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Dhruv Munjal

The troubles of being Roy Hodgson
09-09-2014 15:31:00, Dhruv Munjal

After a miserable showing at the World Cup in Brazil, England is staring at a long and painful transition and Roy Hodgson has his task cut out

Charge of the God brigade
02-09-2014 20:15:00, Joydeep Ghosh

Whether it is chanda or music, the festival season can do with less action

Aman Sethi

Shooting the messenger: Reframing the PlanComm debate
28-08-2014 15:34:00, Aman Sethi

Fund allocation from Centre to State, or to less well-off states, is a political decision

Ishan Bakshi

What's next for the Rajasthan Model?
26-08-2014 13:09:00, Ishan Bakshi

Vasundhara Raje will likely focus on easing rules for doing business in the state to boost investor confidence

Dhruv Munjal

EPL: week one, take one
19-08-2014 18:34:00, Dhruv Munjal

Man United stumble as Chelsea, Man City lay down early marker

Dhruv Munjal

The English Humiliation
12-08-2014 14:31:00, Dhruv Munjal

India's inability to score runs against quality fast bowling and the lack of match winning bowlers has landed India on the brink of another test ...

Dev Chatterjee

Should Mukesh Ambani be unloved?
10-08-2014 19:12:00, Dev Chatterjee

Ambani is under attack by the government of India, media, regulators such as Sebi & political parties such as Aam Aadmi party

Aman Sethi

Back to the future in Vidarbha
07-08-2014 19:46:00, Aman Sethi

How a new-old planting technique could make rain-fed cotton planting more viable

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