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Nagarjuna to host to KBC's Telugu version on Maa TV

The programme is titled Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu'

India-born poet Vijay Seshadri wins Pulitzer

The 98th annual Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism, Letters, Drama and Music were announced yesterday by Columbia University

Post, Guardian share Pulitzer for NSA coverage

The British and American newspapers shared the award for public service journalism

Donna Tartt wins fiction Pulitzer for 'Goldfinch'

Alan Taylor, has won his second Pulitzer, for "The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War In Virginia."

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Plateful of vegan

Two Bangalore restaurants are offering healthy eating-out options

Toe the fitness line

Slacklining has fitness enthusiasts walking the tight rope to strengthen their core muscles, and improve balance and concentration

Skoda Superb's new presence

Skoda's revamped Superb comes with few noticeable design changes, but retains all its prowess as a practical vehicle

Are you programmed to enjoy exercise?

For years, scientists have been bedeviled by the question of why so few people regularly exercise when we know that we should

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My Life My Style: Simi Garewal

I'm a free spirit

The social network: Advantage expat

A privilege programme offers expats in Delhi new and reliable ways to explore the city.

Wheels of time

Joining the ranks of Hublot and Breitling collaborations with luxury cars, Jaeger-LeCoultre's latest offering will give the exclusive group of ...

Tiger prawns or Kane Bezule?

Authentic cuisine of the southwestern coast has put Karavalli in Asia's list of top 50 restaurants

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Disruption as a political agenda

It is an important book; it gets you thinking more carefully about the churning that is happening around us and of which the AAP is a catalyst

JFK's burnished legacy

Martin W Sandler has carefully skirted the many titillating stories about Kennedy's amorous liaisons and adulterous escapades

Bihar's lone ranger

Sankarshan Thakur, the author of Single Man, has brilliantly chronicled the Nitish Kumar era with well-known and not-so-well-known

Leaning in without falling over

"What Works for Women at Work" offers unabashedly straightforward advice in a how-to primer for ambitious women

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Battle for a mindset
Malavika Sangghvi

Because of historical and cultural reasons, South Mumbai is more than just an area or an electoral constituency. It is a mindset, a way of life, ...

Neither friend nor foe
Arundhuti Dasgupta

Given the scramble for alliances today, Drupada would definitely have been a sought-after campaign manager for the 2014 elections

Wine for the real India
Alok Chandra

'Real' India has no concept of wine - for the vast majority anything alcoholic is daaru or sharaab, to be drunk to get drunk

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Chess (#1093)

This edition saw Malachite of Sverdlovsk winning comfortably

Twice in three years, it's Bubba again

You already know the result. In the end, Bubba had a three shot lead as he walked down the 18th on the final day (he surely was not thinking of ...

Profit googly bowls out IPL franchises

BCCI, national cricketing board, has also garnered asizeable amount of money from the franchises and key sponsors

Will it be Bubba again?

Tiger Woods is not much mentioned anymore at this Masters as the fact of his forced absence owing to injury has now been fully absorbed and ...

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Toyota Camry

Power hungry? Not a chance

Toyota has chosen to shun diesel and go the green way with its new Camry. Fitted with a hybrid engine, the sedan is a great drive that doesn't ...

It's about xcellence

Hyundai's newly launched entry-level sedan, the Xcent, offers value for money and a bit of bragging rights

Tyre that evolves as it wears out

Michelin's Premier A/S made its debut this week at a US auto show. The author checks out the tyre which promises to be the next-best-thing for ...

Dilemma over style vs brand

Is the Volvo S60, the new feature-laden beauty, better than the Mercedes-Benz Edition C - the author finds out

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The sound of India

Two men have set up an archive of Indian music and theatre as well as recorded speeches of historical figures

The dilemma of ethics

In the Ramayana, after the battle has been won and Ravana vanquished, the epic instead of winding down to a happy ending throws up a dilemma. ...

History in miniatures

200 objects including Shah Jahan's recipe book, a rare photograph of Bahadur Shah Zafar and the earliest Indian Atlas have been brought to Delhi ...