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Now for the hard part
Rajeev Malik

Raghuram Rajan has work to do, in order to broaden and cement his legacy

The day nothing happened
Ajai Shukla

India has victories, brave deeds and valorous soldiers who deserve celebration

CCI spares a thought for car owners
Avirup Bose

Its ruling on the anti-competitive practices of car makers will go a long way in reducing the exploitation to which consumers are subject in ...

The revenge of brick-and-mortar retail
Alokananda Chakraborty

Traditional retail's new mantra: first mess up the stores and then spook buyers

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A wayward path

CBI should be held accountable for errors

Starving a dinosaur

Don't unbundle Food Corporation, prune it

Ian Campbell

Prescient lemmings
Ian Campbell

Gold's geopolitical ledge won't hold up

Peter Thal Larsen

Free to lose
Peter Thal Larsen

Democracy snub leaves Hong Kong only bad choices

Swaha Pattanaik

Swaha Pattanaik

Falling euro squeezes Swiss, Swedish central banks

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Commerce missing in action

NTPC Chairman Arup Roy Choudhury was recently in Kolkata to attend a seminar organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce

Hardly working?

The Modi government's overdrive to highlight the achievements of its first 100 days in power seems to have left many bureaucrats breathless

Digital divides

The ambitious project called Digital India that the Cabinet recently approved may prove to be tougher to implement than the government had ...

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Letters: The neat and clean act

Apropos Bhupesh Bhandari's column "Build toilets in the mind first" (White Knight, August 29), there is no doubt that educating people about the ...

Letters: Focusing on real growth

The editorial "Floors and ceilings" (September 1) explores what the ceiling gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate is and what the government ...

Letters: A corruption-free culture

Comparatively, lower compensation paid to public sector bank (PSB) executives might be attributed to lower efficiency levels and less creativity ...

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Getting ready for the boardroom

As deadlines to meet the Companies Act and Sebi norms on board composition near, women aspirants prepare to play greater roles

Arun Duggal

The goal is to make women directors effective: Arun Duggal

Interview with Chairman, Shriram Capital

Asish K Bhattacharyya

Related party transactions - scepticism all around
Asish K Bhattacharyya

In the new regime, the controlling shareholder has to build a strong relationship of trust with minority shareholders

Customs relief for hospital equipment
M J Antony

The Supreme Court has clarified that a diagnostic centre, clinic or maternity home functioning in the premises of a hospital is also eligible ...


In search of a fine balance

As the Centre overhauls labour laws, it's vital to ensure businesses and workers do not take each other for granted

Time to move forward with a new GST model
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay

At the state level, it will be an amalgamation of sales tax and some existing state taxes

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Launches key to Nestle's fortunes

Market has cheered company's renewed aggression on innovations and launches; current valuation could limit upside

Few GDP upgrades for FY15, despite Q1 show

Recovery in growth can sustain at current levels only if services and investments pick up

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu: Narendra Modi's Jan Dhan - what's new?
Debashis Basu

Like Indira Gandhi, even Narendra Modi seems to be relying on directing public-sector banks through ministry of finance supported by party cadres. How new is that?

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William Pesek: Protests in Macau predict China's future
William Pesek

Macau, the tiny island-state on China's south coast that serves as Asia's Las Vegas

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Khutub Hai: Defence - It's time to get serious about 'Made in India'
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Narendra Modi has repeatedly emphasised indigenisation but where's the action on the ground?