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Chasing the 'Chinese dream'
Martin Feldstein

Fixing the treatment of health insurance is key to growing China's consumption

The 'leaking pipeline'
Shyamal Majumdar

The replacement hired for women dropping out is invariably a man

From colonialism to new-colonialism
Satyajit Das

For emerging nations, producing low-value products for global markets to escape poverty always entails a risky and uncertain future

Games builders play
Bhupesh Bhandari

The rule of thumb is that with Rs 10 crore in your pocket, you can easily launch a project worth Rs 100 crore

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Monsoon worries

The baleful effect of El Nino must be considered

Inclusion indecisiveness

Government and RBI should move fast on financial inclusion

Robert Cyran

Fiddling on the edges
Robert Cyran

Apple needs more iPhone, less iCahn

Jeffrey Goldfarb

Nebraskan for no
Jeffrey Goldfarb

Buffett loses his voice - and maybe some sway

Dominic Elliott

Light out of darkness
Dominic Elliott

Philips can still shine despite darker outlook

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Photo finish

Photographs of the current political leadership - especially the prime minister and the president - are a common sight in many government and ...

A Rahul moment

If the ICAI president anticipates a "Modi wave" in these elections, there are others in the financial fraternity who may unconsciously be ...

In cruise control

By now it is no secret that Suzuki is firmly in the driver's seat at its Indian subsidiary, Maruti, and not just through structured deals but in ...

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Letters: Corruption matters

Shankar Sharma's article "Corruption is a non-issue for the voter" (April 23), suggesting that the conscience of the voter is dormant and he can ...

Letters: Unsolicited advice

This refers to the report "Top academics say they dread the idea of Modi in power" (April 24). It is deplorable that professors and other ...

Letters: High managerial pay

Apropos the report "New Companies Act eases concerns over high managerial pay" (April 23), the constitution of the Nomination and Remuneration ...

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India plays catch-up game

destination for International arbitration

For banks, ALM as big a problem as NPA

Sorting out take-out financing could help counter the double whammy of asset liability mismatch and non-performing assets

Late objection to arbitration invalid
M J Antony

If a party to an agreement joins arbitration proceedings without raising objections, it cannot question the jurisdiction of the arbitration ...

Corporate guarantee need not be intra-group service
Vijay Iyer

ITAT ruling on Bharti Airtel has provided the much-needed guidance on transfer pricing


In Sahara case, law itself has been victimised
Somasekhar Sundaresan

Sahara represents the ultimate test of the conflict between the rule of law and dispensation of justice

RBI should curb rise in rupee
TNC Rajagopalan

The February 2014 export figures show a decline of 3.7 per cent in dollar terms over a year, raising apprehension that rising costs have eroded ...

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Bharti Infratel: Investments by telcos to drive gains in FY15

Growth in free cash flows to continue as higher tenancies will drive profits and not new towers

UltraTech surprises Street with 9% volume, 13% PAT growth

Valuations stretched as current price factors in 8% volume growth in FY15-16, which is unlikely to play out

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What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

What are your views on the sacking of two AAP members on charges of graft?

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Shankar Sharma

Shankar Sharma: Corruption is a non-issue for the voter
Shankar Sharma

Nor do secularism, freedoms and fundamental rights play such a major role in their electoral choices

Shyam Saran

Shyam Saran: The dangers of nuclear revisionism
Shyam Saran

Arguments to abandon India's 'no first use' policy for nuclear weapons are fallacious

T S Vishwanath

T S Vishwanath: EU seeks to bridge the skill gap
T S Vishwanath

A new directive on intra-corporate transfers of skilled professionals seeks to address a key demographic challenge in a progressive manner