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ISIS' clear and present danger
Claude Smadja

Barack Obama cannot avoid taking real action against the ISIS

Making a U-turn on WTO?
T S Vishwanath

There is a need to look at World Trade Organisation's vision again as countries look to shift from a multilateral platform to a plurilateral one

One hundred days of soliloquies
Bharat Bhushan

Anecdotes and stories might sustain Modi's image as a heroic prime minister, but soon the govt will be judged only by its performance

Sometimes, rhetoric matters
Kanika Datta

Though Parliament did pass more stringent rape laws after December 2012, rape and gender issues have rarely been upfront on party agendas

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Looking away, not east

Skipping Asean meet makes government look amateurish

Wait till next summer

India may not weather the poor monsoon as well as is hoped

Katrina Hamlin

The new news
Katrina Hamlin

China freer press might reboot markets

Neil Unmack

Time is money
Neil Unmack

Time nudges Pfizer & Astra a bit further apart

Andy Mukherjee

Crunch time
Andy Mukherjee

Court order adds urgency to India's coal crunch

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All of a twitter over Twitter

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy is upset that a newspaper story on the Narendra Modi-led Cabinet's Twitter hierarchy ...

Off the menu

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has asked the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and its foreign missions to not serve non-vegetarian food at ...

Wait watcher

K Sankaranarayanan, who resigned as Governor of Maharashtra on Sunday, was once requested to inaugurate a religious function. The time for the ...

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Letters: Derivatives - The other side

This refers to Praveen Chakravarty & T V Somanathan's article "Why derivatives are a Pyrrhic triumph for our equity markets" (July 21) and ...

Letters: PSBs and private banks

This refers to Rajiv Lall's article "'Minimum government, maximum governance' in public sector banks" (August 27). It is true that public sector ...

Letters: Green indifference

Apropos Sunita Narain's column "Green clearance test for NDA" (Down to Earth, August 25), the importance a government gives to environment ...

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In search of a fine balance

As the Centre overhauls labour laws, it's vital to ensure businesses and workers do not take each other for granted

Time to move forward with a new GST model
Sukumar Mukhopadhyay

At the state level, it will be an amalgamation of sales tax and some existing state taxes

SC restarts 20-year-old arbitration
M J Antony

In a dispute in which arbitration proceedings had not commenced for two decades, the Supreme Court has ruled that the court has the power to ...

Exim Matters: Can govt fights be kept out of court?
TNC Rajagopalan

Last week, the Union law ministry asked various ministries not to take their quarrels to courts but resolve these amicably through empowered ...

Making exits viable
Jyoti Mukul

Only after a public-private project is commissioned and established should a company be allowed to exit

WATCHTOWER: Making India a centre for arbitration

The Law Commission of India has proposed radical overhaul of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, in an effort to make India a hub for ...

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Lead indicators show promise

Wholesale lending rates could fall 50-100 bps before rate cuts

Volume boost ahead for Concor

Container volumes, expansion initiatives will help the company post better earnings growth

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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Indira Rajaraman

Indira Rajaraman: Replacing the Planning Commission
Indira Rajaraman

The Planning Commission needs to be replaced by institutions prescribed under the Constitution for the functions it usurped

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Surinder Sud: Foreign fears, Indian tears
Surinder Sud

The indecision over field trials of GM crops is hurting public sector organisations and state agricultural universities too

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Jitender Bhargava: Air India's revival should be on the front burner
Jitender Bhargava

The Modi government's focus on time-bound decision-making provides ample opportunity to address the long-standing weaknesses of the national carrier