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Of dogs' tails and leopards' spots
Ajai Shukla

India must watch for signs after Peshawar that Pakistan is waking up to the dangers of Islamism

The digital year
Shailesh Dobhal

India Inc will remember 2014 as the year when the threat and the opportunity of the digital world became real

India's tech transformation: Making workers the winners
Noshir Kaka & Anu Madgavkar

New technologies will force millions of workers to acquire new skills

A Rs 12,000-crore year-end gift
Arunabha Ghosh & Abhishek Jain

How could India increase access to modern cooking energy for millions of under-served citizens while maintaining fiscal discipline?

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Flaws in policy

Farmers still struggling for access to govt schemes

A new class

Is the end of business-class air travel visible?

John Foley

Looking after number one
John Foley

China will make 2015 year of missed opportunities

Neil Unmack

Yield signs
Neil Unmack

High-yield boom enters hold-your-nose territory

Dominic Elliott

Research engine optimisation
Dominic Elliott

Research reform starts here for Europe's investors

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For the people

Speaking at the annual general meeting of an industry body, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari laid great ...

Keeping it clean

The nominations committee of a state-owned lender was to pick part-time directors for its board. Ten people were in contention. However, the ...

Upside of a downturn

In a tepid advertising market, some agency honchos are celebrating the fact that "scam advertising" - advertising created with the sole ...

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Letters: A question of career

In his column "Do you have any questions?" (Human Factor, December 19) Shyamal Majumdar exhorts candidates to answer the above mentioned query ...

Letters: Perform on risky fronts

This refers to Nitin Pai's column "Mr Modi's follow-through risks" (The Asian Balance, December 22). By now the new government is fully aware of ...

Letters: US-Cuba - Future moves

This refers to the editorial "A long face-off' (December 21). With diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba resuming after over five ...

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Corporate India learns to live with competition law

Compliance needs to be embedded in the decision-making process, say experts

Three areas of regulatory attention for 2015

The process of selecting and appointing personnel to run the regulatory agencies is the weakest link in the system

Arbitration agreement needs no signature

An arbitration agreement, even though in writing, need not be signed by the parties if the record of agreement is provided by exchange of ...


Putting an end to regulatory logjam

As the government gears up to regulate the e-commerce business, the industry has to step up its compliance effort


Related-Party Transactions: Learning from the USL case

Rejection of important RPT, which is not abusive, by a small group of minority shareholders is likely to hurt the company


Follow a phased, sequential approach for entry

Legal profession in India is different and distinct from the profession practised elsewhere in the world. It is more litigation-oriented as is ...

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Should RBI let the rupee depreciate further against the dollar?

Might not want to allow a sharp fall, as this can prove risky for portfolio investments

L&T: Accumulate at every dip

Correction could be used to accumulate the stock

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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