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BRICS and the coming crash
Jaimini Bhagwati

In the event of major capital outflows from India, a BRICS Bank and reserves-sharing agreement would be a big help

A sunny source of energy
Devangshu Datta

There has been a considerable fall in solar equipment costs but technical and environmental issues still impede solar energy utilisation

Institutions vs organisations in the reform agenda
Pradeep S Mehta

Institutions must not be confused with organisations. Organisations are a part of an institutional framework for achieving its objectives

Dr Rajan and me
Jamal Mecklai

Volatilities of all currencies (and, importantly, gold) were plumbing to all-time lows and, since then, have indeed reached all-time lows

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End diesel subsidy now

Government must use oil windfall wisely

Relics of the past

Need to revamp commodity boards

Jeffrey Goldfarb

New ball game
Jeffrey Goldfarb

Ballmer's exit value is now Nadella's to preserve

Kevin Allison

Variable value
Kevin Allison

Berkshire owner's departure dims Buffett mystique

George Hay

Firing line
George Hay

Latest blunder hits StanChart where it most hurts

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Non-planned consequences

Prime Minister Narendra Modi acted true to form when it came to taking the decision to scrap the Planning Commission and replace it with another ...

Food for rumour

A day after Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit met Kashmiri separatist leaders, the much-touted deal-breaker for talks with India, he was ...

A handle on information

The Press Information Bureau (PIB), the government's publicity department, has been a diligent partner in Narendra Modi's efforts to communicate ...

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Letters: A temple of policymaking

I was touched to read the obituary (?) of the Planning Commission written by Nitin Desai in his article "RIP Planning Commission" (August 21). ...

Letters: Needed - A stable neighbour

This refers to the your editorial "A wasted moment" (August 21). New Delhi's decision to call off talks with Pakistan seems to be nothing but a ...

Letters: Make maths more relevant

This refers to the editorial "Why maths matters" (August 17). First, only six "millennium problems" remain, since Grigori Perelman has solved ...

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Exim Matters: Can govt fights be kept out of court?
TNC Rajagopalan

Last week, the Union law ministry asked various ministries not to take their quarrels to courts but resolve these amicably through empowered ...

Making exits viable
Jyoti Mukul

Only after a public-private project is commissioned and established should a company be allowed to exit

WATCHTOWER: Making India a centre for arbitration

The Law Commission of India has proposed radical overhaul of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, in an effort to make India a hub for ...

India-made regulations will deter "Make in India"
Somasekhar Sundaresan

For deals to be investor-friendly in India, review of merger and acquisition law is a prerequisite

Stream of decisions on cheque bouncing
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders


Cracking the code

Companies have a long way to go before meeting Sebi's corporate governance compliance requirements

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RIL Jio's 4G launch may not be a big risk to incumbent telcos

Experience of entrants with new LTE technology in other markets shows the road is not smooth

Royalty rise near-term dampener for metal stocks

Estimated impact on earnings 1-8%, depending on companies' ability to pass on costs to customers

Have Your Say

Narendra Modi has invited comments and suggestions on his move to scrap the Planning Commission. What would your advice to the Prime Minister be?

Narendra Modi has invited comments and suggestions on his move to scrap the Planning Commission. What would your advice to the Prime Minister be?

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Shankar Acharya: So far, policy reform is all talk, no action
Shankar Acharya

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Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: Trai's take on media ownership
Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

Its recent paper is a call for the media to fix the sorry state of the news industry in India

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Luck appears to be on the government's side. It needs to take full advantage of it by initiating long overdue economic reforms without delay