot forward
M J Antony

The long journey in arbitration often begins with a small misstep

Corruption is a non-issue for the voter
Shankar Sharma

Nor do secularism, freedoms and fundamental rights play such a major role in their electoral choices

The iron ore mining saga
Subir Roy

The boom and bust saga of iron ore mining in India is slowly coming to an end with mining restrictions already extensively lifted in Karnataka

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A long road

Industrial recovery needs tough institutional reforms

Protecting voting machines

Electronic voting machines should be reviewed and updated

Christopher Hughes

Spring clean
Christopher Hughes

GSK and Novartis treat each other's problems

Olaf Storbeck

A blessing in disguise
Olaf Storbeck

Manchester United's crisis has silver lining

Andy Mukherjee

Surprise, surprise
Andy Mukherjee

Missing inflation could make Asian bonds frothier

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'Infidel' travel enquiry

A day after Bharatiya Janata Party leader Giriraj Singh said Narendra Modi critics can quit India and go to Pakistan, a travel portal received a ...

Lionising a controversy

The bitterness over the delivery and welfare of a contingent of lions between the governments of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh just doesn't seem to ...

Behind the beautiful never-ever

Times Now's signature anchor Arnab Goswami has been the inspiration for some instructional graffiti in Indore. The parody here is not just of ...

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Letters: The CAG's real job

This refers to the editorial "CAG is not the answer" (April 22). Whereas government audit lays stress on reporting deviations from set ...

Letters: Put health care first

Geetanjali Krishna's column "Bring the M word out of the closet" (People Like Them, April 19) is an eye-opener. It has become fashionable to ...

Letters: Step-down loan risks

This refers to the report "Companies Act likely to jolt realty firms" (April 21). Section 185 of the Companies Act, 2013, which puts ...

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India plays catch-up game

destination for International arbitration

For banks, ALM as big a problem as NPA

Sorting out take-out financing could help counter the double whammy of asset liability mismatch and non-performing assets

Late objection to arbitration invalid
M J Antony

If a party to an agreement joins arbitration proceedings without raising objections, it cannot question the jurisdiction of the arbitration ...

Corporate guarantee need not be intra-group service
Vijay Iyer

ITAT ruling on Bharti Airtel has provided the much-needed guidance on transfer pricing


In Sahara case, law itself has been victimised
Somasekhar Sundaresan

Sahara represents the ultimate test of the conflict between the rule of law and dispensation of justice

RBI should curb rise in rupee
TNC Rajagopalan

The February 2014 export figures show a decline of 3.7 per cent in dollar terms over a year, raising apprehension that rising costs have eroded ...

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New headaches for miners after Goa mining ban lifted

The verdict on deemed licences has the Street question whether Sesa Sterlite owns any mines in Goa

Bull case for SBI, as open interest builds

Robust Tier-I capital at 10% and robust earnings outlook for FY16 drive momentum

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What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

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