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Forget about reform
Mihir S Sharma

The real lesson of the Budget session is that Modi has the tools and the power to conduct big-bang reform if he wants - but he doesn't want to

Kraft was global, then it wasn't
Justin Fox

Kraft will be in a better position to manage its overseas brands in conjunction with Heinz than it would be alone

Beware all ye who have borrowed dollars
Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

A US rate hike and a spike in the dollar could pose a variety of problems even if they last for a quarter

Act locally, benefit globally
Sunita Narain

Climate change, we can emphatically say, is a wicked problem

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Multilateral competition

Bretton Woods institutions must change to stay relevant

A finance SEZ

Questions about policies for the GIFT project

Kevin Allison

Chemical romance
Kevin Allison

Dow Chemical tempts fate with $5-bn chlorine sale

Edward Hadas

Not always the worst
Edward Hadas

Yemen fighting could lead to lower oil prices

Neil Unmack

Curve ball
Neil Unmack

Flat euro yield curve is unused windfall

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Same difference

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) drew much criticism form rival political parties after its national council expelled four dissident leaders, including ...

Straight talk

Do not be surprised if after booking a ticket on the IRCTC website next time, you receive an email response from none other than Railway ...

Good news

Journalists have always known it, but a global study on news consumption last year confirmed the belief that negative news headlines work (30 ...

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Letters: A case of vague laws

Apropos the article "Why scrapping Section 66A may not be in India's best interest" (March 25), I would like to say that a wrong can not be ...

Letters: A manufacturing hub

This refers to the article "Make in India for the world" (March 26) by Nigel Harris, president & CEO of Ford Motor Company India. Harris ...

Letters: Lee's legacy

This refers to Rahul Jacob's column "Lee Kuan Yew's legacy in China" (Country Code, March 28). The well-researched and informative column on Lee ...

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An elephant in a hurry

Regulatory turfs are set to get reworked as financial sector reforms gather pace

How constitutional are Sebi directions?

SC's rationale on validity of IT Act holds immense significance for the financial sector

Caution on injunctions against banks

A weekly selection of key court orders


Tackling transfer pricing

Time and negotiation needed for the govt and corporates to come out of the maze around transfer pricing-related issues; the current half-hearted ...


Winds of change in insurance boardrooms

There are stirrings in the insurance sector - foreign joint venture firms are raising their stake to 49 per cent while their Indian partners ...

Conflict between govt policies and competition law

Many in the government often fail to consider the benefits of competition on the economy and consumers

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Power Sector: Light at the end of the tunnel

Returns ratios of JSW Energy and NTPC to improve in FY16, as power demand picks up

UPL: Strengthening its Brazil presence

Latest acquisition will enhance its distribution reach in a market that contributes 16% to revenues

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Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

Does the Shiv Sena's call for dropping the words 'secular' and 'socialist' from the preamble to the Constitution of India betray a Hindutva agenda?

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Rahul Jacob

Rahul Jacob: What China learned from Lee Kuan Yew... and India didn't
Rahul Jacob

Lee deserved to lead a bigger country than Singapore, the city of 5 million he ruled for three decades

T N Ninan

T N Ninan: Power shift
T N Ninan

China has demonstrated that it has the power to not be isolated, and it is likely to become more powerful over time

Aditi Phadnis

Aditi Phadnis: Singh's silence on land acquisition
Aditi Phadnis

The fact that everyone but Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh is speaking on the issue only gives credence to the specious fears of farmers that this government is out to get them