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E-commerce, elections are key drivers for advertising growth in 2014

Advertising growth for the Dec quarter is estimated at 10-15%, led by e-commerce, handset makers and political parties

BCG top recruiter as IIM-A concludes summer placements

Over 110 firms participated in the summer placements process

IIM-C concludes summer placement process

IIM-A wraps up its summer internship placements for post graduate programme in agri-business management

Indian consumers most patient

However, Indian customers are also the most reactive with 71% having dropped an intended purchase due to poor customer service

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How tall you stand changes how you make decisions

Sitting in a higher chair could improve your long-term financial planning. You might be more likely to buy serious tomes on the second floor of ...

Fourth wave of handset ads

Smaller handset players are following in the footsteps of indigenous leaders and increasing their mainstream marketing spends

Half-time, 2014 - Where is the consumer headed?

Despite high-octane advertising, over 70 per cent automobile consumers will make up their mind based on their in-store experience and ...

Crompton takes battle to rivals with hive-off

While the Avantha Group company has large exposure in fans and lighting, it will be keen to ramp up its branding for small home appliances like ...

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Feedback must for goal pursuit

Positive feedback is effective when it signals a boost in commitment whereas negative feedback is effective when it signals a lack of goal ...

Pay for performance

No one-size-fits-all solution exists for a company's pay-for-performance programme. While the conventional thinking is that pay for performance ...

The Strategist Quiz (#384)

1 In the early 1900s the founder of this automobile company replicated a process, which he observed at a musket rifle factory. This process was ...

Answers to last week's quiz (#383)

1 Clarence Frank Birdseye II. He invented the "Birdseye Plate Froster" and set up the General Seafoods Corporation in 1924. He is considered to ...

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New IIMs may take cue from IIM-A's fee hike

Old IIMs likely to maintain status quo

Infosys collaborates with Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford will deliver a customised strategic leadership development programme for the company's executives, clients and partners

While IIM-A hikes fee, others may not follow suit

IIM Indore charges Rs 13 lakhs for its two year post graduate programme in management

IIM-A announces 11.44% fee hike, highest in last 5 years

That means the fee for PGP and PGP-ABM programmes will be now Rs 18.5 lakhs

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Shyamal Majumdar

Shyamal Majumdar: The art of flattery
Shyamal Majumdar

Sycophants may be the butt of corporate jokes, but some of them have made buttering-up the boss a fine art

Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta: Modi needs to launch a Swachh Business Abhiyan
Kanika Datta

SBI's recent $1 bn loan to Adani group has strengthened perceptions of cronyism and poor corporate governance

Shyamal Majumdar

Shyamal Majumdar: Succession at Bandhan
Shyamal Majumdar

Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, chairman and managing director of the upcoming bank, would do well to answer one simple question: 'After me, who?'

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Indian employers are 'very satisfied' with recent engineering graduates

World Bank-Ficci survey puts up this number for Indian employers in 2014. In 2009, only 33% of the Indian employers said they were satisfied

Indian institutions can offer twinning programmes, says higher education secy

It is a process where students can complete part of their studies in India and the rest in a foreign college

'Online courses can boost vocational training, skills'

These courses are conducted online for students across the world

Employability of graduates big concern, says FICCI-EY report

Average salaries in smaller engineering and B-Schools almost half of that at Top 10 schools in the category

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The Strategist top five

LEADING DIGITAL: TURNING TECHNOLOGY INTO BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONby George Westerman, Didier Bonner & Andrew McAfee* Published by Harvard ...

Book Extract: Masters of the game

IT heads can have limited ability to force change in business practices. Only the organisation's leadership can drive change in corporate

The Strategist top five


Book Extract: The trust factor

Sellers who focus on advice and persuasion without considering how to build trust, cannot succeed in the long run

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The Strategist Quiz (#383)

The founder of this company was a taxidermist who worked in New Mexico and Arizona as an "assistant naturalist", a job that involved killing off ...

Answers to last week's quiz (#382)

The former CEO of which company said: " The internet is the Viagra of big business"

The Strategist Quiz (#382)

1 The former CEO of which company said: " The internet is the Viagra of big business"

Answers to the Strategist quiz (#381)

1. A theatre production in Japan that has opened with a play based on the adaptation of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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