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India, a 'key threat frontier' in cyber world, says reports

Symantec's 'Internet Security Threat Report' says country ranks third in contribution to malicious cyber activities

Microsoft launches app to control PCs via mobile

The app is available for free, but only for mobiles running windows 8.1

One Touch launches pan-India emergency call number for tourists

24x7 helpline allows users to quickly reach hospitals, ambulances, petrol pumps and police stations across 65 cities

New Google technology can solve CAPTCHA puzzles

CAPTCHA puzzles are designed to tell humans and bots apart on the web for reasons such as minimising spam

India wants Internet to become Equinet

Proposal for a decentralised Internet is significant in view of Edward Snowden's Wikileaks revelations of mass surveillance in recent months

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Party apps

Party apps of the political kind

Elections are round the corner and political parties are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to voters. Here's how parties are using social ...

Stylish and precise texting - Adaptxt

All of us encounter the auto-correct problem while sending or replying to a text - for those who really want to see what I mean visit ...

Skills in cyber security, a report

India's talent pipeline in information security-skills emerges at its weakest with just under a percentage of student population in engineering ...

An idea is not enough to start an e-commerce business

Now that e-commerce is being seen as even more disruptive than FDI, the rush to set up business in this sector has grown that much more

Meet the strange stranger

In the world of random video chat, some will do anything to impress

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HTC launches its cheapest smartphone at Rs 8,700

Desire 210 is built on Android's Jelly Bean platform, with dual GSM SIM smartphone and has 5 megapixel main camera and a VGA camera on the front

Good sound needn't hurt the eye

LG's innovative under-the-TV SoundPlate offers a ready solution to underperforming television speakers

Loud and clear

The Zook ZM-SP3200 is compact, light in weight, and certainly has the looks. The sound quality too is arguably the best you will get in this ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint security can be easily hacked: Reports

The S5 fingerprint scanner can be easily broken in a few incorrect attempts without requiring a password

On the move? Navigate right

The iOS app is a 950MB-plus download, so make sure you're on Wi-Fi

Dark Souls II: Not for the faint-hearted

Enter the Drangelic world where the whisper of death echoes from every corner

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