Flipkart begins Covid-19 vaccinations for its front-line staff in India

The Walmart-backed e-commerce firm has relaxed the deadline for this year's goal-setting so that employees can completely focus on their health and well being.

Peerzada Abrar Bengaluru
Vaccination drive at Flipkart

3 min read Last Updated : May 12 2021 | 8:58 PM IST

E-commerce company Flipkart has received its first batch of vaccine supplies and has commenced Covid-19 vaccinations for its front-line workers in India. In a letter addressed to the employees, Krishna Raghavan, chief people officer at Flipkart, said the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit “every one of our families” and they are navigating a crisis of a unique kind.

“I am happy to share that we have received our first batch of vaccine supplies,” said Raghavan in the letter and seen by Business Standard. “In partnership with Manipal Hospitals, we commenced our vaccination drive with the first camp today at our ETV office, prioritizing Flipkart’s and Myntra’s frontline employees. As we procure more doses, we will scale up the drive.”

Raghavan told employees that he understands that there is too much to deal with right now with some sick and others tending to their loved ones. Some are struggling with loneliness due to isolation. “The one thing I can assure you of is that you’re not alone in this,” said Raghavan. “The entire Flipkart family stands with you. We are trying our level best to get you all the help and support that you need to take care of yourselves and your families.”

Walmart-backed Flipkart commended the kindness and empathy that teams have been showing to each other. Raghavan said he and the leadership team are extremely grateful to the company’s Covid Task Force and other employees who are working tirelessly to help fellow colleagues and families. This includes providing leads for emergency medical support and supplies.

“To tide over these times, we need to hold on to our faith,” said Raghavan. “Let’s tell ourselves and others around us, it’s okay to take a break if one is overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel anxious. It’s okay to prioritize health, both physical and mental, over everything else.”

To equip employees with the strength to handle the uncertainties that surround them and help focus on self-care and mindfulness, Flipkart is bringing a specialised programme-Reboot. It is for all employees across Flipkart, Myntra and travel company Cleartrip, which was acquired recently by the firm. These sessions have been customised to address the needs of different cohorts such as the leadership team, people managers, Covid taskforce and all employees. It would be led by experienced practitioners.

Leadership teams across Flipkart have been encouraged to re-prioritize what’s most important, given the number of colleagues that have been impacted.

“Towards this, we have relaxed the deadline for this year’s goal-setting so you can completely focus on your health and well being,” said Raghavan. “We encourage you to take all the time that you need to recover if you are sick and attend to your loved one. Should you feel the need to revisit your goals for the year, please feel free to work with your manager, and I assure you all the support that you need.”

Over the coming weeks, another e-commerce major, Amazon is also hosting on-site vaccination events administered by licensed health care providers, at an initial set of its buildings in Delhi.

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First Published: May 12 2021 | 7:36 PM IST

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