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Tourism Australia looks at drawing greater numbers with new initiative 'Restaurant Australia'

It is a $10-mn global campaign that aims to project the country as the culinary capital of the world

Golden Age star Lauren Bacall dies at 89

Bacall died at her home in New York City after suffering an apparent stroke yesterday morning

Robin Williams cut wrist before hanging himself with belt

Williams was 63 and had periodic bouts of substance abuse and depression

Actor Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide

The actor was reportedly battling severe depression

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History in sepia tones

To celebrate the 175th World Photography Day, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts is hosting two vintage photography exhibitions and an ...

A pintful of honey in Mumbai

Barking Deer, a brewpub in the city, has created a new beer using gourmet honey and also does its bit for the environment

The sad business of smuggling red sanders wood

The illegal trade in red sanders wood, which sells for up to Rs 80 lakh a tonne in some Asian countries, involves a complex nexus of smugglers ...

Organs of democracy

God said, "Let there be light," and there indeed was light. But creating things isn't quite so simple. Ask the scientists and medical experts ...

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Your Facebook photos may hold clues to your personality

The study was done by the department of psychology at the University of Wolverhampton

Dress dictators

With TNCA Club's dress code figuring in the Tamil Nadu assembly, clubs across India are under the lens for their archaic regulations

Actor in a Wodehousian comedy

Rahul Jacob has experienced the delightful and the ridiculous in clubs with rooms the size of basketball courts but utterly illogical rules

A bungalow in south Mumbai

After the Jamshyd Godrej family reportedly acquired Homi Bhabha's bungalow, buyers are on the lookout for more such houses. The thrill lies in ...

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A borderline case of discomfort

Reshma Patil has presented a kaleidoscopic picture of two giants, both deeply uncomfortable in their relationship with each other

Taxing issues about taxes

Parthasarathi Shome is a global authority on taxation. The volume does not purport to be a systematic treatise on the principles of taxation. ...

Imperial son

"To paraphrase Winston Churchill," Ronald Reagan said in his first Inaugural Address, "I did not take the oath I've just taken with the ...

Writing in a non-native language

A troll running on Facebook the past week invited the reader to translate the title of the hit series "How I Met Your Mother" into Bhojpuri ...

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Malavika Sangghvi

Change in grammar
Malavika Sangghvi

There was an urgency in Modi's words, a sense of accountability, a feeling of transparency, a realisation that this man was here to do a job for ...

Kishore Singh

Artful Hollywood Artless Bollywood
Kishore Singh

Leonardo DiCaprio frequents art fairs hoping to pass unnoticed among the crowds, though publicly he has been part of LACMA'a Art + Film Gala ...

Jai Arjun Singh

Fun comes, 1980s style
Jai Arjun Singh

When I researched the 1983 black comedy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro for a book a few years ago, a question that often arose was: why was JBDY such a ...

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Chess (#1109)

China took gold (19 points from 22) and India took bronze (17) in an excellent Olympiad for the two Asian giants

Indian wrestlers to watch out for at the Asian Games

With Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt at the fag end of their careers, a new breed of young Indian wrestlers will have to step up for the Asian ...

Chess (#1108)

Seven teams share the lead in the Open section of the Tromsø Olympiad. They all have 9 points (2 for a win, 1 for a draw) after five rounds. ...

Chess (#1107)

The Olympiad apparently faces a credible terror threat. Intelligence reports say that an ISIS team from Syria is headed for Europe, with Norway ...

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Mini Cooper Countryman

Mini Cooper Countryman: Stunning retro looks and luxury

The Mini Countryman may have its quirks, but its luxury quotient is unquestionable

Smart way out of the traffic mess

Ford challenges developers of apps to come up with solutions for monsoon driving in Mumbai and trauma victims in Delhi

The adventure bike for long-distance thrills

The Suzuki V-Strom is a sport tourer that capably takes on different road conditions

The new Mercedes-Benz AMG is a cracker on the road

The Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG is easily the most attractive four-door coupe of its generation. It drives hard, but can leave you reaching for the ...

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Zubin Irani

Lunch with BS: Zubin Irani

In the fitness of things

Ruchira Ghose

Lunch with BS: Ruchira Ghose

The art of promoting crafts

Girindre Beeharry

Fighting the 'womb lottery': Girindre Beeharry

The head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tells Rahul Jacob that everyone should have a chance to live a life equal to a rich kid's in ...

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The sound of India

Two men have set up an archive of Indian music and theatre as well as recorded speeches of historical figures

The dilemma of ethics

In the Ramayana, after the battle has been won and Ravana vanquished, the epic instead of winding down to a happy ending throws up a dilemma. ...

History in miniatures

200 objects including Shah Jahan's recipe book, a rare photograph of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the earliest Indian Atlas have been brought to Delhi ...