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Price of the Modi Years: A useful guide to Modi govt's track record

Aakar Patel's book, Price of the Modi Years, is a laborious compendium of such highlights of Modi's tenure as prime minister

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Economic Indicators

Instrument 11/03/2015 1 year ago
Call Rate 7.30 8.10
5 yrs GSec 7.30 8.92
10 yrs GSec 7.74 8.76
Bank rate 8.75 9.00
PLR 11.00/15.75 1.00/15.75
Deposit rate 8.00/8.75 8.00/9.25

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Music composer Vanraj Bhatia. PHOTO CREDIT: Zubin Balaporia, CC BY 4.0;; Wikimedia Commons

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For indigenous people and women, Ash Barty's Wimbledon win is historic

Ashleigh Barty, Tennis She is one of only a handful of indigenous Australian women who are both sporting champions and household names


This is why Congress matters

Even in its second successive annihilation by the BJP, the Congress retained a solid block of 20 per cent votes. That's why all of BJP's victims want the Congress at the core of their challenge

Splintered light

The novel tells of the white South African Swart family that owns a farm on the edges of Pretoria, a rambling place of haphazard design

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