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The new Cuba?
Nitin Pai

A Chinese company with military links is building a canal across Nicaragua

Do the Saudis want low oil prices?
Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

Saudi Arabia’s deep pockets, strong financial system could help country to ride out low-price environment in order to protect its market share

Economics is a dismal science for women
Noah Smith

Forget anecdotes, there is quantitative evidence showing that economics is uniquely biased against women

The bad China-US climate deal
Sunita Narain

It is in our interest to demand that US and China must reduce emissions at scale and pace needed to provide for world to stay below danger mark

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Against insider trading

Sebi reforms should strengthen corporate governance

Another step forward

Barack Obama's Republic Day trip will be significant

Daniel Indiviglio

Deporting compromise
Daniel Indiviglio

Certain gridlock offsets Obama's immigration move

John Foley

Pain threshold
John Foley

China's rate cut shows depth of growth concern

John Foley

Follow the money
John Foley

Alibaba's huge finance arm is a mystery to most

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Tyranny of power?

The Times of India literature festival is the highlight of Mumbai's cultural calendar in early December. This year, the festival is to be held ...

The write stuff for NaMo

The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword and the mightiest of them all - in stationery shops at any rate - is the pen-set branded NaMo. ...

One for the roads

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is not averse to publicly dressing down his son, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, and his ...

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Letters: Indo-US relations 2.0

This refers to the editorial "Another step forward" (November 24). The current re-calibration in Indo-US relations is as much a product of the ...

Letters: Bilateral benefits

This refers to the editorial "Another step forward" (November 24). It may be true that the US president is currently a lame duck at home but in ...

Letters: Modi's masterstroke

Apropos the editorial "Another step forward" (November 24), Prime Minister Narendra Modi's invitation to US President Barack Obama to be the ...

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Can India keep its flag high?

Authors of World Bank's Doing Business report attribute India's jump to 7th place to changes in the company law, but rollbacks since June could ...

Delhi's winter of reforms

The FM has signalled financial sector and capital market reforms by committing to implementing recommendations of the Financial Sector and ...

Trade union rivalries still alive and well

A weekly selection of key court orders


Time for legal reforms, Mr Gowda

To be successful, the new law minister needs to do some tightrope walking, taking into confidence both the legislature and the judiciary, while ...

Rubber stamp board - a thing of the past?
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Companies Act 2013 can't deter removal of an independent director from a company with concentration of ownership

BIFR alone to decide if unit has revived
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders

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Cipla: UK respiratory launch key near-term trigger

company sales seen tripling over next 6 yrs with net profit jumping 5-fold over same period or by 2020

Adani Power: Risk-reward remains unfavourable

The Korba and Avantha deals are happening at a time when there's uncertainty on tariff structures and demand environment remains weak

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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