Microsoft launches app to control PCs via mobile

24 Apr 2014

Microsoft is set to release a preview version of its 'Remote Desktop' app that lets Windows Phone users control their PCs.According to The ...

One Touch launches pan-India emergency call number for tourists

24 Apr 2014

You needn't fret the next time you are stranded at an offbeat holiday location, irrespective of what the problem is, and no matter where ...

New Google technology can solve CAPTCHA puzzles

20 Apr 2014

CAPTCHA puzzles are designed to tell humans and bots apart on the web for reasons such as minimising spam

India wants Internet to become Equinet

20 Apr 2014

Proposal for a decentralised Internet is significant in view of Edward Snowden's Wikileaks revelations of mass surveillance in recent

A texting tool for your location search

17 Apr 2014

KeyPoint Technologies, a user-interface products company is loaded with a location-based word suggestion feature

Your next smartphone may be made from sea deposits

17 Apr 2014

German scientists have developed a new method to efficiently extract rare earth metals such as Yttrium, Praseodymium and Dysprosium from ...

Skype calls not a threat to voice telephony: CARE

16 Apr 2014

In the immediate future, voice calls made over the Internet like on Skype, will not be a serious threat to the revenues, according to a ...

Google to buy drone-maker Titan Aerospace

15 Apr 2014

Google Inc has acquired solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace as the Web search giant ramps up plans to deliver wireless Internet ...

Micromax eyes stake in S Korea's Pantech

15 Apr 2014

Micromax has brought smartphones to the masses in India's price-sensitive market where basic handsets still dominate

Petite, an ambient game on a woman's birth-to-death journey

14 Apr 2014

The game, developed by Hyderabad's Seven Summit, has been selected for Microsoft Imagine Cup's national finals

Facebook's election initiatives see active response from users

14 Apr 2014

2 mn voters click 'I am a Voter' button till end of Phase-III

India tops requests for blocking content on Facebook

14 Apr 2014

Facebook's report also revealed that India made the second largest number of user requests at 3,598 after the US

Modi most followed on Twitter, Kejriwal biggest gainer

14 Apr 2014

Modi has a lead of more than 1.5 million over second- ranked Shashi Tharoor, a Congress leader with 2.13 million followers

Google says it never copied iPhone features for Android

13 Apr 2014

Statement came during testimony in the Apple v. Samsung patent-infringement trial

44% of Twitteratis have never tweeted: Report

13 Apr 2014

Twitter has a whopping 974 million registered accounts however 44 percent of these have never tweeted even once, a new survey has ...

With 271 mn domain names, Internet continues to grow

11 Apr 2014

There are 271 million registered domain names worldwide across all the top-level domains (TLDs) as of December 31, 2013 an increase of 5 ...

Twitter buys Android lock-screen startup Cover

08 Apr 2014

A young startup specialising in Android smartphone lock screens that anticipate what "app" a user might want at any give moment said today ...

CFTRI's free tech attracts entrepreneurs

07 Apr 2014

The free dossiers of nine popular and time-tested technologies and processes made available on the institute's website

New tool predicts which photos will go viral on Facebook

06 Apr 2014

Scientists have developed a computer algorithm that predicts whether a photo will go viral on Facebook by watching how fast it is shared

Top Indian IT cos may report muted Q4 nos: Analysts

06 Apr 2014

Top Indian IT firms like TCS and Infosys are likely to report muted fourth quarter performance tempered by a seasonal weak quarter, ...

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