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Katya Naidu

All the Queen's gold
21-10-2014 13:12:00, Katya Naidu

Though Jayalalithaa was convicted mainly for land grabbing, it was the images of 30 kg of gold that remained in public memory

Jency Jacob

Were Rajdeep Sardesai's 5 questions on Modi provocative?
01-10-2014 10:22:00, Jency Jacob

Sardesai's detractors blame him for provoking the crowd at Madison Square Garden, but did he?

Katya Naidu

An Ode to a Venetian wedding
28-09-2014 11:47:00, Katya Naidu

It is not just his looks, but also his voice, charm and his celebration of bachelorhood that made George Clooney the ultimate King of Single Women

Dev Chatterjee

Can LIC aspire to be a Calpers?
22-09-2014 17:21:00, Dev Chatterjee

Time for LIC to become transparent and accountable even as they deal with thousands of crores of public money

Nivedita Mookerji

Scotch blast from the past
22-09-2014 09:13:00, Nivedita Mookerji

Woody, fruity, flowery, smoky are what I remember the most from my trip seven years ago

Kavita Chowdhury

The plight of the ordinary Kashmiri
18-09-2014 20:13:00, Kavita Chowdhury

Besides the floods, Kashmiris also had to fight the indifference of authorities

Sharmistha Mukherjee

Why we need more CEOs like Mary Barra
17-09-2014 15:55:00, Sharmistha Mukherjee

GM top boss is one of the most loved CEOs despite the controversies that surfaced soon after she assumed office in January

Dhruv Munjal

The troubles of being Roy Hodgson
09-09-2014 15:31:00, Dhruv Munjal

After a miserable showing at the World Cup in Brazil, England is staring at a long and painful transition and Roy Hodgson has his task cut out

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