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Jacques Audiard's "Dheepan" wins Palme d'Or at Cannes

Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien won the best director award for 'The Assassin', a martial-arts drama set in ninth-century China

'How We Got To Now' finale to air on Discovery Channel

Steven Johnson's innovative take on world events gives history a new twist in this acclaimed TV series  

Used cigarette butts may power future computers

Scientists have successfully converted the butts into a material that may someday be used to coat the electrodes of supercapacitors

Nine-to-five timing best for your health: Study

Workers with non-traditional schedules are more likely to be overweight, experience sleep-related health problems and metabolic disorders

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Pack your bags and take off

Sarahan, 200 km from Shimla, is the perfect getaway

Where is the Indian apothecary headed?

Though research claims that Ayurveda may not be as effective as it claims to be, there still are many takers for the ancient medicinal practice

The Indian vacationer

Expedia Summer Travel Report 2015

Breaking the glass ceiling

American companies and universities are evolving to encourage women, particularly in fields where they are underrepresented

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Back to the '50s

Classic and unapologetically stylish, the pieces at this furniture store in Mumbai are reminiscent of a time gone by

Tres exotique Puducherry

Its quiet, whitewashed elegance and colourful vibrancy make the erstwhile colonial town of Puducherry an ambler's delight

Quiet luxury

As she becomes the first Indian designer to join London-based design company YOO, Sussanne Khan tells author what drives her creative philosophy

Don't sweat it

Yes, the temperature might be in the 40s. But a Flexi jacket can keep you looking cool

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The resilience of MGR

As Tamil society has evolved in the time since MGR, its degrees of complexity have increased. No one person, however charismatic and capable, ...

An American soldier's troubling story

God Is Not Here is full of Iraqi voices expressing outrage at the Americans

Diya Sethi: Addicted to life

Diya Sethi's brutally honest account of her battle against addiction shows that, contrary to common belief, long-lasting recovery is possible

The technical vision of Elon Musk

Since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, only one Silicon Valley titan seems to carry a similar air of dark mystique. This would be Elon Musk, ...

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Nilanjana S Roy

Nilanjana S Roy: Slow Reading
Nilanjana S Roy

The Man Booker International prize, awarded to Mr Krasznahorkai last week, is, like the Nobel, one way for a great writer to be honoured among ...

Malavika Sangghvi

An audience of actors
Malavika Sangghvi

The film is a rare jewel, not only for Ranaut's acting but also how its director captures small-town India in all its earthy humour and madcap ...

Arundhuti Dasgupta

Summoning the demon
Arundhuti Dasgupta

The gods kept the nectar of immortality drawn from the ocean during its churning (samudra manthan) away from the asuras because they were ...

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The rising young stars of IPL 2015

The ongoing Indian Premier League has thrown up a handful of youthful performers. The author identifies the most promising of the lot

Chess (#1149)

Fabiano Caruana has built a healthy lead at the Khanty Manisysk Grand Prix

Chess (#1147)

The Women's World Team Championship at Chengdum, China, saw Georgia take gold with 17 match-points from 9 matches, (8 wins and a draw to Russia)

Chess (#1146)

Magnus Calrsen was fantastic at the Gashimov Memorial in Shamkir, winning it for the second time

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Tata Nano GenX & Maruti Alto K10

Nano GenX vs Alto K10: Which one you should buy

Both Tata and Maruti have done an excellent job with Nano GenX & Alto K10, respectively. compares the two to help you make a ...

Dynamite on wheels

Benelli's TNT R is a powerful bike that weighs much less than others of its ilk, making it a fairly manageable beast on city roads and highways

Tata Nano AMT: It's traffic friendly

With a slew of changes, including the inclusion of an automatic transmission, the new version of Tata Motors' Nano is a different car from what ...

Nissan Patrol: Sheer strength

The Nissan Patrol is possibly the toughest SUV in the world, says the author, after safely negotiating steep inclines from behind its steering ...

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The sound of India

Two men have set up an archive of Indian music and theatre as well as recorded speeches of historical figures

The dilemma of ethics

In the Ramayana, after the battle has been won and Ravana vanquished, the epic instead of winding down to a happy ending throws up a dilemma. ...

History in miniatures

200 objects including Shah Jahan's recipe book, a rare photograph of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the earliest Indian Atlas have been brought to Delhi ...