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Moving forward on coal
Shyam Ponappa

Policy should facilitate the objectives of electricity at reasonable prices, and of environmental mitigation

Where are the 'animal spirits'?
Barun Roy

If there is one area in India that badly needs some, it is the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects

The dawn raiders are coming!
Avirup Bose

The CCI’s first search and seizure operation signals start of a more robust investigative process, and corporations need to prepare themselves

Mr Modi's magic
Jamal Mecklai

There's no gainsaying that Narendra Modi is taking the world by storm

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A multi-faceted relationship

But Prime minister's US trip reveals limits of summit meetings

Toilet-training India

Social attitudes as important as money

Dominic Elliott

Statehood and Apple pry
Dominic Elliott

Governments are real targets in Apple's tax case

Chris Hughes

How to say it
Chris Hughes

Sometimes business can't avoid talking politics

Robyn Mak & John Foley

Uncivil disobedience
Robyn Mak & John Foley

Hong Kong shreds hopes for orderly disorder

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Swachh Bharat sweep stakes

Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat campaign may be targeted at spreading awareness of civic cleanliness by getting government servants to clean their ...

Swachh skills

Broom-wielding government babus and ministers have managed to create quite a spectacle in the national capital a day before Prime Minister ...

No corner left unswept

There's no escape for bureaucrats and other officials who have taken time out to enjoy the extended weekend. That's because vacationing babus ...

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Letters: A clean break

This refers to the report "PM's 'Swachh Bharat' dream: Some wield broom, some fume" (October 1). Just building toilets is not enough, one also ...

Letters: RBI's smooth talk

This refers to the editorial "Focus on structural change" (October 1). The Reserve Bank of India's communication strategy has been quite ...

Letters: Inflation still tops the list

Siddartha Roy in his well-written column "Flexible inflation targeting needed" (Expert Take, September 30) had advocated a reduction in the rate ...

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Not a level playing field

The Competition Commission of India's investigation wing is faced with a manpower crunch

Are independent directors nominees of dominant shareholders?
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Achieving quality corporate governance is possible through innovative solutions

How a case proceeds in Competition Commission

On filing a caseAny person can file an application or information before the Secretary of Commission. CCI has to judge if there is a prima facie ...

SC rebuke for government arbitrators
M J Antony

When arbitrators delay the proceedings intentionally and behave in a "cavalier manner", the court can override the terms of the contract and ...


Protecting the whistle-blower

Absence of a comprehensive protection programme acts as deterrent to prospective whistle-blowers

A weekly selection of tax-related court orders

A missed opportunity The Delhi High Court in the case, Delhi Airport Metro Express vs CAF India & Construcciones Y Auxiliar De ...

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L&T: Risk of higher losses in subsidiaries persists

Bid differentials suggest competitive intensity strong in West Asia

Castrol riding high on auto sales recovery, cheaper oil

Company plans to focus on high-margin products to boost profitability

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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