'Hamid' talks about innocence in strife-torn Kashmir: Director

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Last Updated : Oct 11 2018 | 4:15 PM IST

"Hamid", a poignant story of an eight-year-old Kashmiri boy and a CRPF jawan, looks at the innocence that exists amid conflict-ridden Kashmir, says the film's director Aijaz Khan.

"'Hamid' is a beautiful story created with a lot of heart. In its very core it talks about the innocence that prevails in strife ridden Kashmir and how it can transform the most hardened and distraught of lives. I am excited to present the trailer of 'Hamid' ahead of its world premiere at the 20th Jio MAMI Mumbai film festival," Khan said in a statement.

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The Yoodlee Films movie, whose trailer came out on Thursday, has been shortlisted for the Oxfam Best Film on Gender Equality at MAMI 2018.

Its narrative surrounds eight-year-old Hamid who is in search of his missing father, who his mother says has gone to Allah. The number 786, Hamid learns, is God's number and he decides to try and reach out to Him.

Using his father's old mobile phone, after various combinations, he manages to connect to Abhay, a hard-knuckled CRPF jawan, who he believes, is the God he is looking for. Hamid and Abhay -- torn apart by politics and bound by a sense of loss, unknowingly and unintentionally -- find a way to complete each other's life, against the rampant violence in Kashmir.

Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vice President, TV and Films, Saregama and Yoodlee Films, says the film touches upon topics most complex through the simple eyes and innocent mind of a young boy.



First Published: Oct 11 2018 | 4:08 PM IST

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