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India's Mangalyaan among best inventions of 2014: Time magazine

Mangalyaan has been described asa technological feat that will allow India to flex its 'interplanetary muscles'

Modi among Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' contenders

The Time 'Person of the Year 2014' will be announced next month

'Vape' is Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year

It beat contenders including 'slacktivism', 'bae', 'contactless' and 'indyref'

Kim Kardashian to enter Bigg Boss on her maiden trip to India

'Namaste India... I am coming to India... Into the Bigg Boss house'

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Agony aunts and agonised uncles

Dear Maasi,I went through a messy divorce recently. After the break-up, I had hoped to get at least something as alimony after a 15-year ...

A forest in your backyard

Afforest, a Bengaluru-based startup, has been planting wild forests in home backyards and company campuses

The king who looked east 1,000 years ago

This year marks a millennium since the coronation of Rajendra Chola I who sent his ships to south-east Asia for trade. The author reports on the ...

Cookout in the wild

The author attends a culinary workshop in the heart of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The chef is a Yunani practitioner and a descendant of Nawab Wajid ...

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India fourth most vacation deprived nation

Not getting enough vacation days is the major complaint

InMobi has a dhaba in the office

At the InMobi office in Bangalore, employees get to lounge, play games, jam, nap or binge at the in-house dhaba while working

Being dressy

The author takes designer and stylist Aniket Satam to assess the new collection of dresses by Being Human

Facebook teeming with lonely hearts, finds study

The University of Wisconsin study found that the lonelier someone is, the longer he or she spends time on Facebook

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A guided tour of Campaign 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai's maiden book on this year's general election has received much media attention (led chiefly by the channel with which he is ...

Sunny side up, the fury of Gaia

Describing the rising water of the Thames and London sinking a foot a century, Diane Ackerman comments: 'It needs not so much Knights Templar as ...

Amway co-founder's Simply Useless advice

Who can doubt that Rich DeVos has everything it takes to write a great book. He has an extraordinary story to tell: how did a rank outsider - Mr ...

Lost horizons in the Global War on Terrorism

Before retiring in 2013 as a three-star general, Mr Bolger served 35 yrs on active duty, a career culminating with two tours in Iraq and another ...

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Vikram Johri

The little compromises of life
Vikram Johri

An exciting mystery keeping literary types engaged this year has been the identity of Italian novelist Elena Ferrante. Having published hugely ...

Anjuli Bhargava

The second quit India movement
Anjuli Bhargava

The fact that some parents have done well and can afford to send their kids overseas surely doesn't mean they should be forced to

Malavika Sangghvi

Bollywood laughs at itself
Malavika Sangghvi

Not only did Alia Bhatt take the wind out of the sails of her detractors by sending herself up with great style - she proved just how smart she ...

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Big tennis down the line

The IPTL promises world-class action in the four Asian cities where it will be played.

Chess (#1123)

In the World Title match, Magnus Carlsen maintains a minimum 5-4 lead at the time of writing

Winning the turf war

The Indian hockey team's stunning Test series win over world champions Australia has sparked hopes of a revival. The Champions Trophy in ...

Chess (#1122)

The World Championship match is tied 2-2 at the time of writing

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Audi A8 L

A cut above the rest

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Audi A8 belong to the super-luxury car segment. The author tells you how you might determine which is the ...

Formula 1 heads to Abu Dhabi for a suspenseful finale

The 2014 F1 season is poised for a thrilling conclusion with both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in with a chance to win the title

Low key but capable

The upgraded X3 gives BMW enough firepower to take on rivals in the luxury compact SUV segment

The cat that looks like a shark

The Jaguar E-Type, last produced in 1975, is a much coveted car, and apparently Tata Sons Chairman Cyrus Mistry wants one in his garage. What ...

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Lunch with BS: Yogendra Yadav

Back to the future

Leila Seth

Lunch with BS: Leila Seth

An equalist music

Rajdeep Sardesai

LUNCH WITH BS: Rajdeep Sardesai, television presenter

The television presenter Hindutva supporters love to hate tells Bhupesh Bhandari why he is willing to give Narendra Modi the benefit of the ...

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The sound of India

Two men have set up an archive of Indian music and theatre as well as recorded speeches of historical figures

The dilemma of ethics

In the Ramayana, after the battle has been won and Ravana vanquished, the epic instead of winding down to a happy ending throws up a dilemma. ...

History in miniatures

200 objects including Shah Jahan's recipe book, a rare photograph of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the earliest Indian Atlas have been brought to Delhi ...