Hosachiguru, pioneers of managed farmlands in India, launches their new project - Abhivrudhi, close to Bengaluru city

Last Updated : Aug 23 2019 | 4:10 PM IST

Abhivrudhi, the new farmland project by Hosachiguru - pioneers of managed farmlands in India, was launched today amidst a lot of fanfare in the city. The project was launched in the presence of dignitaries from different sectors.

Some of the key dignitaries present at the launch were Adarsh Narahari, Founder and Managing Director, Primus Lifespaces Pvt Ltd and V Renganathan, Co-founder, BCX Bio Organics and Managing Director, BioTherm Industries, Hosur and Anoop Jain, with over 25 years of experience in Finance, Accounts, and Real Estate. Accompanying them were co-founders of Hosachiguru, Ashok J and Sriram Chitlur along with a few esteemed clients.

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The launch comprised a video presentation of their new project Abhivrudhi and snapshots of the earlier managed farmland projects delivered by Hosachiguru. Abhivrudhi Farms, located on the state highway of Hindupur is a 90-minute drive from Bengaluru. The project is 108 acres of planned wilderness, enriched with 5000 mango trees that include varieties such as Alphonso, Badam, and Mallika.

The price at Abhivrudhi is Rs 59 per sq ft, with plots available in various sizes ranging from 0.25 acre, 0.5 acre, and 1 acre. The mentioned price includes land price, agricultural services and maintenance cost for one year. The farming includes a mix of timber cultivation and organically grown seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Hosachiguru practices responsible farming by following the concept of 'Reduce-Recycle-Reuse' at all stages of farming. Abhivrudhi offers a host of facilities to ensure that the residents connect with nature including weekend homes and cottages, pre-installed hammocks, cycling tracks, reading pods, observation decks and multi-level camping facilities. Also, Abhivrudhi has an already established guest house to make your weekends more exciting and enriching.

"Our offerings are a reflection of our continuing commitment to offer customers green spaces that are a balanced synergy of attractive returns in the near and long run with an underlying satisfaction of doing their bit for the environment. Our aim is to ensure that the agricultural assets are put to the right use in a sustainable manner. All our farms are precision managed and come with a complete host of Agri services and an opportunity for our customers to experience farming firsthand. The farm stay experience helps our customers connect with Mother Nature and gives them and their children an opportunity to experience a sustainable farm life", said Ashok Hosachiguru's Chairman.

Hosachiguru's Director, Srinath also spoke about the various developments that are done by the company at the farm and outside to ensure optimal yields for the trees grown. The project offers individuals an opportunity to own a piece of land at just Rs 59 per square feet including all the services and access to the facilities at the Farm. An individual can own as small as a quarter-acre land, making it a very affordable option for green-conscious people.

Hosachiguru is a farmland management company offering farmlands in cherry-picked locations, making for an attractive long term wealth creation opportunity with an environmental touch. Hosachiguru has executed over 18 Projects spread across 800 plus acres.

Customers can buy plots of various sizes, which will be managed by Hosachiguru with the land used for cultivating crops of their choice. Hosachiguru is focused on agro-forestry. They are able to bring their cost of setup and operations down by 70 per cent compared to what an individual farmer would incur.

This is mainly due to the large scale and use of tech/mechanisation at the farm. At the same time, they are also able to employ experienced hands and focus on marketing the product to the end consumer, ensuring at least 20 percent more benefit in terms of price realisation.

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First Published: Aug 23 2019 | 3:55 PM IST

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