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Kavita Chowdhury

Lots at stake for Laloo Prasad
18-04-2014 12:27:00, Kavita Chowdhury

This election is a prestige issue for him, with high stakes in family buroughs of Pataliputra and Saran

Aditi Phadnis

Language no bar for star politicians
15-04-2014 10:28:00, Aditi Phadnis

Several politicians in India manage to win election after election aspiring and promising to represent people whose language they cannot speak

Jyoti Mukul

Where is Mrs Modi, Mr Modi?
14-04-2014 20:29:00, Jyoti Mukul

It is not important to have a regular guy as PM, but it is important to know the psyche of a person

Nitin Sreedhar

United bow out
10-04-2014 13:29:00, Nitin Sreedhar

The defending champions of England lose out to the defending champions of Europe

Anusha Soni

Indian Railways: Silent steps to reform
07-04-2014 19:22:00, Anusha Soni

Several committees have suggested a thorough reform of Indian Railways-especially that of the Railway Board

Sahil Makkar

If Priyanka were to contest from Varanasi
07-04-2014 15:24:00, Sahil Makkar

Priyanka Gandhi could garner the same support among masses as her mother did in the 2004 elections

Fear vs frustration
05-04-2014 19:34:00, Joydeep Ghosh

The more powerful emotion will decide the 2014 election results

Kavita Chowdhury

Steering a (Congress) ship full of gaping holes
05-04-2014 18:12:00, Kavita Chowdhury

The current joke in Congress circles, is whether all the 543 candidates will stick around till polling day

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