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The great oil price game
Claude Smadja

Will oil prices continue to decrease, and will Saudi Arabia then step in to arrest their decline?

Cranking it up
Kanika Datta

Most Indians tend to view the cultural aspects of liberalisation as an issue of subordinate importance

The mathematics of Maharashtra
Praveen Chakravarty

A summary of Amit Shah's master strategy that helped the BJP emerge victorious in the recent Assembly elections

Stop passing the buck
Anjuli Bhargava

If the govt is so keen to provide connectivity to remote places in India, why doesn’t it consider Air India for the job?

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Beware of fiscal complacency

Other challenges for India's deficit besides oil subsidies

Forced mergers are wrong

Govt violates principle of limited liability

Kevin Allison

Unhappy meal
Kevin Allison

Coke and McDonald's serve unhappy investor combo

Untimely succession
Pierre Briançon

Total's Margerie may need two successors

Robert Cyran

Singular horsepower
Robert Cyran

Apple's new, new things overshadowed by old thing

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Tours of duty

The media may have viewed Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram's unexpected transfer to the tourism ministry as a demotion, but the Rajasthan cadre ...

Train of consciousness

A mother asks for money for treatment for her son who is suffering from cancer. She is assured of a recommendation letter to get her son ...

Knowledge gap

Recently, mandarins in North Block received an unusual request from one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's advisors. Could anyone explain to the ...

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Letters: Private profiteering

This refers to Debashis Basu's column "A chowkidar for state banks" (Irrational Choice, October 20). I would go by Prime Minister Narendra ...

Letters: In defence of PSU banks

Apropos Debashis Basu's column "A chowkidar for state banks"(Irrational Choice, October 20), I agree with the writer's view that the level of ...

Letters: Coal: A herculean task

The editorial "Forward and back" (October 22) rightly points to the need to have effective reforms in the coal sector, while appreciating the ...

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Child labour

Grey laws woe for child labour

Seventy per cent of child labour violations take place in the agriculture sector

Family firms focus on business sustainability
Asish K Bhattacharyya

Succession planning, sibling rivalry and dispute among family members can lead to difficult situations

Any misrepresentation in prospectus is treated as fraud

Even as the action moves to the Securities Appellate Tribunal in the case involving the capital market regulator putting a ban on DLF Ltd and ...

More SC rules on bouncing cheques
M J Antony

While disposing of a batch of cheque bounce appeals with a 14-year history, the Supreme Court last week set forth six more guidelines to speed ...


When a huge discount is not anti-competitive

Allegations of predatory pricing may not hold ground in the high-pitch turf battle for consumers' pocket between e-tail and retail


We want 250 obsolete laws to be repealed: A P Shah

Interview with Chairman, Law Commission of India

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Wipro's dollar revenue growth disappoints

Ebit margins decline 80 basis points sequentially to 22%; company expects 2nd half to be better

Strong volume growth boosts UPL's revenue

Forex losses result in higher finance costs and lower other income, hitting net profit

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Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

Would you allow a third party to deduct money directly from your credit card, without requiring your confirmation, each time you used its service?

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