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Pro-net neutrality heat engulfs Facebook's

Zuckerberg rejected criticism that internet.Org is against the concept of Net Neutrality

Lycos in talks with PE firms to raise $100 million

Company in process of developing a slew of products around Internet of Things

Deliveries of Apple Watch still delayed

Apple has said it anticipates that smartwatch demand will outpace initial supplies

TV tale: A 4K duet

A look at 2 devices that provide very high-resolution pictures

Microsoft working on enhancing Windows 10's touch experience

Users can swipe in from the left to access recent apps, and the Start Screen has a fullscreen view of Live Tiles and apps

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Stars stumble at times

A look at two tablets that made waves yet disappoint

Jungah Lee: How Samsung is using the S6 to challenge Apple's iPhone

The South Korean giant is counting on new designs to lure users willing to pay more for latest features and win back customers from Apple

India's stuttering internet revolution

India is posed to over the US in number of internet users, but has the lowest broadband speeds in the Asia-Pacific region

An app to identify safe zones in a city

A new mobile app is allowing women to identify safe zones in a city with the help of crowd-sourced audits

Technology in sci-fi movies a reality: Google [x]

Everything shown in sci-fi movies has already happened today but we ignore it, says Mohammad Gawdat, the firm's Business Innovation head

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The new way forward: Soft robotics

In a converted pipe organ factory in San Francisco's Mission District, Saul Griffith works on products that are smarter, cheaper and, above all, ...

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge now available for sale in India

The smartphones are available for a starting price of Rs 49,900


Apple Watch Review: Bliss, but Only After a Steep Learning Curve

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Zuckerberg's piece defending

Facebook co-founder writes on his page that net neutrality is not in conflict with working to get more people connected

Airtel defends toll free platform; supports net neutrality

Says will provide same treatment to every website and application

BLOG: Why India needs net neutrality

Any policy that creates sub-monopolies on a public utility is neither market-friendly nor in the larger public interest

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