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The coming CLASS war
Andrew Sheng

Altered, 21st century notions of 'territory' will mean that warfare also changes

Food inflation still bites
Kunal Kumar Kundu

Poor monsoons mean the Reserve Bank of India needs to remain vigilant about this critical parameter and its spillover effects

Defence - It's time to get serious about 'Made in India'
Khutub A Hai

Narendra Modi has repeatedly emphasised indigenisation but where's the action on the ground?

Narendra Modi's Jan Dhan - what's new?
Debashis Basu

Like Indira Gandhi, even Modi seems to be relying on directing PSBs through ministry of finance supported by party cadres. How new is that?

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Economy expands, but little room to grow

Further government action needed to sustain growth

A gas giveaway?

The myth of a 'market-linked' price for gas

Swaha Pattanaik

Swaha Pattanaik

Falling euro squeezes Swiss, Swedish central banks

Daniel Indiviglio

Still conflicted
Daniel Indiviglio

Washington misses trick with rating agency reform

Ethan Bilby

Striking at spares
Ethan Bilby

Emerging market watchdogs could dent car industry

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Pressing a point

The fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the undisputed boss of the government is well established by now, but the Press Information Bureau ...

AirAsia's train of thought

AirAsia has taken its announcement that it will woo train travellers with fares of less than Rs 1,000 pretty seriously. Responding to a ...

Smart cities: Under construction?

The big bang launch of the government's financial inclusion agenda had generated considerable excitement in the media and is being seen as a ...

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Letters: A new banking structure

Apropos the editorial "Lure of lucre" (August 29), it is important to ask a simple question. Why do only some bankers feel tempted to take ...

Letters: PSUs - The hierarchy effect

Apropos the editorial "Lure of lucre" (August 29), it is not possible to put in place any system that pays or sacks for performance in public ...

Letters: Look beyond privatisation

A K Bhattacharya's column "Double trouble for PSUs" (Raisina Hill, August 25) touches on the privatisation of public sector undertakings (PSUs). ...

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Getting ready for the boardroom

As deadlines to meet the Companies Act and Sebi norms on board composition near, women aspirants prepare to play greater roles

Arun Duggal

The goal is to make women directors effective: Arun Duggal

Interview with Chairman, Shriram Capital

Asish K Bhattacharyya

Related party transactions - scepticism all around
Asish K Bhattacharyya

In the new regime, the controlling shareholder has to build a strong relationship of trust with minority shareholders

Customs relief for hospital equipment
M J Antony

The Supreme Court has clarified that a diagnostic centre, clinic or maternity home functioning in the premises of a hospital is also eligible ...


In search of a fine balance

As the Centre overhauls labour laws, it's vital to ensure businesses and workers do not take each other for granted

Time to move forward with a new GST model
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay

At the state level, it will be an amalgamation of sales tax and some existing state taxes

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DLF: Legal woes compound weak sales, high debt issues

Momentum in festive season launches the key factor to watch

Cairn India: Upsides capped

Limited uptick in near-term production, lower crude prices and fund allocation concerns loom

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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T N Ninan: The law without limit
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