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Health and Wellness

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Average sleep time, water intake have gone up, shows India Fit Report 2019
Despite this, stress induced diseases are on the rise, especially among those in their mid-thirties

Narendra Modi

Fitness is 0 per cent investment with infinite returns: Narendra Modi
The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to include physical activity in their everyday lives

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From kick-set to freestyle, here are few water workouts one can try
Swimming is more demanding and burns more calories than a 30-minute land workout


Spending time with family and friends can work wonders for your health
Exercise at least 45 minutes every day - brisk walking, running, cycling or any other form of physical activity is beneficial

5 Tips For A Healthy Mind

• Save Energy. Organize your life so you're using your brain's energy for critical thinking, not trying to find your keys (or shoes or wallet) in the morning as you rush to the office

• Switch Hands

• Choose Food Wisely

• Work Out Regularly

• Keep Learning


Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults

• Eat a variety of foods.

• Base your diet on plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates.

• Replace saturated with unsaturated fat.

• Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables.

• Reduce salt and sugar intake.

• Eat regularly, control the portion size.

• Drink plenty of fluids.

• Maintain a healthy body weight.