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UAE to launch Arab world's first mission to Mars by 2021

With this mission, UAE will be one of the nine privileged countries in possession of the space programme to explore

Chinese scientists claim breakthrough in H7N9 treatment

07 May 2014

Chinese scientists have claimed a breakthrough in the treatment of H7N9 bird flu which affected over 200 people in the country ...

Facebook launches news platform

26 Apr 2014

Powered by Storyful FB Newswire aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly on Facebook by individuals and organisations for ...


Chetan Kanojia - the lone Indian battling the goliaths of American TV

23 Apr 2014

He may not be as prominent as the dozen other CEOs of Indian origin now leading major global firms in the US. But Chet or Chetan ...


PC sales see modest drop amid Windows XP replacements

10 Apr 2014

Global personal computer sales saw a modest dip in the first quarter of 2014, as the pace of decline was eased by replacements of ...


Twitter profiles get Facebook-style revamp

09 Apr 2014

Twitter today began revamping profile pages to let users display more of their online personalities, giving the popular service a ...


Personality and change inflamed Mozilla crisis

05 Apr 2014

Thousands of programmers help Mozilla improve its products - free - because the programmers think it is important


Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab4 series

02 Apr 2014

Samsung has unveiled its latest mid-range tablets, the Galaxy Tab4 series.


US expresses concern over Turkey blocking access to Twitter

22 Mar 2014

United States has expressed deep concern over the Turkish government's decision to block Twitter and urged Ankara to respect the ...


White House testing smart phones other than Blackberry

21 Mar 2014

The White House is conducting security tests for several smart phones including those of Samsung and LG for internal use, ...


Cyber criminals using Bitcoins to buy credit card info: McAfee

10 Mar 2014

Cyber criminals have been trying to purchase stolen credit card numbers and personal user data from 'Cybercrime-as-a-Service ...


Groups seek privacy review of Facebook-WhatsApp tie-up

07 Mar 2014

Two privacy activist groups asked US regulators today to put on hold the Facebook acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp to ...


NASA to send robotic mission to Europa in search for life

05 Mar 2014

NASA is planning to send a daring robotic mission by 2025 to Jupiter's watery moon Europa - one of the best bets for alien life ...


Bitcoin exchange looks into criminal complaint

03 Mar 2014

The Tokyo bitcoin exchange that filed for bankruptcy protection blamed theft through hacking for its losses today, and said it ...


Japan launches gen-next weather satellite

28 Feb 2014

A powerful next-generation weather satellite aimed at gathering unprecedented 3-D measurements of global rain and snowfall rates ...


Moov fitness tracker turns Apple's Siri into personal training coach

28 Feb 2014

A new fitness tracker reportedly turns Apple's digital voice assistance Siri into a personal training coach.


Microsoft again urges XP, Office 2003 users to switch

27 Feb 2014

Microsoft has reportedly again reminded its customers, who are still not ready to part with Windows XP operating system and ...


New software to curb online banking frauds

26 Feb 2014

Have you ever been a victim of an online money transfer fraud? Read this.


Candy Crush maker backtracks from 'candy' trademark claim

26 Feb 2014

Candy Crush creator, King, has reportedly announced that it has no right on the word 'candy' after filing to protect the word in ...

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