Economy & Policy News

GST Council meet: UDAN gets 3-year tax exemption for viability gap funding

Govt working on centralised bidding to reduce cost of electricity

E-way bill to rate cut for 29 items: Key decisions at Thursday's GST meet

Unified licensing will be gamechanger in OAL: DGH Atanu Chakraborty

Get your act together and stop giving excuses for call drops: DoT to telcos

Physical banks will become history in next 3 years in India: Amitabh Kant

As global crude rallies, petrol prices in Delhi hit 3-year high of Rs 71

Economic Indicators

YoY (In %) Current Qtr Ago Yr Ago
Inflation (30/11) 3.93 1.88 3.15
IIP (31/10) 2.20 0.90 -1.90
GDP (30/09) 6.30 5.70 7.40
CPI (30/11) 4.88 2.36 3.88
CRR (29/12) 4.00 4.00 4.00
Bank rate (29/12) 6.25 6.25 6.75

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