Nilanjana S Roy

Nilanjana S Roy: A writer's conscience, and protests

A major Indian literary festival chooses to partner with a corporate sponsor of dubious track record. The JLF Southbank festival is held in ...

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Our industrial policy does not need any change: Partha Chatterjee

Our industrial policy does not need any change: Partha Chatterjee Interview with West Bengal education and parliamentary affairs minister

India facing its worst water crisis ever: Himanshu Thakkar

Interview with Environmental activist and water expert


Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora: Looking for a job?

Too few opportunities for large-scale manufacturing and poor technical training is causing an unemployment crisis

Vandana Gombar: Gauging the transparency of a power supplier

There is a case for simplification in power tariffs, and also for transparency in power supply sources



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