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Down the drain again
Sreenivasan Jain

India's proposed toilet revolution is all set to repeat mistakes of the past

Spinning it out
Indrajit Gupta

Keep your eyes peeled on spinouts, that is, entrepreneurial ventures founded by ex-employees of incumbent firms within the same industry

American-made financial repression
Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng

The dollar's global dominance is contributing to financial repression

Enslaved abroad, oppressed at home
Lipika Pelham

We should be mortified by terrible indignity that Bangladeshis face in their own land, which is forcing many of them into a life of servitude

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Running out of airwaves

Spectrum crisis needs government attention

India's secondary sex

Poor gender equality militates against economic growth

Una Galani

Not so fast
Una Galani

Samsung looks stuck in a dynastic value trap

Olaf Storbeck

Driving emotions
Olaf Storbeck

Ferrari spin-off looks great but lacks oomph

Robert Cyran

Not there yet
Robert Cyran

Facebook's ambition only real threat to success

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'Unlisted' ministers

Some ministers and senior officials in the Narendra Modi government have taken to using unlisted mobile phone numbers. As a result, they seldom ...

Tweet success

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's affinity for social media and the new government's push to adopt it seems to have paid off. This week, the Press ...

Staffers stream in

The current government's extreme focus on social media has also transformed PIB. From sending occasional updates to journalists, it is now ...

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Letters: Black money sources

After much vacillation, the Narendra Modi-led government, on being rapped by the Supreme Court, finally submitted a list of 627 account holders ...

Letters: BJP keeps its word

This refers to the report "SIT given black money list, asked to act on it" (October 29). Irrespective of the Centre submitting the entire list ...

Letters: BP's KG-D6 dilemma

Apropos the report "BP writes down $770-mn of KG block value" (October 29), it seems that BP has related the write-down of its 30 per cent stake ...

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Why one-person firms are popular

Though these are early days, the government will have to raise awareness of the benefits of such companies

Coal mining ordinance: Turning crisis into an opportunity
Jyoti Mukul

Within two days of the Union Cabinet deciding to bring in an ordinance to handle the situation arising out of the Supreme Court order annulling ...

Indirect transfer - not just an Indian phenomenon
Mukesh Butani

To some extent, the AP High Court has settled the debate in favour of the taxpayer in the case of Sanofi

Directors in the dock when cheque bounces
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders


Grey laws woe for child labour

Seventy per cent of child labour violations take place in the agriculture sector


Family firms focus on business sustainability
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Succession planning, sibling rivalry and dispute among family members can lead to difficult situations

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Bharti Airtel: Muted growth in India, Africa

Minutes on network and revenue per minute decline sequentially in Q2

Volumes boost Maruti's Q2 show

Company expects for a conservative 10% volume growth in FY15 on high base

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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