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50% more entries for Goafest this year

The first round of judging for the Creative Abbies has already begun this week in this city and it is expected it will continue for the next few ...

Ad regulator gets more teeth, will act against misleading ads

To act as an executive arm of the govt when dealing with misleading ads

Set up IIT in Mysuru, city chamber urges Karnataka CM

Says the city was a knowledge hub even before independence and stood in the forefront by starting Mysore University

Graduate Management Admission Council acquires NMAT exam

First ever test acquisition by the council; NMAT to see changes in exam pattern from 2015

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How tall you stand changes how you make decisions

Sitting in a higher chair could improve your long-term financial planning. You might be more likely to buy serious tomes on the second floor of ...

Fourth wave of handset ads

Smaller handset players are following in the footsteps of indigenous leaders and increasing their mainstream marketing spends

Half-time, 2014 - Where is the consumer headed?

Despite high-octane advertising, over 70 per cent automobile consumers will make up their mind based on their in-store experience and ...

Crompton takes battle to rivals with hive-off

While the Avantha Group company has large exposure in fans and lighting, it will be keen to ramp up its branding for small home appliances like ...

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The Strategist Quiz (#402)

During most of the 19th century, Americans used to have left overs from the previous day in the morning, which caused widespread indigestion and ...

Answers to last week's quiz (#401)

Dettol. The ouzo effect (also louche effect and spontaneous emulsification) is a milky (louche) oil-in-water microemulsion that is formed when ...

Online assessment tools preferred for training

A majority of organisations do not use online assessment tools for pre-hiring but prefer them for employee engagement, training and development ...

Playing catch-up

As digital-born-and-bred payment companies gain traction, banks put up a brave fight by reconfiguring their payments ecosystem

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592 students graduate from IIM-B

Dr Devi Shetty exhorts students to pursue dreams without fear of failure

IIT, IIM and ISI offer joint course in business analytics

Indian analytics mkt to double between 2011-18 to touch $2.3 bn, as per Nasscom-Blueocean Market Intelligence study

IIM-A mulls restarting PGP-PMP

The institute is working with alumni and corporations to raise funds for more number of research chairs

K K Modi Group commissions University in Chhattisgarh

The University will be fully residential and is spread over 25 acres; first academic session in 2016-17

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Shyamal Majumdar

Shyamal Majumdar: Shadowboxing over Steve Jobs
Shyamal Majumdar

Apple's all-out move to trash an earlier biography of its former boss beats logic

R Gopalakrishnan

R Gopalakrishnan: Rosh gadol culture and a 'can-do' spirit
R Gopalakrishnan

Companies should examine how to develop more rosh gadol, chutzpah and bitzua by influencing the organisational culture rather than only their ...

Alokananda Chakraborty

Alokananda Chakraborty: Two questions for advertisers
Alokananda Chakraborty

With the Goafest right round the corner, it is pertinent to ask how the organisers plan to keep out scam ads and celebrate the Big Idea

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Infosys raises staff salaries by 6%

It indicates the salary revision would be in the same range this year as it was in the last

Consulting firms top recruiters at XIM-B placements

The sector accounted for 30% of the total placements for its flagship MBA programme students

Growth in job opportunities in NE states on an upswing: study

In fact, the percentage growth in demand for talent in the eight states is higher than that in the metro cities according to the report

Indian senior managers paid 11.7 times more than lower-level employees: report

Pay gap between senior managers and lower-level workers surges worldwide, 52.14% percentage change in India since 2008, says Hay Group

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The Strategist top five

INTRAPRENEURS @ MJUNCTION - THE MAKING OF AN E-COMMERCE GIANTby Rajeev Kumar* Published by Rupa Publications* Price: Rs 259* The book documents ...

Book Extract: When to change strategy

The ability to modify strategy at the right time can save or destroy a business, says a new book

The Strategist top five

THE CREATOR'S CODE: THE SIX ESSENTIAL SKILLS OF EXTRAORDINARY ENTREPRENEURSby Amy Wilkinson* Published by Simon & Schuster* Price: Rs 599* ...

Book Extract: Setting a failure ratio

Creators don't fear failure. Instead, they find ways to soften its impact, says a new book

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The Strategist Quiz (#401)

This brand is known to display the 'Ouzo effect'. Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. The company ...

Answers to the Strategist quiz (#400)

In-Q-Tel. It was founded by the CIA and located in Virginia, United States. It is a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in ...

The Strategist Quiz (#400)

This VC firm founded in 1999 was first named after a character in Greek mythology called Peleus. Subsequently it changed its name. Peleus was a ...

Answers to last week's quiz (#399)

The publishing company Simon & Schuster's logo, which is an adaption of Millet's 1850 painting called "The Sower". Crossword puzzles first ...

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