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How private universities affect higher-education opportunities in India

The focus on liberal arts and the shift to a more nuanced core curriculum structure is both new and niche

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Economic Indicators

Instrument 11/03/2015 1 year ago
Call Rate 7.30 8.10
5 yrs GSec 7.30 8.92
10 yrs GSec 7.74 8.76
Bank rate 8.75 9.00
PLR 11.00/15.75 1.00/15.75
Deposit rate 8.00/8.75 8.00/9.25



A chequered year, a test of mettle ahead

Anurag Thakur Business Standard takes a look at, who went up and who came down politics


Getting the better of tuberculosis

In 2016 alone about 2.79 mn new cases of TB were detected in India and over 420,000 people lost their lives to the disease

When we work as one, we can truly transform India

If we have to develop this nation, it can only happen in a public-private partnership, when you and we work together as one

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