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Sector : Metals & Mining

ISIN Code : INE267A01025

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Last Updated: Nov 29 2023 | 04:01 PM IST

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28 Nov 1996

Hindustan Zinc Ltd

Hindustan Zinc Ltd a Vedanta Group Company is the market leader in Zinc Lead and Sulphuric Acid business. The Company is engaged in exploring extracting processing of minerals and manufacturing of metals. HZL's operations include 5 zinc-lead mines 4 zinc smelters 1 lead smelter 1 zinclead smelter 8 sulphuric acid plants 1 silver refinery plant 6 captive thermal power plants and 4 captive solar plants in the State of Rajasthan. In addition it operate a rock-phosphate mine in Matoon near Udaipur in Rajasthan and zinc lead silver processing and refining facilities in the State of Uttarakhand. It has Wind Power Plants in the States of Rajasthan Gujarat Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and Solar Power Plants in the State of Rajasthan. Their integrated business operations span the synergistic areas of Mines (Zinc-Lead Mines); Smelters (Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelters Lead Smelters Pyro Metallurgical Zinc-Lead Smelter); and Captive Power Plants (CPP). The company's core business comprises of mining and smelting of zinc and lead along with captive power generation. The company is headquartered in Udaipur Rajasthan and has zinc-lead mines at Rampura Agucha Sindesar Khurd Rajpura Dariba Zawar and Kayad; primary smelter operations at Chanderiya Dariba and Debari all in the state of Rajasthan; and finished product facilities in the state of Uttarakhand.The company's current mined metal production capacity is 1.123 Mtpa (0.913 tonnes of zinc and 0.21 tonnes of lead). With reserves and resources of 447.9 million tonnes their exploration programme is integral to their growth and future expansions. The company also owns 505.5 MW of coal based thermal captive power plants in Rajasthan to support their metallurgical operations. Additionally it has green power capacity of 354.59 W including 273.5 MW of wind power 40.42 MW of solar power and 40.67 MW of waste heat power.Hindustan Zinc Ltd was incorporated from the erstwhile Metal Corporation of India (MCI) on January 10 1966 as a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU). In April 2002 Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Ltd (SOVL) made an open offer for acquisition of shares of the company; consequent to the disinvestment of Government of India's (GOI) stake of 26% including management control to SOVL and acquired additional 20% of shares from public pursuant to the SEBI Regulations 1997. In August 2003 SOVL acquired additional shares to the extent of 18.92% of the paid up capital from GOI in exercise of 'call option' clause in the share holder's agreement between GOI and SOVL. With the above additional acquisition SOVL's stake in the company has gone up to 64.92%. Thus GOI's stake in the company now stands at 29.54%.Later on SOVL was merged with Sterlite Industries India Ltd in April 2011 which in turn merged with Sesa Goa Ltd to form Sesa Sterlite Limited in August 2013. Sesa Sterlite was renamed to Vedanta Limited in April 2015. Hindustan Zinc is now a direct subsidiary of Vedanta Limited.During the year 2002-03 the company completed 32000 tonnes of zinc debottlenecking at Debari Zinc Smelter and ViZag Zinc Smelter. Also they completed the debottlenecking of Rampura Agucha Mine from 1.37 million tonnes per annum to 2.30 million tonnes per annum. During the year 2003-04 the company completed the 35000 tonnes of zinc debottlenecking at Chanderiya Smelter Complex. During the year 2004-05 the company expanded the Rampura Agucha Mine from 2.30 million tonnes per annum to 3.75 million tonnes per annum. During the year 2005-06 the company commissioned 170000 tonnes per annum of Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter (Hydro I) at Chanderiya Smelter Complex. They commissioned 2 X 77 MW Captive Power Plant at Chanderiya Smelter Complex. Also they Commissioned 50000 tonnes per annum of Ausmelt Lead Smelter at Chanderiya Smelter Complex. During the year 2006-07 the company began production in Sindesar Khurd Mine with an initial production capacity of 0.3 million tonnes per annum. Also they Commissioned 38.4 MW of Wind Energy Farms at Gujarat.During the year 2007-08 the company commissioned 170000 tonnes per annum of Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter (Hydro II) in a benchmark time of 20 months at Chanderiya Smelter Complex. They commissioned 80 MW Captive Power Plant at Chanderiya Smelting Complex. They completed 5000 tonnes of zinc debottlenecking at Debari Zinc Smelter. Also they Commissioned 50.4 MW of Wind Energy Farms at Gujarat.During the year 2008-09 the company expanded the Rampura Agucha Mine from 3.75 million tonnes per annum to 5.00 million tonnes per annum making the total mining capacity of the Company to 7.40 million tonnes per annum. They completed the 88000 tonnes per annum zinc debottlenecking at Chanderiya Smelter Complex & Debari Zinc Smelter making the total metal production capacity to 754000 tonnes per annum. They commissioned 80 MW Captive Power Plant at Zawar Mines. Also they commissioned 34.4 MW Wind Energy Farms making the Company's total Wind Energy capacity to 123.2 MW.During the year 2009-10 the company expanded the Rampura Agucha Mine from 5.00 million tonnes per annum to 6.00 million tonnes per annum increasing the total mining capacity of the Company to 8.40 million tonnes per annum. Also they commissioned the 210000 tonnes per annum Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter at Rajpura Dariba increasing the Zinc & Lead metal production capacity to 964000 tonnes per annum (879000 tonnes of Zinc and 85000 tonnes of Lead).During the year 2010-11 the company commissioned the 1.50 mtpa concentrator at Sindesar Khurd. Also they added 160 MW (80X2) captive power generation capacity at Dariba. In January 2011 the company announced an addition of 150 MW in our existing wind power capacity. Of this around 135 MW has already been commissioned. The balance capacity is expected to be commissioned in Q4 FY 2012. During the year 2011-12 the company ramped-up Sindesar Khurd mine to 2.0 mtpa capacity. During the year the company commissioned the 100 ktpa lead smelter at Dariba increasing the lead production capacity to 185 ktpa. The company also commissioned new silver refinery increasing the silver refining capacity to 500 tpa. The company commissioned 102 MW expansion in wind power increasing total wind power generation capacity to around 274 MW. During the year the company commenced underground mine development work at Rampura Agucha mine and greenfield Kayar mine.During the year 2012-13 HZL produced development ore from Rampura Agucha underground mine and Kayad underground mine. It also announced the next phase of growth plan to increase capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per annum. During the year 2013-14 HZL commissioned new roaster at Dariba. The company also commissioned the first sewage treatment plant in Udaipur which will treat 20 million litres of sewage per day.During the year 2014-15 paste fill plant at Sindesar Khurd Mine and Rampura Agucha Mine were commissioned. During the year 2015-16 HZL's Sindesar Khurd Mine achieved 3 million MT per annum production capacity. During the year the Sindesar Khurd Mine beneficiation plant was debottlenecked to enhance its capacity from 2.0 million MT per annum to 2.75 million MT per annum.During the year 2016-17 Sindesar Khurd Mine ore production capacity was ramped up from 3.0 million MT to 3.7 million MT per annum. During the year the Chanderiya Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter capacity was enhanced from 4.2 lakh metric tonnes per annum to 4.3 lakh metric tonnes per annum. The Dariba Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter capacity was enhanced from 2.1 lakh metric tonnes per annum to 2.2 lakh metric tonnes per annum. During the year the company commissioned 1.5 million MT pa capacity mill at Sindesar Khurd in record 14 months. During the year HZL successfully commissioned 16 MW of captive solar farms. In year 2017-18 the main shaft hoisting and south ventilation shaft systems were commissioned. The main shaft was equipped during the year and winder installation work began. Zawar mines achieved record ore production of 2.2 million tonnes during the year and production capacity has been ramped up to 3.0 mtpa. The existing mill capacity was debottlenecked to 2.7 mtpa. Sindesar Khurd mine achieved its target capacity of 5 million tonnes during the year. Rampura Agucha underground reached an ore production run-rate of 3.0 mtpa during year 2017-18.Capital mine development increased by 12% to 43 km in FY 2019. At Rampura Agucha underground mine the ventilation system was commissioned earlier liberating the mine from ventilation issues. The commissioning of mid shaft loading system in October 2018 allowed waste hoisting to be done through the shaft ahead of schedule leading to improvement in ore production. The second paste fill plant was completed ahead of schedule in Q4 and the mine is equipped with paste fill capacity to support 5.0 mtpa production.During the year 2018-19 Sindesar Khurd received environment clearance to produce 6.0 million MT of ore and 6.5 million MT of ore beneficiation. The new 1.5 mtpa mill accomplished smooth commissioning and began production in the third quarter of the year taking the total milling capacity to 6.2 mtpa. The underground crusher and production shaft were commissioned during Q4. The new 2.0 mtpa mill was commissioned in Q4. 22 MW solar plant was completed at Rampura Agucha taking the total solar capacity to 38 MW. 25 MLD Sewage Treatment Project was commissioned at Udaipur taking the total capacity to 45 MLD. All major projects to build capacity of 1.2 mtpa mined metal were completed during the year 2019-20. Capital mine development increased by 12% to 48 km in FY 2020. At Rampura Agucha the Shaft project was commissioned along with the associatedconveyor and crusher systems and hauling from shaft through ore pass commenced in the final quarter. At Sindesar Khurd shaft is fully integrated with mine and ore hauling was ramped up to capacity. The second paste fill plant was commissioned in June 2019 liberating the mine to operate at full production capacity. At Zawar India's first ever dry tail stacking plant was commissioned in the second quarter significantly reducing water consumption & land requirement and addressing tailing dam risk. At Rajpura Dariba the existing production shaft capacity is being upgraded from 0.7 to 1.3 mtpa to debottleneck the mine and erection work commenced. RD mine has received environment clearance for expansion in April 2020 from 1.08 to 2.0 million TPA of ore production and ore beneficiation from 1.2 to 2.5 million TPA. Smelter debottlenecking to expand capacity to 1.123 mtpa was completed during the yearto maintain mines/smelter synergies at higher levels of production.In year 2020-21 the first Dry Tailing Plant was commissioned at Zawar Mines. The Graphite floatation system was commissioned at Mill 3 of Sindesar Khurd Mines to enhance the smelter and boost the recovery. Back fill plants were commissioned at Zawarmala and Mochia mines. The development of North Decline (ND1) was completed at Rampura Agucha Mine. It commissioned a 10 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) plant in Udaipur. The Company completed RD Mines Shaft & Conveyor upgradation for enhancement of ore hoisting capacity in Q3 FY 2021-22. It commissioned first made-in-India emergency escape route (staircase type) in at Rajpura Dariba Underground Mine (RDM) as well as underground rescue station at Rampura Agucha Mine (RAM). It completed Miyawaki Method of Afforestation pilot project at Debari Zinc Smelter (DZS). It commissioned 5 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Udaipur bringing the total Udaipur STP capacity to 60 MLD. In the area of water stewardship Rampura Agucha Mine completed the execution of groundwater recharge intervention across 4 blocks of Bhilwara district having ground water recharge potential of 8.7 million cubic meter (MCM)/ annum. It completed installation of Dry Filtration & Paste fill plant to enable effective tailing managements by switching from Wet to Dry tailing management system. Apart from these installation of underground ventilation fans have started to enhance the ventilation capacities and working conditions of West Mochia and North Baroi mines.During 2023 Company launched fertiliser project by incorporating Hindustan Zinc Fertilisers Private Limited (HZFPL). It commissioned third silo at production shaft to increase storage capacity from 5000 MT to 7500 MT for improvement in shaft hoisting capacity. It commissioned south main ventilation fan (2 MW) to enhance mine ventilation capacity from 1600 m3/sec to 1850 m3/sec; commissioned intermediate mud pumping station at -255 mRL for enhanced UG dewatering capacity up to 13000 m3/day; ; commissioned new UG ambulance vehicle equipped with basic life support (BLS) facility and surface ambulance vehicle equipped with advanced life support (ALS) facility; commissioned new UG remote controlled fire tender with foam facility; implemented digital interventions at all the winder interlocks: shaft bottom gate cage and skip simultaneous operation interlock broken head rope strand detection; debottlenecking of paste-fill plant-2 with installation of positive development pump (PDP) for backfilling into underground voids in auxiliary lenses; and commissioning of ore production from E-block at a depth more than 900 metres;

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Face Value (₹) 2
Latest Dividend (%)350.00
Latest Dividend Date 14 Jul 2023
Dividend Yield (%) 25.19
Book Value Share (₹) [S]32.37
P/B Ratio (₹) [S]9.26
[*C] Consolidated [*S] Standalone

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Kotak Low Duration Fund - Regular (G) 299.25 6000 2.77
Kotak Low Duration Fund - Direct (G) 299.25 6000 2.77
Groww Nifty Total Market Index Fund-Regular (G) 0.02 653 0.05
Groww Nifty Total Market Index Fund-Direct (G) 0.02 653 0.05

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Company Info

Company Information

Non-Exec & Non-Independent Dir : Navin Agarwal

Company Sec. & Compli. Officer : Rajendra Pandwal

Nominee (Govt) : Farida M Naik

Whole Time Director & CEO : Arun Misra

Non-Exec. & Independent Dir. : Akhilesh Joshi

Non-Exec. & Independent Dir. : Anjani Kumar Agrawal

Nominee (Govt) : Nirupama Kotru

Nominee (Govt) : Veena Kumari Dermal

Independent Director : R Kannan

Chairperson : Priya Agarwal

Registered Office: Yashad Bhawan, ,Udaipur,Rajasthan-313004 Ph: 91-294-2420813-15/2525621/2529181-5