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The Tehran deadline
Claude Smadja

Negotiating a sustainable nuclear compromise with Iran is not getting any easier

A case of 'consumer unfriendly' brands
Avirup Bose

Consumer goods firms that boycott discounted sales by e-tailers could be liable for scrutiny by CCI for restricting free trade, customer choice

The slippery slope of Silicon Valley
Nick Bilton

Uber, Facebook, Google and others are bedevilled by moral issues

Fix lending, don't cut rates
Rahul Jacob

India Inc is suffering from classic quarter-by-quarter myopia by repeatedly calling on the Reserve Bank to abandon its fight against inflation

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Premature exuberance

The risks of cutting rates too soon

Neutral net needed

Common carrier principle applies to the internet

Una Galani

The big wheel
Una Galani

Samsung IPO offers ringside seat for restructuring

Kevin Allison

Dearly departed
Kevin Allison

United Technologies endures irrelevant CEO

Robert Cyran

On the spectrum
Robert Cyran

US spectrum auction raises ghost of 3G sales past

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Jashodaben asks, Congress celebrates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's estranged wife Jashodaben has suddenly hit the headlines with her Right To Information (RTI) query demanding from ...

Time, health and relationships

Politician Amar Singh, who dominated the headlines at one time, retired as Rajya Sabha member on Tuesday at the end of his six-year term. In his ...

From Nano to giga search

Mayank Pareek, former chief operating officer of Maruti Suzuki and now president of Tata Motors' passenger vehicle division, was eager to ...

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Letters: Rajan's spell

This refers to the BS poll on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rate cut, "Wait till April for rate cut by RBI" (November 25). I notice that the ...

Letters: Constructive opposition

Apropos the editorial "Double standards" (November 26), before they oppose the forward looking measures of the government in Parliament, it is ...

Letters: Words of wisdom

This refers to the report "Current system protects large promoters: Rajan" (November 26). Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan's ...

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Can India keep its flag high?

Authors of World Bank's Doing Business report attribute India's jump to 7th place to changes in the company law, but rollbacks since June could ...

Delhi's winter of reforms

The FM has signalled financial sector and capital market reforms by committing to implementing recommendations of the Financial Sector and ...

Trade union rivalries still alive and well

A weekly selection of key court orders


Time for legal reforms, Mr Gowda

To be successful, the new law minister needs to do some tightrope walking, taking into confidence both the legislature and the judiciary, while ...

Rubber stamp board - a thing of the past?
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Companies Act 2013 can't deter removal of an independent director from a company with concentration of ownership

BIFR alone to decide if unit has revived
M J Antony

A weekly selection of key court orders

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ITC: Fear of regulatory risks exaggerated

Street feels implementation of stricter norms on sale of cigarettes would be difficult

MRF: Beats estimates on lower costs

Steep drop in natural rubber prices aids margins, net profit

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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