• California dreaming Ajit Balakrishnan

    Silicon Valley is at the heart of the transformation of the global economy - which has both winners and

  • Why the Metro makes sense Anjuli Bhargava

    There are plenty of reasons to take the Delhhi Metro - meeting polite and helpful people is just one of them

  • US elections - Two women on top Jagdish Bhagwati

    One has made it through the glass ceiling in US politics; the other, who misleadingly claimed the crown for ...

  • Gujjubhai the great! Shreekant Sambrani

    This column borrows its title from a Gujarati film that is packing in crowds at multiplexes all over that ...

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Is the three-fold hike in fees by the IITs justified?

  • Yes, the institutes are highly subsidised
  • Yes, most IIT grads run away abroad anyway
  • No, where will the poor student go?
  • Yes and no. Hike the fees, but gradually