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Avengers: Age of Ultron earns Rs 35.7 cr in opening weekend

All eyes are now on the lifetime collection that Avengers will make in India and whether it will be able beat F7's record

Long-term exposure to air pollution damages brain: Study

Exposure could lead to smaller brain structure and covert brain infarcts

Fasting reduces breast cancer risk, reveals study

Women who fasted for longer periods of time overnight had significantly better control over blood glucose concentrations

New device to allow for pain-free blood tests

The size of a pingpong ball, it can extract a small blood sample when held against the skin for two minutes, without causing pain

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The inheritors

Recent declassified information says that Subhas Chandra Bose's family was kept under surveillance even after Independence

The grand dame of art returns

Anjolie Ela Menon's latest exhibition at Vadehra Art Gallery in Delhi imbues author with a sense of the familiar, with a new candidness

Sikkim's Shangri-la

The charming town of Pelling can strike a balance between commerce and conservation

Clean air, clean lungs

Cleanse the lungs of toxic air while staying in the city

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Home delivery for the calorie-conscious

A host of startups across cities caters to those looking for healthier alternatives to eating out every day and do not have the time to cook. ...

Anamika Khanna wraps up LFW summer-resort 2015 with 'Sculpt'

Kareena Kapoor walked the ramp in one of Khanna's bespoke creations from her collectio

Bottled appetite

A meal in a jar is not only a culinary fad, but also a practical way of ensuring the right portion to eat

Fun through the night

Raids and crackdowns pared down the party scene in Mumbai some years ago, but this could soon change with Aditya Thackeray's plans for the city

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Fire & ash

When Kabir, one of Varanasi's most famous and accomplished residents, died, his followers bickered over his body; or so goes the local lore. The ...

Cheques for the Clintons

Clinton Cash is proving the most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy

A tangled skein from ancient Rome

In a retelling of Julius Caesar's assassination, a leading expert on ancient military history seduces readers with a wealth of detail

Living through civil war

What happens to Mugil? I wanted to call Rohini Mohan and ask her urgently after I had turned the last page of her book The Seasons of Trouble. ...

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Nilanjana S Roy

Nilanjana S Roy: Those who stay
Nilanjana S Roy

It was around noon on March 2007 when Baghdad's street of booksellers went up in flames. A suicide car bomber had detonated in the middle of ...

Malavika Sangghvi

The point of no return
Malavika Sangghvi

Is there anything any one can say after Gajendra Singh's suicide that will not come across as inadequate, insincere, fatuous or too little too ...

Arundhuti Dasgupta

Of gorillas and fat cats
Arundhuti Dasgupta

Stories about Garuda and Suparna brought forth the heroic qualities of animals

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Chess (#1145)

The exhibition match between Nigel Short and Garry Kasparov this weekend in St. Louis is likely to be hard-fought and also well-covered in ...

Chess (#1144)

Last week saw two huge controversies. In the US championships, second-seed and world number 8, Wesley So, was forfeited for an unusual violation

Chess (#1143)

Mariya Muzychuk is the new women's world champion. She will have a title defence against Hou Yifan at the end of 2015. China has already ...

Smashing their way to the top

India has never had so many highly-ranked shuttlers. The author looks at the men and women who are making history

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Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol: Sheer strength

The Nissan Patrol is possibly the toughest SUV in the world, says the author, after safely negotiating steep inclines from behind its steering ...

The Mini Cooper S: bigger and just as good

There are very few things that will test the nerves of the furiously aggressive Mini Cooper S, after we push it to its limit on winding hill ...

Mercedes-Benz C-Class versus BMW 3-Series: a driver's dilemma

What do you want most from a car - moveable luxury or a soul-satisfying driving experience?

The new Volkswagen Jetta is dejà vu at first sight

The newly revamped Volkswagen Jetta feels superior to the Skoda Octavia, while comparing favourably with the Audi A3. Now if only its design had ...

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Dinesh Singh

Lunch with BS: Dinesh Singh

The eternal optimist

Arne Sorenson

Lunch with BS: Arne Sorenson

Sorenson, president & CEO, Marriott International, explains why his partners are willing to shell out 3% of sales and 8-10% of profits

Rajiv Pratap Rudy

Lunch with BS: Rajiv Pratap Rudy

A trained commercial pilot and a qualified lawyer, Rudy tells Surabhi Agarwal and Rahul Jacob what it would take to bridge the skill gap in

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The sound of India

Two men have set up an archive of Indian music and theatre as well as recorded speeches of historical figures

The dilemma of ethics

In the Ramayana, after the battle has been won and Ravana vanquished, the epic instead of winding down to a happy ending throws up a dilemma. ...

History in miniatures

200 objects including Shah Jahan's recipe book, a rare photograph of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the earliest Indian Atlas have been brought to Delhi ...