TAO Automation prepares for its next phase of growth

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Last Updated : Nov 22 2017 | 1:35 PM IST

TAO Automation launched in late 2016 by industry veterans as the first pure-play independent automation consulting and solutions has today announced that it has received early-stage capital from marquee investors led by Mohandas Pai via 3one4 Capital and Arihant Patni.

The company aims to provide outcome-based solutions, ensuring flawless and highly-optimized, end-to-end, machine intelligence-based process automation solutions focused on digitizing working environment.

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The TAO team is headed by five highly-experienced industry veterans led by Jawahar Bekay as Executive Chairman and Arjun Vaznaik as the CEO along with Narayanaswamy, Suma Subramanian, and Ravi Hossur. TAO has also announced that Swaminathan Dandapani, former MD & CEO of Infosys BPO and former Executive Chairman of Manipal Health Enterprises, has joined its Board of Directors. The TAO leaders have served in different companies managing a cross-section of enterprise workflows, processes, and operations, and come with decades of experience.

TAO is an independent, pure-play automation consulting and services provider with proprietary tools and frameworks, managed by a large, independent pool of experts and supported by best-in-class partnerships. TAO enables companies to develop and implement a customized automation strategy, be it RPA or advanced cognitive and machine-learning solutions, including building out automation COEs, support programs and help companies to closely manage the entire change program leading to quantified results and outcomes.

The company has completed over 50 assignments in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecom and Travel cutting across various functional processes such as Operations, Finance, HR, and Procurement, delivering immense value to the sectors in terms of process automation as well as an increase in efficiency across workflows. With RPA, businesses can automate mundane tasks using intelligent systems allowing users to devote their time to the high-value high-return functions.

TAO's uniqueness comes from its 100 percent focus on automation business, with proprietary IP and frameworks for productized and re-usable solutions that integrate relevant technologies and tools.

This ensures the achievement of predictable outcomes, rapid deployment and best-in-class solutions that are backed by large-scale automation systems that bring unprecedented optimizations to standard business processes.

Enterprises are looking towards RPA to automate some of its business processes because talent, technology, and time are scarce resources. The market is growing rapidly, with the spending on RPA expected to grow to $1 billion per year by 2020.

"It's time for companies to do some real work in automating processes now," said Jawahar Bekay, Chairman, TAO Automation. "The last 12 months in the RPA space have largely been a testing of waters by companies. Our committed outcomes, life-cycle approach along with a platform and framework offering is unique and will provide real efficiencies and hard savings to an enterprise."

"We strongly believe that this is the future of work. Companies across the world will need to embrace this change and leverage the insights and efficiencies that automation will provide. Tomorrow's advantages in growth and innovation will come from these investments in becoming more resilient and adaptive today," said Mohandas Pai, investing via 3one4 Capital.

"India now drives the global back end of technology. We are here to partner with these captives and other large enterprises and help them achieve unprecedented efficiencies and establish world-class Centers of Excellence in automation that, in turn, act as a global asset to their corporate HQs" said Arjun Vaznaik, CEO TAO Automation.

First Published: Nov 22 2017 | 1:35 PM IST

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