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Coal India Ltd.

BSE: 533278 Sector: Metals & Mining
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Coal India Ltd. (COALINDIA) - Director Report

Company director report


The Members Coal India Limited

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Board of Directors I have great pleasure inpresenting to you the 47th Annual Report of Coal India Limited (CIL) and Audited Accountsfor the year ended 31st March 2021 together with the reports of Statutory Auditors andComptroller and Auditor General of India thereon.

Coal India Limited (CIL) is a ‘Maharatna' company under theMinistry of Coal Government of India with headquarter at Kolkata West Bengal. CIL is thesingle largest coal producing company in the world and one of the largest corporateemployers with manpower of 259016 (as on 1st April 2021). CIL operates through 85 miningareas spread over eight (8) provincial states of India. Coal India Limited has 345 mines(as on 1st April 2021) of which 151 are underground 172 opencast and 22 mixed mines.

CIL has eight fully owned Indian subsidiary companies viz. EasternCoalfields Limited (ECL) Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL) Central Coalfields Limited(CCL) Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) NorthernCoalfields Limited (NCL) Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) and Central Mine Planning& Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL). In addition CIL has a foreign subsidiary inMozambique namely Coal India Africana Limitada (CIAL). CIL has incorporated two newsubsidiaries i.e. CIL Navikarniya Urja Limited for development of non-conventional/clean& renewable energy and CIL Solar PV Limited for development of solar photovoltaicmodule. The mines in Assam i.e. North Eastern Coalfields (NEC) is managed directly by CIL.The operations are temporarily suspended at NEC with effect from 3rd Jun'2020 due tonon-availability of forest and other statutory clearances.

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd is havingfour (4) Subsidiaries SECL has two (2) Subsidiaries and CCL has one (1) subsidiary.


1. CIL produced 596.22 MT during 2020-21 under very challengingconditions.

2. SECL achieved over 150 MT production for the third successive yearNCL joined SECL & MCL to achieve more than 100 MT for the third successive year WCLjoined CCL to achieve more than 50 MT for the third successive year.

3. ERP became live in CIL MCL & WCL w.e.f. 21.01.2021


2.1 Financial Results (CIL Consolidated)

For the year 2020-21 CIL has achieved an aggregate Pre-Tax Profit ofRs 18009.24 Crores and post-tax profit of Rs 12702.17 crores as against pre-tax profitof Rs 24071.32 crores and post-tax profit of Rs 16700.34 crores in 2019-20. Thesubsidiary wise details of Pre-tax Profit are given in Annexure 1.

Highlights of performance

The performance of Coal India Limited (Consolidated) for the year2020-21 compared to the previous year are shown in the table below:

Particulars 2020-21 2019-20
Production of Coal (in million tonnes) 596.22 602.14
Off-take of Coal (in million tonnes) 574.48 581.92
Sales (Gross) (Rs/Crores) 126786.13 134979.13
Capital Employed (Rs/Crores) 110136.82 101259.19
Net Worth (Rs/Crores) 36499.58 32138.35
Profit Before Tax (Rs/Crores) 18009.24 24071.32
Profit for the Period (Rs/Crores) 12702.17 16700.34
Total Comprehensive Income for the period ( Rs/Crores) 12066.66 15365.61
Return on Average Capital Employed (%) 16.20 22.60
Return on Average Net Worth (%) 37.01 57.02
Earning Per Share (Rs)(Considering Face Value of Rs10 per share) 20.61 27.12
Dividend per Share (Rs)(Considering Face Value of Rs10 per share) 12.50 12.00
Inventory Turnover Ratio (as no. of months) 1.06 0.79
Debtor Turnover Ratio (as no. of months) 1.61 0.88

Transfer to Reserves General Reserves:

During the year 2020-21 a sum of Rs 721.38 crore (previous year Rs758.75 crores) was transferred to General Reserves out of CIL Consolidated profits.

Capital Reserves:

Grant / Funds received under S&T PRE EMSC CCDA etc. as animplementing agency and used for creation of assets are treated as Capital Reserves anddepreciation thereon is debited to Capital Reserves Account. The ownership of the assetcreated through grants lies with the authority from whom the grant is received. Thebalance of grants as on 31st March'21 and 31st March' 20 was Rs 17.78 crores andRs 18.57 crores respectively.

2.2 Dividend Income and Pay Outs (CIL Standalone)

While the financial statements of both CIL (Standalone andConsolidated) are presented separately only CIL Standalone is listed and relevant fordividend payment to its shareholders. The dividend to its shareholders are paid out ofCIL's Standalone income the major part of which constitutes the dividend incomereceived during 2020-21 from its three profit making subsidiaries i.e. NCL MCL andCMPDIL. The breakup of such dividend received and accounted for during the year fromdifferent subsidiaries are given in Annexure 2.

Holding of Government of India in CIL stands at 66.13% of Total Equityshare capital as at 31st March 2021.

During the year 2020-21 CIL Standalone had paid two interim dividendsof Rs 7703.43 crores @ Rs 12.50 per share of Rs10/- each fully paid up. Out of above totaldividend the share of Govt. of India was Rs 5094.55 crores and for other shareholders Rs2608.88 crores. (previous year –Total Dividend Rs 7395.27 Crores; Govt of India - Rs4890.76 crores and Other shareholders - Rs 2504.51 crores) Further Board of Directorshave recommended a final dividend of Rs3.50 per equity share for the financial year2020-21 on 14th June 2021 which is subject to the approval of shareholders in the AnnualGeneral Meeting (AGM) of the Company to be held for the financial year 2020-21.

2.3 Supplementary Audit of Financial Statements by Comptroller andAuditor General of India (C&AG).

There are no comments issued by the office of the C&AG either onStandalone or Consolidated Financial Statements of the company for the year 2020-2021 onsupplementary audit conducted under section 143(6)(a) [and also read with Sec 129(4)] ofthe Companies Act 2013. The comments on supplementary audit of Standalone andConsolidated Financial Statements are enclosed as Annexure 3 and Annexure 4respectively. 2.4 Management Explanation on Statutory Auditor's Report

The statutory auditors of the company have given an unqualified report[Annexure 3(A) and Annexure 4(A)] on the Standalone Financial Statements andConsolidated Financial Statements respectively of the company for the financial year2020-21. However they have drawn attention to certain matters under "Emphasis ofMatters".

In the audit report on Standalone Financial Statement under emphasisof matter paragraph in point a) regarding non-current investments in two wholly ownedsubsidiaries of CIL; the matter has been adequately explained in footnote 1 of note no.7.

In point b) c) and d) of audit report of standalone financialstatements and in point 1) 2) and 3) of audit report of consolidated financialstatements; regarding temporary suspension of mining operations at Tikak Tipong and Tirapmines at NEC including impairment of assets of these mines including lekhapani the matterhas been adequately explained in point no. 37(5)(m) and 38(7)(t) of additional notes toStandalone and Consolidation Financial statements respectively.

In point e) of audit report of standalone financial statements andpoint 12) of audit report on consolidated financial statement regarding non recognition ofactuarial liability for CPRMSNE for which the amount is not ascertainable.

Related to CCL; In point 4) of audit report on consolidated financialstatement regarding pending fixation of price mechanism of washed medium coking coalsupplied in point 5) regarding contingent liability towards penalty for mining of coal inexcess of the environmental clearance limit in respect of certain mines at CCL; thesematters have been adequately explained in the note no. 38 (7) (l)(vi) and note no.38.5(a)(I) of the Consolidated Financial Statements respectively. In point 8) regardingcontaminated clean coal the grade analysis is still pending for the contaminated cleancoal lying at Kathara Washeries. In point 9) regarding compensation of land; the matterhas been explained under note 38 (7) (l) (vii) of the consolidated financial statements.

Related to NCL; In point 6) of audit report on consolidated financialstatement regarding contingent liabilities; the interest on disputed demand of statutorylevies has been considered till the date of demand notice issued by concerned authorities.In point 7) regarding mine closure provision of closed and abandoned mines the finalrecommendation of CMPDIL is under consideration for final approval by management. Untilthe final approval status quo is being maintained.

In point 10) of audit report on consolidated financial statementregarding emphasis matter of capitalization of GST on capital goods of WCL and SECL; thegroup has decided to capitalize the input tax on GST paid for capital goods during2020-21.

In point 11) of audit report on consolidated financial statementregarding balance confirmations of certain assets and liabilities; the letters for balanceconfirmations have been issued by subsidiaries.


3.1 Sale of Coal

The raw coal offtake during 2020-21 was 574.48 Mill Tes [including 1.8Mill Tes of coal purchased from Odisha Coal and Power Limited (OCPL) and resold by MCL interms of the provisions for sale of excess coal by OCPL to CIL as per the Coal Mine

Development and Production Agreement entered between Government ofIndia and OCPL and 0.7 MT of coal which was sold from Talabira mines through e-auction asper guidelines of Ministry of Coal] compared to 581.92 Mill Tes during 2019-20. Althoughthere was a decline of 21% in offtake in the first quarter due to Covid pandemic inducedlockdown company with its efforts reversed the trend and achieved a growth of 6% in theremaining period of the year restricting the decline in offtake only by 1.3% during2020-21 compared to 2019-20.

Company-wise target vis--vis actual off-take for 2020-21 compared to2019-20 are shown in Annexure-5. z Some of the causes that attributed to the dip incoal offtake during 2020-21 compared to last year are as under: a) Inspite of the demandprojection of 526 MT projection given by MOP for the Power sector on CIL during the fiscal2020-21 only 444.97 MT of coal had been lifted by the sector and which is even below thelast year intake by 4% b) Negative growth of -21% in the first quarter due to country widelockdown because of covid-19 pandemic. c) Dispatch through road mode dropped by around 28%primarily due to the impact of nation-wide lockdown imposed during Covid-19 pandemic. d)Due to amendments in MOEF guidelines loading through Private Washeries was also affected.Only 8.1 rakes/day were loaded from Pvt. Washeries during the fiscal as against 23.6rakes/day last year. e) Strike at Taparia by villagers since 19th Jan' 21 till theend of the financial year in protest of poor condition of Bankibahal to Taparia Roadaffected road dispatch to the extent of 2.5 million Tonnes (approx 35000 tes/day) fromKulda OCP & Garjanbahal OCP at MCL. f) Some unforeseen constraints in sizing crushingand transportation of coal also hindered the coal dispatches in SECL and WCL. z Despatchof coal and coal products during 2020-21 was at 573.60 MT. 444.97 Mill Tes of CIL coal wasdespatched to the major consumers of coal i.e. the power sector consumers. Sector-wisebreak-up of dispatch of coal & coal products for 2020-21 against the target and lastyear's actual is given in Annexure-6. z Auction of coal through Spote-Auction Special Spot e-Auction Special Forward e-Auction for Power and Exclusivee-Auction for Non-Power schemes had continued during 2020-21. In addition a new e-Auctionscheme was introduced during 2020-21 i.e.

Special Spot e- auction scheme for Import Substitution (SSEA-IMS) withthe aim to substitute imported coal with domestic coal in consonance with the spirit of"Aatmanirbhar Bharat". z In the backdrop of the depressed market scenarioarising out of lockdown CIL took series of measures to stimulate demand. Some of them areas under: a) The Reserve price of different e-auction was pegged at par with the notifiedprice for the period Apr-Sep'20. b) The Performance Incentive for Power FSAs had beenwaived for entire Financial Year (FY) of 2020-21. c) The Force majeure relief was extendedto FSA Consumers for the period between April'20 & May'20 following the GOIguidelines. d) The Non-power sector FSA consumers were allowed to book unlifted/unbookedquantity in the subsequent months within FY' 2020-21. e) The facility of conversionof mode of supply from Road to Rail and vice versa was also provided tocustomers/consumers. f) Additional payment mode option of IRLC/Usance LC was provided tothe consumers. g) Power sector was allowed to book up to 120% of their ACQ. h) Powersector was also given option to increase the trigger level from 75% to 80% i) In case ofthe hinterland plants linkages were granted by SLC(LT) at 90% of the normative requirementof Power Plant.

Thereafter to enable the power plants to run their plants with 100%domestic supplies SLC(LT) enhanced the linkage by the remaining 10% of the normativerequirement. z In spite of the subdued demand scenario due to Covid-19 CIL achieved amajor milestone during FY 2020-21 by successfully booking 124 MT of coal under E-auctionchannel. This is the highest booking of coal under E-auction since its inceptionsurpassing the previous highest booking of 113.6 MT achieved in FY 2016-17. The quantitybooked under E-auction during 2019-20 was around 66 MT.

3.2 Long term demand creation z Additional long-term demands arecreated through linkages allotted through the below mentioned schemes formulated by thegovernment: A. Scheme for Harnessing and Allocating Koyala (Coal) Transparently in India(SHAKTI) for Power Sector notified by the government on 22nd May' 2017.

B. Auction of coal linkages to Non-Regulated Sector (NRS) notified bythe government on 15th Feb' 2016.


Until 2020-21 MoC has recommended for signing of FSA with 9 ThermalPower Plants (TPPs) under the provisions of Para A(i) of SHAKTI for an Annual ContractedQuantity of 22.513 MT and FSAs have been signed with 8 TPPs for the ACQ of 21.413 MT.Also on the recommendation of SLC(LT) FSAs have been signed under the provisions of ParaB(i) of SHAKTI with 6 Central/State Gencos for an ACQ of 18.809 MT as on 31.3.2021 Threerounds of auction have been conducted under Para B (ii) of SHAKTI wherein linkages of32.95 MTPA has been booked by the power plants out of which FSAs for 31.32 MTPA had beenexecuted until 2020-21. The levelized discounts in tariff offered by the power plants inthe three rounds of the auctions was in the range of 1p/kWh to 10 p/kWh.

Under Para B (iii) of SHAKTI linkage of 6.48 MTPA had been booked bythe power plants out of which FSAs for 4.84 MTPA had been executed until 2020-21.

Further auctions under para B (viii-a) covering para B (iii) of SHAKTIpolicy were also conducted during 2020-21 for all the four quarters of the financial yearwherein 2.97 MT was booked by the power plants. Out of this FSAs for 2.73 MT was executedby the power plants.

B. Auction of coal linkages to Non-Regulated Sector:

Fresh linkages to consumers in Non-Regulated Sector (NRS) are grantedthrough auction linkages conducted in terms of the policy formulated by the government on15th Feb' 2016. The coal against the linkages secured in the linkage auctions aresupplied under FSAs to be executed for a period of 5 years the tenure of which can beextended further for 5 years upon mutual consent. In case of Steel Sector the FSA tenurehas been increased to 15 years with a provision of mutual extension by another 15 years.

Tranche V of NRS Linkage auction commenced with Steel (coking)subsector auction in October 2019 where 1.30 MTPA coal was booked at the notified price.Subsequently auction of Sponge Iron subsector conducted during December 2019 where 4.19MTPA coal was booked with a premium of 19.2% over the notified price.

Thereafter NRS Linkage auction of the remaining subsector of Tranche-V was put on hold initially due to certain changes in the normative calculationmethodology in the scheme/system as per direction of MoC and subsequently due tovolatile market arising out of lockdown. Once the market stabilizes CIL will commencelinkage auction for the remaining subsector of tranche V.

Cumulatively in all the four tranches and fifth tranche (ongoing)linkages of 86.04 MTPA have been booked by the NRS consumers at weighted average premiumof 19.37% over the Notified Price. The additional premium shall be applicable throughoutthe tenure of these FSAs over the notified price applicable from time to time for thesupplies.

3.3 Long term demand committed through FSAs:

Considering the FSAs executed earlier with the power plants under theprovisions of NCDP and FSAs executed under various provisions of SHAKTI the operativelinkage for a total quantity of about 582 MTPA exists with the Power Sector as on 31stMar' 2021 which is bound by a long term supply commitments through FSAs.

The total commitments with Non-Power consumers including the ACQagainst the operative FSAs executed under the earlier linkage regime under NCDP linkagessecured under the linkage auction policy for Non-Regulated Sector notified by thegovernment on 15th Feb' 2016 and the FSAs executed with State Nominated Agenciesstands at 86 MT as on 31st Mar' 2021.

To cope up with any scenario of deficit in availability of coalprovision exists in the FSAs to peg the supplies at various levels of commitment.

3.4 Consumer satisfaction z 3.4.1 Quality Management

For enhanced customer satisfaction special emphasis has been given toQuality Management of coal from mine to dispatch point.

Now all the consumers of CIL have the option for quality assessment ofthe supplies through independent third-party sampling agencies. In order to ensure supplyof good quality/sized coal two reputed global quality assurance service providers namelyCOTECNA Inspection India Private Limited and SGS India Private Limited have been engagedin addition to the existing third-party agencies for undertaking the job of sampling andanalysis of coal samples at loading end in CIL subsidiaries.

In order to monitor coal quality a portal ‘UTTAM' (UnlockingTransparency by Third Party Assessment of Mined Coal) has been launched by CIL to capturethe entire cycle of sample. With the help of this portal information of coal quality onregular basis is accessible to Consumers. The coal companies and CIL can monitor the samethrough web based ‘Coal Quality Monitoring Portal'.

Out of 58 coal testing laboratories across the subsidiary companies ofCIL 50 laboratories are now NABL accredited and accreditation process is underway for thebalance 08 laboratories.

As the result of conscious and continuous measures taken towardsquality maintenance the gap between the weighted average of declared and analyzed GCV ofcoal reduced remarkably to 23 Kcal/Kg in 2020-21 from 61 Kcal/Kg in 2019-20 narrowingdown the variation well within one GCV band. z 3.4.2 Linkage Rationalization

Linkage rationalization initiatives to reduce the cost oftransportation of coal and cost of generation of power were continued during the year

2020-21 also. Under the ambit of the linkage rationalization policynotified by the government on 15th May' 2018 sources of linkage for 11 MTPA for theState / Central Gencos was rationalized in 2020-21 yielding a potential savings intransportation cost by about Rs1167 crs. Rationalization in respect of IPPs is in theprocess.

3.5 Coal Beneficiation:

CIL is presently operating 13 Coal Washeries with a total washingcapacity of 35.38 MTY. Out of these 11 are coking coal washeries and balance 2 arenon-coking with capacities of 24.38 MTY and 11 MTY respectively. The total washed coalproduction including middlings from these existing washeries during 2020- 21 was about12.29 MT.

CIL had commissioned Patherdih 1 (5 MTY) which is under commercialoperation since July 2020. To enhance the beneficiation capacity of coking coal CIL issetting up further 4 new Washeries in BCCL having total throughput capacity of 12 MTY. Outof these 3 are under construction (9.5 MTY) and 1 (2.5 MTY) under tendering. 2 cokingcoal washeries are also being set up in CCL with a total capacity of 7 MTY. Thesewasheries are expected to be operational between 2021 and 2023. More washeries are beingexplored to wash the surplus coking coal to minimize import of coking coal for SteelSector.

CIL also has plans for setting up non-coking coal washeries in MCL. Oneis under construction and if more demand is there for beneficiated coal at value addedprices 2 more washeries may be set up.

3.6 Stock of Coal

The stock of coal (net of provisions) at the close of the year 2020-21was Rs 7619.11 Crores (previous year Rs5199.51 crores) which was equivalent to 1.11months value of net sales (previous year 0.70 months). The company-wise position of stockheld on 31st March 2021 & on 31st March 2020 are given in Annexure 7.

3.7 Trade Receivables

Trade Receivables i.e. net coal sales dues outstanding as on 31st Mar2021 after providing Rs 2542.73 crores (previous year Rs 1887.90 crores) for bad anddoubtful debts was Rs 19623.12 crores (previous year Rs 14408.22 crores) which isequivalent to 1.86 months Gross Sales of CIL as a whole (previous year 1.28 months).Subsidiary-wise break-up of Trade Receivables outstanding as on 31st March 2021 as against31st March 2020 are shown in Annexure 8.

3.8 Payment of Royalty Cess Sales Tax Stowing Excise Duty CentralExcise Duty Clean Energy Cess Entry Tax & Others

During the year 2020-21 CIL and its Subsidiaries paid/adjusted Rs41987.79 crores (previous year Rs 43058.72 crores) towards Royalty GST GST CompensationCess Cess Sales Tax and other levies as detailed as per details given in Annexure 9.


Raw coal production and production from underground and opencast mines.

Production of raw coal was 596.22 Mill Te during 2020-21 against 602.14Million Tonne during 2019-20. Production from Opencast mines during 2020-21 was 95.56% oftotal raw coal production.

Subsidiary wise production production from underground and opencastmines and coking and non-coking production are given in Annexure 10. Washed Coal(Coking) Production-Subsidiary-wise production of Washed Coal (Coking) is given in Annexure10A.

Overburden Removal-Company-wise overburden removal is disclosed in Annexure10B. FUTURE OUTLOOK

Based on the demand projection in ‘Vision 2024' for coalsector in the country and subsequent demand projection on CIL a roadmap has been preparedto project production plan in medium term wherein CIL has envisaged 1 Billion Tonne (Bt)coal production in the year 2023-24 to meet the coal demand of the country. To achievethis target CIL has identified major projects and assessed their related issues.

The capital expenditure for the year 2021-22 has been set at Rs17000Crores. Further as per the investment plan CIL has planned to invest substantial amountin diversification projects viz. Solar Power Thermal Power Plant Revival of FertilizerPlants Surface Coal Gasification (SCG) CBM Rail Wagon procurement etc. during 2021-22.


The Population of Major Opencast Equipment (Heavy Earth MovingMachinery) as on 1st April 21 and as on 1st April 20 along with their Performance interms of Availability and Utilization expressed as percentage of CIL norm is mentioned in Annexure11.

About 200 nos. of old and outlived major HEMM have been surveyed-off in2020-21 while Purchase Orders for 5 nos. 24/96 Dragline amounting to Rs 2400 Crores and 96nos. 240T 7dumpers amounting to Rs 3200 Crores have been placed.

In the Financial year 2021-22 CIL is planning to procure High CapacityEquipment of more than Rs 9000 Crores viz 1 no. Dragline 35 nos. Shovels 112 nos.Dumpers and 43 nos. of Dozers for enhanced coal production target in the coming years.


During 2020-21 total volume of coal and overburden handled by CIL wasabout 1717 M. Cum. The overall system capacity utilisation of CIL thus worked out to be80.57 %.

Overall capacity utilisation of CIL was affected mainly due to outbreakof pandemic and to delay in physical possession of land R&R and related law &order issues encroachment diversion of forest land heavy rain and contractual issues.

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and imposition of subsequent lockdownresulted in subdued demand of coal by power and non-power sector during FY21 whichadversely affected coal production & offtake of CIL. Coal production was regulated dueto high pit head coal stock sufficient coal stock at power houses end and less offtake.

Subsidiary wise Capacity utilisation given in Annexure 12.


7.1 Project Implementation: a) Projects Completed During the year2020-21:

9 coal projects with a sanctioned capacity of 27.60 MTY and sanctionedcapital of Rs 1976.59 Crores were completed with a total completion capital of Rs 1958.89Crs. during the year 2020-21. Details are given in Annexure 14.

b) Project started Production during the Year 2020-21:

1 Project with a sanctioned capacity of 1.4 MTY and sanctioned capitalof Rs 143.63 Crs. had started coal production during the year 2020-21. Details are givenin Annexure 14.

c) Status of Ongoing Projects (Costing Rs 20 Crores & above):

114 coal projects with a sanctioned capacity of 836.48 Mty and asanctioned capital of Rs 119580.62 Crores. are in different stages of implementation outof which 75 Projects are on schedule and 39 Projects are delayed. The major reasons fordelay in implementation of these projects are delay in FC and possession of land andissues related to R&R.

7.2 Projects Sanctioned (Costing Rs 20 Crores & above): a)PR/UCE/RPR/RCE sanctioned by CIL Board & Subsidiary Board during 2020-21:

36 Mining Projects with sanctioned capacity of 332.77 MTY andsanctioned capital of Rs 59227.03 Crores were approved by CIL and Subsidiary CompanyBoards during 2020-21. Details are given in Annexure 14.

b) Non-Mining Projects sanctioned by CIL & Subsidiary Board during2020-21:

5 non-mining projects with a Sanctioned capital of Rs 6843.09 Croreswere approved during 2020-21. Details are given in

Annexure 14. 7.3 Key Strategies: Strategies for Coal Evacuation:

Company had adopted following strategies for development of coalevacuation infrastructures:

First Mile Connectivity (FMC) Projects:

CIL is implementing 35 FMC Projects for eliminating road transportationof coal in mines having capacity of 4 Mty and above. This entails capacity creation ofmechanized conveyor system and computerized loading system (SILOs) in such a way thatwharf wall loading by pay loaders is eliminated by year 2023-24 (FY 24). This shallprovide various benefits including but not limited to savings in diesel costs demurragecharges and transportation charges health benefits etc.

35 FMC projects with 414.5 Mty capacity with an awarded value of Rs10500 Crores. has been identified for implementation.

Three projects of 30 MTA capacity viz. Kusmunda PH-I (10MTPA) Lingaraj(16 MTPA) and Krishnashila (4 MTPA) had been commissioned. 8 Projects of 107 MTPA areunder construction and LOA/WO has been issued for 22 FMC Projects of 258 MTPA. NIT for 2projects of 19.5 MTPA capacity were floated.

Status of Rail Projects:

As of now CIL had identified 07 Railway Projects for evacuation ofcoal out of which 03 were funded by CIL on deposit basis and 04 were funded throughJVs/SPVs by CIL. The status of these projects were as under:

Funded by CIL on Deposit Basis:

1) Tori-Shivpur New BG Double line (43.70 KM) - Commissioned. Triplingof this rail line has been sanctioned with an additional capital of Rs 894 Crs. whichshall increase its capacity from 32 MTPA to 100 MTPA.

2) Jharsuguda –Barpali- Sardega New BG single line (52.41 KM) -Commissioned. Doubling of this Rail line from Jharsuguda to Sardega along with seven coalloading bulbs at Barpali and double line Fly-over at Jharsuguda and along withAugmentation works of Jharsuguda Railway Station has been planned to be constructed at anestimated capital of Rs 3769.12 Crs. thereby enhancing its capacity from 34 MTPA to 65MTPA.

3) Rail Connectivity of Lingaraj SILO with Deulbeda siding at TalcherCoalfields of MCL – Work in progress (90%). Likely to be commissioned by August 2021

Funded through JVs/ SPVs by CIL:

1) Mahanadi Coal Rail Ltd (MCRL) - Angul- Balram rail link 13 Km inTalcher coalfield of Odisha – Work is in progress in 0-8.6 Km track length. Theoverall work progress is 40%.

2) Jharkhand Coal Rail Ltd (JCRL) - Shivpur-Kathautia Railway Line 49Km in North Karanpura Coalfield of Jharkhand – Land acquisition is in progress.

3) Chhattisgarh East Rail Ltd (CERL) - East Rail Corridor in the stateof Chhattisgarh – Phase – I – Kharsia to Korichhapar (0-44 KM) commissionedon 12th Oct' 2019. Engine trial run completed in the Korichhapar to Dharamjaigarh(44-74 Km) section on 30th Dec' 2020. Commissioning expected by 30th June 2021.

Construction Works of doubling between Kharsia- Korichhapar and thefirst block section of the spur line from Gharghoda to Bhalumuda (0-14 Km) are inprogress.

4) Chhattisgarh East West Rail Ltd (CEWRL) – East West RailCorridor in the state of Chhattisgarh. Financial Closure achieved in Sep'20. Two bigvalue Civil Tender were floated in September 2020 and discharged/cancelled in April2021. Tenders re-floated on 7th April' 2021 and 17th April' 2021. Expected to beawarded by August 2021. Physical Progress is about 22% as on 31st March 2021.

7.4 Achievement in Acquisition and Possession of land:

In all the subsidiaries of Coal India the major portion of land ispossessed which were acquired under Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition & Development)Act 1957. During 2020-21 notification U/S-9 (1) has been issued for 1978.99 Ha andnotification U/S-11 (1) has been issued for 2027.46 Ha of land.

During 2020-21 2675.43 Ha of land had been taken physical possessionin different Subsidiaries of Coal India.

7.5 System Improvement in Project Monitoring:

CIL had developed WEB Based Online Monitoring System for monitoringimplementation of coal projects. The portal has all important information related tosalient features Land R&R EC Production financial information Milestones etc.which is updated regularly. The progress of projects are reviewed based on the informationuploaded on the portal.

Apart from this portal the progress of implementation of all theongoing projects costing more than Rs 20 Crores. are being monitored through MasterControl Networks (MCNs) developed in MS project software and uploaded in project server.

These networks are updated regularly online. The important informationof these MCNs are fetched on Dashboard created on Power BI for decision making at higherlevel.

Crucial issues are also being uploaded by CIL and its SubsidiaryCompanies on the e-CPMP Portal of MOC and MOC is vigorously following up with the StateGovernments and other associated ministries by holding meetings with concerned officialsto expedite EC & FC clearances.

7.6 One Billion Coal Production Programme

Based on the assessment of demand projection in the country andconsequent share of CIL CIL had prepared a road map for 1 Bt. coal production by the year2023-24. The 1Bt coal production plan was conceived on Best-Effort-Basis by thesubsidiaries maximizing their production projections indicating the associated enablingconditions e.g. green clearances land & R&R and other required developmentactivities like development of evacuation infrastructure.

However COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a trend of subdued demandacross all segments of the economy due to which the demand for coal has taken a severebeating during FY21.This has resulted into low offtake and high pit head stock. Deploymentof resources by Contractors especially in various infrastructure projects was affectedresulting in slow progress. It was further envisaged that this trend is likely to continueas long as the pandemic and its effects persist.

In view of the above scenario the pace of implementation of 1 Btprogramme shall definitely be governed by coal demand scenario. Though CIL is all set forimplementing the proposed programme on Best-Effort basis for achieving the targets yet inview of the projections of low demand from power sector and accumulated pithead stock thereview of the programme will be taken up with MoC to avoid lot of wastage of resources andfurther addition to already huge idle inventory of coal which shall prevent losses due toquality deterioration incipient fire and pilferage. The review shall also prevent furtheraddition to already accumulated large amount of Trade receivables.


Conservation of energy always remains a priority area andCIL/Subsidiaries have extensively exercised various measures towards reduction in specificenergy consumption.

8.1 Energy Consumption scenario

Coal Production has decreased by 0.95% in 2020-21 compared to 2019-20however there is overall increase in excavation of combined coal & OB. Electricityconsumption in CIL as a whole in 2020-21 was 4689.67 million units. Total amount paid forenergy Bill in 2020-21 was

Rs 3518.77 crores against Rs 3409.63 Crores in 2019-20 an increase of3.2%. z In terms of total coal production specific energy Consumption for CIL as awhole during 2020-21 was 7.86 kWh/T z In terms of composite production (in m3) SpecificEnergy Consumption during 2020-21 for CIL as a whole was 2.72 kWh/m3 vis--vis 2.91kWh/m3 during 2019-20 with an overall decrease of 6.53% as CIL registered 17.34% growth inOBR in 2020-21 as compared to 2019-20.

8.2 Electrical Energy Audits conducted in 2020-21

(i) 7 electrical energy audits were conducted by CMPDIL for differentsubsidiaries of CIL. (CCL-5 nos. NCL-1 no. BCCL-1 no.) It has been done for 05 mines inCCL during 2020-21 namely Churi UG Sayal-D UG Topa OCP Kargali OCP & Piparwar OCP.In NCL energy audit was undertaken in Kakri OCP. In BCCL it was taken up in NewAkashkinaree Colliery Govindpur Area. Estimated saving from energy conservation measuresin above mines shall be around Rs 48.39 lakh kWh per year with an estimated reduction ofRs 272.2 lakhs per year in power bill.

(ii) Energy audit has been conducted departmentally through certifiedenergy manager of ECL in two of its mines Bonjemihari OCP Salanpur Area & inParascole West UG Kajora Area in 2020-21.Net Saving of Rs 12.6 lakhs per year isenvisaged by adopting energy conservation measures.

8.3 Energy Conservation measures

Some of the salient measures taken by CIL/Subsidiaries for energyconservation are as under: -

1) Use of LED lights - High wattage luminaries /conventionallight fittings have been replaced with low power consuming LEDs of appropriate wattage inmajority of the places for quarry lightingUG mine lightingstreet lighting office andother work places townships etc. thereby resulting in huge saving potential inelectricity consumption. In 2020-21 98522 LED lights (ECL-5752 MCL-18378 WCL-9490NCL-32207 BCCL-5000 SECL-18521 CCL-6000 CMPDIL-790 & CIL HQ- 2384 nos.) ofdifferent wattage rating have been installed with energy cost saving of approximately Rs.8 crores.

2) Improvement of Power Factor - Almost all the areas of thesubsidiary companies have maintained Power Factors as high as 95% or more during 2020-21by installing capacitor banks of appropriate kVAR rating. There are some remarkable savingfrom power factor improvement in some of the subsidiaries such as ECL- Rs 13.75. croresMCL - Rs 2.01 crores SECL- Rs 4.64 crores NCL- Rs 3.07 crores & WCL- Rs1.48 crores.In other subsidiaries the power factor improvement rebate is adjusted in overall energybilling.

3) Installation of ground & Roof Mounted Solar Power Plantin different command areas of CIL:

Installed Solar Capacity earlier to 2020-21 : Ground mounted– 2000 KW(MCL) & Roof Top Solar- 2862.3 KW (inclusive of all subsidiaries &CIL HQ) Solar Capacity addition in 2020-21 : 350 KW Roof Top solar in BCCL (Commissionedin Mar 21) 100 KW Roof Top Solar in CMPDI RI-IV Nagpur (Commissioned in Mar 21)

Roof Top Solar Plant tendered in 2020-21 : 10.1 MW

Ground mounted Solar Plant tendered in 2020-21 : 95 MW CCL-20MW BCCL-25 MW NCL- 50 MW

CIL won installation of 100 MW Solar power plant at Gujarat in Mar 21through tariff based reverse bidding by participating in the tender floated by GujaratUrja Vikash Nigam Limited(GUVNL) 8.4 Solar Energy generation : CIL & SubsidiaryCompanies are pursuing use of renewable energy sources. Subsidiarywise Solar energygeneration in 2020-21 is as under :

Subsidiary Total Installed Solar Capacity (KWp) upto Mar 21 Energy generated (in kWh) in 2020-21
ECL 197 147451
BCCL 356 50710
CCL 872.5 516630
WCL 1096 1029780
MCL 2000 1362420
CIL HQ 160.8 128927
CMPDIL 630 501452
Total 5312.3 3737370

8.5 Energy Efficiency through EESL

CIL has signed an MoU with M/s EESL (Energy Efficiency ServicesLimited) on 4th Feb' 2021 for building energy efficiency programs hiring ofe-vehicle & installation of distributed solar projects.

Subsidiary companies have identified the energy efficiency projects aswell as hiring of e-vehicles distributed ground mounted & roof top solar plants withEESL for implementation.

CIL HQ has identified ‘Building energy efficiencyproject'(BEEP) & installation of roof top solar plant with EESL.


Overall Capital Expenditure during 2020-21 was Rs 13283.83 crores asagainst Rs 6269.65 Crores in previous year. Capital Expenditure incurred during 2020-21was 102.18% of BE (62.70% in 2019-20). Subsidiary-wise details are given in Annexure 13.



1. Setting up of natural gas based ammonia-urea complex atGorakhpur Sindri and Barauni

A Joint Venture company named Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited (HURL)comprising of CIL NTPC IOCL FCIL and HFCL has been incorporated to set up natural-gasbased 1.27 MTPA urea plant at the premises of closed fertilizer plants of FCIL atGorakhpur (U.P.) & Sindri (Jharkhand) and that of HFCL at Barauni (Bihar) with theshareholding of promoters being CIL- 29.67% NTPC- 29.67% IOCL- 29.67% & FCIL/ HFCL(combined)-10.99% The three plants are being set up with an estimated cost of around Rs22000 crore which is being financed by a debt-equity structure of 75:25. Contracts wereawarded to the respective successful bidders for setting up of the three plants onLump-Sum Turn Key (LSTK) basis. As on 31st March 2021 the overall work progress is around97% at Gorakhpur 87%at Sindri and 86% at Barauni. The urea production is expected tocommence in FY 2021-22.

2. Setting up of coal based ammonia-urea complex at Talcher:

A Joint Venture Company named Talcher Fertilizers Limited (TFL) comprisingof RCF CIL GAIL and FCIL was constituted to set up a Surface Coal Gasification basedintegrated fertilizer complex at Talcher using coal from nearby Talcher coalfields. Theshareholding pattern of promoters is CIL-31.85% RCF-31.85% GAIL-31.85% & FCIL-4.45%.Coal blended with pet-coke upto 25% shall be gasified to produce syngas which shall beconverted into neem coated urea equivalent to annual capacity 1.27 Million Metric Tonne ofthe end product. The project is being implemented on partial Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK)basis.

The plant will be set up at an estimated cost of Rs 13277 crore whichwill be financed by a debt-equity structure of 72:28. TFL has successfully achieved theFinancial Closure by obtaining Final Sanctions of the target debt amount with SBI as LeadBanker. Work orders for Coal Gasification plant and Ammonia Urea plant have already beenawarded in September-2019. LSTK contractor has commenced site preparation through localcontractor. M/s PDIL has been appointed as Project Management Consultant (PMC). Preproject activities pertaining to site enabling like soil grading construction of roadsculverts drains etc. establishment of general administration facilities are underway.Construction of raw water supply Line and power system charged and site grading work nearcompletion. The plant is expected to come into operation in FY 2023-24.


1. Surface Coal Gasification: Setting up of Coal to Methanolplant at Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC):

In another maiden initiative CIL is exploring the possibilities toventure into Coal-to-Chemicals sector on stand-alone basis by setting up aCoal-to-Methanol plant at Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC). Coal sourced from Raniganjcoalfields shall be gasified to produce syngas which shall be subsequently converted intomethanol. M/s Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL) has been selected as thetechnical consultant. Pre-Feasibility Studies completed through M/s. Project &Development India Ltd. (PDIL) has revealed that 2050 MTPD (0.676 MTPA) output shall be theoptimal capacity of plant that can be set up at DCC. CIL has decided to setup the Plant onBuild-Own-Operate (BOO) mode.

On behalf of CIL a tender has been floated by M/s PDIL on 25th Sept.2020 for selection of BOO Operator to set up surface coal gasification based methanolplant at DCC and to subsequently operate the same for 25 years. Bid has been opened on16.04.2021 and one bidder (i.e. M/s Prodair Air Products India Pvt. Ltd) has submittedtheir offer. Evaluation is in progress.

2. Deployment of Diversification & Value AdditionConsultant:

CIL framed and floated tender for Engagement of a Consultancy Firm toprovide Consultancy Services and Program Management Services in the potential areas forDiversification and Value Addition. M/s Deloitte was selected as the successfulConsultancy Firm. Work Order issued on 03rd Nov. 2020 and they have commenced theassignment under name ‘Project DIVA' at CIL Hqs.

3. Solar Power Generation:

CIL Board has approved creation of subsidiary namely ‘CILNavikarniya Urja Limited' to venture into new business area of New and RenewableEnergy (Non-Conventional) segment including Solar Wind Small Hydro BiomassGeo-Thermal Hydrogen Tidal etc. along with other prevalent technologies/emergingtechnologies.

CIL has bagged its' maiden commercial Solar Project outsideit's command areas by winning 100 MW Solar Power Project through Competitive Biddingwith Reverse e-Auction @ Rs2.20 per kWh conducted by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited(GUVNL).

4. Solar PV Manufacturing :

CIL Board has approved formation of another subsidiary namely ‘CILSolar PV Limited' which shall undertake new business of entire Solar PV manufacturingvalue chain (i.e. Ingot-Wafer-Cell-Module). The Pre-Feasibility Report including thetechno-commercial viability and the site feasibility studies are under final stages ofpreparation by M/s Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP [DTTILLP].

5. Aluminum Smelting:

CIL Board has approved venturing into Aluminium business verticalthrough a Brownfield Project (as a JV between MCL and NALCO) and a Greenfield Project. ThePre-Feasibility Report including the techno-commercial viability and the site feasibilitystudies are under final stages of preparation by M/s DTTILLP.

11. Master Plan for dealing with fire subsidence and rehabilitation

The Master Plan for dealing with fire subsidence and rehabilitation inthe leasehold of Bharat Coking Coal Limited(BCCL) and Eastern Coalfields Limited(ECL) wasapproved on 12th August 2009 by Govt. of India with an estimated investment of Rs 7112.11Crore for Jharia Coalfields and Rs2661.73 Crore for Raniganj Coalfields. Implementationperiod of Master Plan have been delineated as 10 years for ECL & 12 years for BCCL.

Twenty-one (21) High Powered Central Committee(HPCC) meetings wereconducted till date under the Chairmanship of the Secretary (Coal) MoC to review theactivities of implementation of Master Plan. Jharia Rehabilitation and DevelopmentAuthority(JRDA) and Asansol Durgapur Development Authority(ADDA) are the implementingagency for rehabilitation of non-BCCL & non-ECL people under Master Plan.

A. Summarized Status of Implementations of Raniganj Master Plan(in the leasehold of ECL):

There are 03 unstable locations under ECL which were already vacated.As per the demographic survey report provided by ADDA around 29000 non-ECL families arerequired to be rehabilitated from unstable locations. Construction of 12976 houses out ofapproved 29000 houses have taken up by ADDA for shifting of non-ECL families. At presentconstruction of 3584 houses have already been completed 6336 houses are in differentstages of construction and balance 3056 houses are under different stages of preparatorywork for construction.

The status of infrastructure development activities are as follows: i)IIT Kharagpur has completed the Scientific study for stability assessment on the unstablestretches of the rail track. EOI was sent to five premier Scientific/Research Institutefor submission of budgetory offer for the work stabilization of rail track. Only IITKharagpur has submitted its offer which is under process of finalization. ii) Forassessment of stability of the area of NH-2 Bye-pass ECL has awarded the work to IITKharagpur and the work of protective work for permanent stabilization of the existing NH-2road is underway.

B. Summarized Status of Implementations of Jharia Master Plan (In theleasehold of BCCL):

As per Master Plan JRDA has to survey 54159 families in 595 siteswhich have already been completed. For rehabilitation of non-BCCL families constructionof 18352 houses have taken up by JRDA in Belgoria Rehabilitation Township "JhariaVihar". Out of that 6352 houses have already been completed and 2653 families haveshifted by March 2021. Balance 12000 houses are under different stages of construction.7714 houses have been constructed out of 15852 houses for rehabilitation of BCCLfamilies in which 4185 families have been shifted till March 2021. Remaining 8138houses are in different stages of construction.

Regarding Status of fire dealing NRSC has submitted study report in2018 where the surface fire area has been reported as 3.26 Sq km in 34 sites against theearlier 8.9 sq km in 67 sites mentioned in the Master Plan. As per Interim report of NRSCin Oct 2020 total fire site has been reduced to 27 sites from 34 sites.

C. Revision of Approved Master Plan

The time frame of 10 years for implementation of Raniganj Master Planhas already been expired on 11th August2019 and validity of approved Jharia Master Planis till August 2021. As per directive of 19th HPCC meeting draft comprehensive proposalsincorporating alternative rehabilitation package time and cost overrun have been preparedby ECL and BCCL in consultation with CMPDI RI-1 & ADDA and CMPDI RI-II & JRDArespectively. Both the comprehensive proposals have been discussed in the 21st HPCCmeeting held on 4th March 2020. As per the directive of the 21st HPCC meeting revisionof the both the proposals are under finalization at JRDA and ADDA respectively.


12.1 Management System Standards:

CIL HQ had obtained re-certification of ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015and ISO 50001:2011 for Quality Management Environment Management and Energy ManagementSystem respectively from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 2019-20. As on 31st March2021 three Subsidiaries of CIL i.e. CCL NCL and WCL are certified for IntegratedManagement System (ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2017). CMPDI HQ and itsseven RIs are certified for ISO 9001:2015. Moreover CMPDIL HQ Ranchi has been certifiedin ISO 37001:2016 (Anti-Bribery Management System).

12.2 Pollution Control Measures and their Efficacy:

CIL is committed to protect environment by practicing and followingsustainable mining practices right from mine planning stage. Various pollution controlmeasures and initiatives are being taken up concurrently with mining operations formaintaining acceptable / permissible limits of major physical and chemical attributes ofenvironment namely air water hydrogeology ground vibrations noise land etc.

A) Air Pollution and its Control Measures:

To control and reduce dust generation during drilling blastingloading and coal transportation CIL has taken up various initiatives enumerated in theMoEF&CC approved Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of projects. The EMP is preparedfactoring the impact on existing environment and forest due to coal mining undertakenafter conducting an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study of each project. Mistspraying systems mobile water sprinklers and automatic sprinklers have been provided tomitigate air pollution & its control measures.

Some of the important initiatives taken by CIL are as follows: a)Transportation of coal by conveyors covered trucks & loading in railway rakes throughSilo. b) Blacktopping & repairing of coal transportation roads and strengthening ofhaul roads. c) Development of wind break and vertical greenery system. d) Deployment ofadditional Surface Miners and Continuous Miners in opencast & U/G mine respectivelyfor blasting free coal extraction. e) Implementation of First Mile Connectivity to reducetransport of coal by road.

B) Mine Water Management:

Mine Discharge Treatment Plants (MDTP) are installed in mines fortreatment of discharged mine water on the surface for second phase treatment. Treated minewater is then used partly for dust suppression fire-fighting plantation washing etc. Asper the need of the local community treated mine water is supplied to the nearby villagesfor drinking & irrigation purposes. In order to assess the impact of mining activitieson ground water monitoring of ground water levels is being carried out in and around ofthe mine lease hold area. For ground water recharge within mine premises and nearbyvillages initiatives like rainwater harvesting digging of ponds / development oflagoons de-silting of existing ponds / tanks etc. have been taken. Regular monitoring ofmine workshop and domestic effluent is carried out as per rule and desired actions arebeing taken. Reports of the same are regularly submitted to SPCBs and MoEF&CC.

In 2020-21 77.7% discharged mined water utilized for internal &community use and balance 22.3% used for ground water recharge.

C) Noise Pollution Control Measure:

For control of noise pollution various measures like propermaintenance of equipment green belt development around the mine and residential areablasting in day time and use of ear muff / ear plugs at noisy areas are adopted.

D) Land Reclamation: z Reclamation of the mined out areas andexternal OB dumps are major environmental mitigatory activities taken up by CIL.

Reclamation of mined out areas are being done as per the EnvironmentalManagement Plan (EMP) and Mine Closure Plan (MCP) which are approved by MoEF&CC. Topsoil is preserved stored and used in plantation areas in the opencast mines. Concurrentreclamation and rehabilitation of mined out areas are taken up for gainful land use. Aftertechnical reclamation is completed plantation is carried out which is termed asbiological reclamation. z Eco-restoration: For effective Bio-reclamation of disturbedland scientific studies are carried out to select suitable species of plants forafforestation on three tier plantation concept. Forest Research Institute (FRI) has beenengaged by CIL for sharing their expertise in the field of eco-restoration in thereclaimed areas. Many Eco-restoration sites have been developed in subsidiary companies ofCIL with technical collaboration of FRI. z Eco-park in Reclaimed land: Eco Parks have beendeveloped in many of the mined out areas and command areas of CIL like Gunjan ParkECLGokul Eco-Cultural Park BCCL Ananya Vatika SECL Nandan Kanan Eco Park NCL SaonerPark WCL Kayakalp Vatika Rajarappa Eco Park CCL etc. CIL has established 24 Eco-parks& Mine Tourism & eco-restoration sites on date. z Monitoring of Reclamation: Theland reclamation and restoration operations are being monitored by Satellite Surveillance.51 major Opencast Projects (OCPs) producing more than 5 Mm (Coal + OB) per annum weremonitored in 2020-21. The remaining OCPs producing less than 5 Mm (Coal + OB) per annumare being monitored once every 3rd year. The study during 2020-21 shows that 51 major OCPshave reclaimed area of 63.73% and active mining area is only 36.27% of the total excavatedarea. In addition CIL is conducting vegetation cover mapping through satellitesurveillance every 3 years. z Mine Closure Plan (MCP): MCP is an integral part of theProject Report prepared by CMPDIL for Coal mines of CIL. This progressive mine closureplan also forms a part of the EIA / EMP prepared and got approved by MOEF&CC as a partof Environmental Clearance.

As of 31st March 2021 Rs 581.52 Crore has been reimbursed from theEscrow fund to the concerned Project Proponents for progressive and final mine closureactivities.

E) Strive for continual improvement in environmental performance.

The job of Developing approach and methodology for index rating ofenvironmental conditions and performance evaluation as per the EC conditions in 35 CIL(> 5Mm3 Coal + OB) Mines was assigned to ICFRE and the Final Report has already beenapproved by CIL Board in December 2020. ICFRE has started initial work of audit of 35mines of CIL.


1. Go-Live of Project "PASSION" (SAP ERP & HMSimplementation) was inaugurated by Shri Pralhad Joshi Honourable Minister ofParliamentary Affairs Coal & Mines on 21.01.2021 at New Delhi.

2. Implementation of SAP ERP in Phase I at CIL MCL and WCL is beingcarried out by Phase I System Implementer (SI) M/s. Tech Mahindra Limited.

3. Global Blue Print for HMS implementation and configuration iscompleted.

4. Implementation of SAP ERP in Phase II Subsidiaries of CIL (ECLBCCL CCL CMPDI SECL and NCL) with crashed timeline of 27.5 months against 42 months asenvisaged in DPR with preponement by approx. 14 months is being carried out.

5. System Implementer (SI) for Phase II M/s. Accenture SolutionsPrivate Limited started the work from 15.11.2020 in Phase II Subsidiaries.

6. The Go-Live for Phase II will be in August 2021.

7. Hiring of complete infrastructure including Hardware OS softwareDC & DRC including necessary security monitoring services was done through Opentender.

8. M/s. Corporate InfoTech Pvt. Ltd as Managed Service Provider (MSP)in association with M/s. Tata communications Limited as Cloud Service Provider (CSP) isproviding the complete Infrastructure Services.


CIL and its subsidiaries have undertaken the following key ITinitiatives as on date:

1. CIL is undertaking job of complete digitization of seven of itsbiggest mines for enhancement of coal production through IT initiatives. Tender process iscomplete and LOI has been issued.

2. CIL has launched web/mobile Apps like :-

• Bill-to-bill reconciliation portal for coal consumers which willgive total transparency in Billing and realization.

• FOIS portal where data from FOIS System of CRIS is being fed toCoal Companies online.

• "Uttam" for monitoring Coal Quality by its customers

• "Khanan Prahari" to check illegal coal mining

• "CLIP" Contract Labour Information Portal has beenlaunched by CIL to keep an eye on fair wage payment to Contractor workers deployed atvarious locations.

• "MDMS" (Mine Data Management System) portal has beendesigned and launched by Project Monitoring Division of CIL and CMPDI Ranchi to store allthe salient features of PR and data of ongoing projects and their performance against PRprovision.

• CIL Executive defined contributory Pension Scheme 2007 of allCIL executives is managed through an on-line Web Application.

3. Safety Monitoring: A Centralized Safety Information Systemportal is available to all concerned officers of CIL & Subsidiaries upto Mine SafetyOfficer who enter relevant data on a daily basis. All important aspects of safetyfunctions have been covered in this portal through which informed decision can be taken bythe management.

4. As a significant contribution towards "Digital GreenIndia" E-office solution from NIC has been implemented in CIL and its Subsidiariesto augment paperless office.

5. Under the project "DMS" Coal India Ltd. has digitizedmore than 80 Lakhs documents at its Corporate Hq.

6. CIL has successfully shifted its corporate portal on NIC cloud within-house capacity building. The website has been augmented with user friendly UI/UX.

7. A portal for facilitating retired employees obtain medicalfacilities from empaneled hospitals has been implemented where cashless treatment can beavailed with ease. This portal named ‘CRMSE' is being onboarded by allsubsidiaries.

8. Existing operational IT initiatives of Coal India include:

• Procurement of Goods Works and Services in Coal India and itssubsidiary companies is being done through E-procurement mode whereas tenders above Rs 1Crore value are finalised through e-Tender mode with provision of reverse auction toensure greater transparency and better cost effectiveness during tender procedures ingoods works and services.

• E-auction of coal is operational through service providers ofCIL.

• Performance Evaluation Vigilance Information and AnnualProperty Return of executives in Coal India is carried out through web enabled systems.Web Applications for Production Information System Safety Information System CILCSRHRMS are also in operation.

• In order to improve coal dispatch electronic weighbridges areconnected with Central Servers of respective Subsidiaries.

CIL is actively considering implementing latest IT technologies likeAI/ML/Data Analytics in critical areas of operation for facilitating informed decisionprocess and enhancement of productivity.


1. Implementation of primary MPLS VPN Connectivity for rolloutof 1st phase of ERP: - Primary MPLS VPN connectivity at CIL HQ CIL Delhi office DataCentre (DC) & Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) have been established along with setup ofNOC at CIL HQ as per the approved DPR for implementation of ERP based on Common technicalspecification.

2. Implementation of Unified IP scheme at CIL HQ: - Theunified IP scheme devised for CIL NEC & Subsidiaries have been implemented at CIL HQLAN and seamlessly integrated with ERP MPLS connectivity as well as interconnectivity ofdifferent networks for data transfer.

3. Adoption & integration of cloud based VC platforms tocope with the increased demand of multiple concurrent Video Conferencing sessions duringCOVID pandemic situation: - The cloud based Video Conferencing (VC) platformhas been dovetailed and integrated with existing in premises VC system utilizing extremecritical resources of CIL HQ to cope with the increased demand of concurrent VC sessionsfrom home/office during the COVID-19 period. Further DPC interview for the promotion fromE8 to E9 as well as E7 to E8 has also been successfully conducted for the 1st time throughVC.

4. Formulation and Implementation of Standard OperatingProcedure (SOP):- SOP for streamlining the VC/meeting process to schedule & managemultiple concurrent Video Conferencing sessions from CIL HQ has been formulated &implemented to meet the requirement of VCs indented by various dept. for participationfrom Ministries PSUs other stake holders and Senior Executives of CIL/ &Subsidiaries.

5. Provisioning of redundant/alternative internet connectivitythrough dedicated 50 Mbps ILL for VC: - Additional 50 Mbps ILL from different ISP hasbeen commissioned for ensuring unrestricted uninterrupted VC with MoC and other agenciesacross the globe at important locations like VC/ Meeting Rooms Board Meeting room an alternative arrangement.

6. Facilitating remote access for the day to day functionalityof official work through e-office during Lockdown period due to pandemic:

- The Virtual Private Network (VPN) through WAFA (Work Anytime fromAnywhere) system optimizing in-house resources has been extended to senior officials ofCIL HQ to facilitate the access of e-office from home / remote locations through internetfor day to day functionality of official work in pandemic situation.

7. High-speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity at importantlocations: High-speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity has been provisioned at importantlocations to ensure seamless internet connectivity to meet the requirement of highavailability reliability & unrestricted internet access to cater the requirement aswell as to cope with the pandemic situation.

8. Organizing live events / meetings through virtual platform:CIL has adopted virtual platform technologies and have successfully organized live events/ meetings & managed live webcast/ YouTube Live of different important events /large meetings at different venues in Kolkata like Van Mahotsava event 46th CIL'sFoundation Day on 1st November 2020 at CIL Office Complex Vendors meet 46th AnnualGeneral Meeting (AGM) of CIL GO Live of ERP etc.

9. Upgradation of equipment and services provided for officeautomation: Streamlined processes have been devised whereby all departments of CIL HQhave been provided with State of art Multi-function machines for Photocopy FAX Scanning.Professional Large Format Display has been commissioned at 6th floor conference hallCIL(HQ) for facilitating various meetings/presentations. Small EPABX system with KeyTelephone Systems have been commissioned at important locations with improved and bettercall management facilities.

10. Key IT Initiatives in CIL Subsidiaries: Various IT initiativesare implemented across all subsidiaries of CIL broadly encompassing GPS/ GPRS basedVehicle Tracking System along with Geo-fencing RF-ID based boom barrier system to trackthe movement of coal transport vehicles to minimize the risk of coal theft and increasedtrip efficiency etc. CCTV surveillance system at vulnerable points & strategiclocations. Central CCTV control room has been established at CIL HQ for viewing the miningactivities in real time basis through CCTV cameras installed at various strategiclocations in different subsidiaries. Data connectivity from electronic weighbridges toCentral Servers of respective subsidiaries have also been established.


14.1: Statutory Frame-work for safety in coal mines:

Coal mining world over is highly regulated industry due to presenceof several inherent operational and occupational hazards and associated risks. Coal MineSafety Legislation in India is one of the most comprehensive and pervasive statutoryframework for ensuring occupational health and safety (OHS). In India the operations incoal mines are regulated by the Mines Act- 1952 Mines Rules -1955 Coal MinesRegulations-2017 and several other statutes framed there under. Directorate-General ofMines Safety (DGMS) under the Union Ministry of Labor & Employment (MOL&E)oversees compliance of these statutes. Other major Acts/Rules are applicable in coal minesare the Electricity Act- 2003 Central Electricity Authority (measures rel. to safety& supply) Regulations - 2010 Indian Explosive Act-1884 & Explosive Rules-2008Indian Boiler Act-1923 the Employee's Compensation Act- 1932 (Principal Act) and theFactories Act - 1948 Chapter -III & IV.

14.2: Safety Policy of CIL:

Safety is always conferred with prime importance in the operations ofCIL as embodied in the "Mission Statement" of CIL. CIL has formulated awell-defined Safety Policy for ensuring safety in mines. To implement CIL Safety Policythe following are ensured:

1. Scientific design and planning of all mines.

2. Deployment of trained and skilled manpower for ensuring safety inall mining operations.

3. Provision of adequate funds and infrastructures for mine safety.

4. Provision of adequate supervision through competent supervisorystaffs and mine officials.

5. Multi-disciplinary Internal Safety Organization (ISO) to monitormine safety.

6. Continuous and sustained improvement in technological inputs formining operation.

7. R&D activities through collaboration with Scientific andEducational Institutes and CMPDI.

8. Ensuring workers' participation in every forum for monitoringsafety in mines.

14.3: Major functions of Corporate ISO

1. Inspection of mines to review safety status.

2. Fact finding enquiry into fatal accidents as well as majorincidences.

3. Maintenance of accidents / major incidents database and Analysis ofmine Accidents.

4. Monitoring Mine Safety Audit.

5. Imparting specialized training by SIMTARS accredited trainers.

6. Issuance of internal Technical Circulars / Guidelines / Advisoryrelated to safety.

7. Monitoring safety related R&D activities in CIL.

8. Organizing meeting of CIL Safety Board.

9. Monitoring mine rescue preparedness at different mine rescueestablishments.

10. Publication of Safety Bulletin.

11. Liasioning with various agencies on the matter of mine safety. 12.Monitoring of CIL Safety Information System (CSIS) database.

13. Response to parliamentary matters and queries under the RTI Act-2005 with reference to mine safety.

14.4: Mine Accident Statistics z Analysis of Accident Statisticsin CIL - Accident statistics is the relative indicator for safety status in mines.Over the years the safety performance of CIL has improved significantly. Both Fatalities& serious Injuries figures for the year 2020 had reduced to the lowest since theinception of Coal India Limited in 1975. Significant reducing trend in mine accidents canbe attributed to the following contributing factors: z Commitment and synergeticcooperation amongst all stakeholders. z Use of state-of-the-art technology in the field ofMining Methods and Safety Monitoring. z Continuous improvement in knowledge skill andresponsiveness of workforce. z Constant vigil round-the-clock supervision and supportsfrom various agencies.

Salient features of continuous and sustained improvement in CIL'ssafety performance are as under in following Graphs and also given in

Annexure 15.

14.5 : Measures for improvement of Mine Safety in 2020

CIL has vigorously pursued several measures in the year 2020 alongwith the on-going safety related initiatives apart from compliance of statutoryrequirements for enhancing safety standard in mines which are given below: z Safety Auditof mines conducted through multi-disciplinary Safety Audit teams. z Several Video Clips orAnimation films on various Mine Safety Procedures Dos & Don'ts related tooperation and Mine Accidents prepared and shared amongst employees. z Scientific studieson OB dumps & benches as well as for SCAMP in underground mines. z Controls measuresof Safety Management Plans (SMPs) are being complied. z Controls measures of PrincipalHazards Management Plans (PHMPs) are being complied. z All mining operations are beingperformed as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). z Special Safety drives conductedto improve safety and enhance safety awareness. z Regular co-ordination meeting with ISOsfor assessing the safety status of mines. z 19th meeting of the National Dust PreventionCommittee (NDPC) was held on 19th December 2020 for assessing the status of dustsuppression in mines. z Mist type fixed as well as trucks mounted water cannons have beenintroduced in OC mines.

Apart from the above specific actions the following are on-goingmeasures for improving safety standards: z Emphasis on use of the state-of-the artmining technology. z Adoption of the best practices for Strata and Gas Management zStrengthening Water Danger Management. z Training on Mine Safety & Skill Upgradation.z Emphasis on inspection of mines.

15. Mine Emergency Response System:

15.1: Mine Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan (EREP) zProcedures for immediate notification to all persons affected by the emergency. zProcedures for the safe orderly and immediate withdrawal of persons from danger. zProcedures for rescue of persons incapacitated or trapped due to accident. z Proceduresfor providing first aid transportation medical treatment to injured. z Special trainingto respond to critical operations and mine emergencies. z Mock Rehearsals for examiningthe efficacy of Plan. z Demarcating Emergency Escape Routes in below ground and trainingon evacuation. z Flow Chart prepared for transmission of information regarding crisis /disaster.

15.2 Mine Rescue Services in CIL: z CIL is maintaining a wellestablishment Rescue Organization at strategic locations spreading across differentSubsidiaries to cater the emergencies on 24X7 basis.


Coal India Limited is gearing up to meet its ambitious target of coalproduction. Human Resource is a major component for achieving this goal. Coal IndiaLimited is geared up for the development of its existing human resource and looking aheadwith a clear perspective with reference to technological advances and growth of manpowerto fulfil the growing demands of production along with diversification into aligned andnon-aligned areas.

During 2020-21 different training programs were organized atsubsidiary headquarters training centres vocational training centre and also atCIL's own in-house training facility Indian Institute of Coal Management Ranchi.This training programs were organized after accessing the training needs in the respectivecategory of employees within the subsidiary. Employees are given trainings for skilldevelopment and acquisition of knowledge and skill in existing and future technology aswell as safety.

16.1 Training and Development of Human Resource:

In addition to in-house training employees were trained at reputedtraining institutes mostly through virtual mode within the country in their respectivefields of operations for supplementing in-house training efforts.

During 2020-21 53145 employees were trained in house out of this9480 were executives and 43665 were non-executives. In addition 2058 employees weresent outside for training. Thus a total of 55203 employees were trained.

During the FY 20-21 more than 443084 training man-days were achievedfor executives and non-executives (excluding contract workers). No foreign trainings wereconducted in FY 20-21 due to Government restrictions. 33365 contract workers were trainedin the financial year.

16.2 Engagement of Apprentices:

During the year 2020-21 10249 Apprentices were engaged through NATSand NAPS portals which constitutes 2.99 % of total manpower including contractor workersin CIL and its subsidiaries.

16.3 Special Initiatives:

Sponsorship Scheme for pursuing 1 year Executive MBA in prestigiousIIMs has been made operational

Faculty Honorarium for in-house training program has been revised after10 years

Submission of Individual Training Needs has been made compulsory inPRIDE

Tie-ups with premier management institutes like IIM Calcutta LucknowIndore and XLRI Jamshedpur has been completed to send executives for training in batches.


During the financial year 2020-21 CIL has promoted / selected 257 Sr.Officer (Mining) – E2 Grade in Mining discipline through department promotion /selection from non-executive to executive cadre.

CIL notified 1326 vacancies in 11 disciplines for recruitment ofManagement Trainees Advt. No. 01/2019 (MT-2019) in Dec' 2019. The list of 1286successful candidates who are finally selected in 11 disciplines has been published in CILwebsite on 26.03.2021 and their joining/induction process will commence shortly.


18.1 The total manpower of the Company including its subsidiariesas on 01.04.2021 stood at 259016 against 272445 as on 01.04.2020.Subsidiary wise Manpower position is given in Annexure 16.

18.2 The Presidential Directives with respect to manpower forScheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/OBC have been implemented in all Subsidiaries/ units ofCoal India Limited.

The representation of SC/ST employees in total manpower of CIL and itsSubsidiary Companies as on 01.01.2019 01.01.2020 and 01.01.2021 is given below: -

As on Total Manpower Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe
Nos. Percentage Nos. Percentage
1.1.2019 288687 54578 18.91 43560 15.09
1.1.2020 276092 54854 19.87 43262 15.67
1.1.2021 262292 52000 19.83 40063 15.27


The Industrial Relations scenario in CIL & its Subsidiaries duringthe financial year remained cordial. Joint Consultative Committees and other BipartiteCommittees at Unit/Area levels and Subsidiary (HQ) levels continued to function inharmony. Meetings of Bilateral Committees were held at regular intervals at CIL to addressIR Welfare Productivity/Production Safety issues. Except for few minor issues of localnature at few Subsidiaries there had been no major IR problem in the company.


Coal India Limited strives to provide best facilities for Welfare ofits employees and their families.

The facilities are extended to all sections of the Society viz-Scheduled castes Scheduled Tribes backward classes minorities as well as othermarginalised segments of the society without any discrimination are given below:

20.1 Housing facilities

In CIL and its Subsidiaries company quarters are provided to alleligible employees subject to availability and Company rules. Regular repair andmaintenance including thorough repair of these housings are undertaken regularly toprovide decent housing to employees.

20.2 Water supply

To provide clean drinking water to the employees and their familiesmany water supply schemes have been taken up. Supply of water is done after propertreatment and several RO plants/ Pressure filter plants are also existing in coalfieldsthat cater not just to CIL employees but also to the population in the neighborhood.

20.3 Educational Facilities

The subsidiary companies of CIL have been providing financialassistance and infrastructure facilities to schools operating in Mines areas like DAVKendriya Vidyalaya Delhi Public School etc. and other Educational Institutions run by theState Government to provide quality education to the employees' children. 113 schoolsare fully financed by CIL.

20.3.1 Coal India Scholarship Scheme:

For employees' children two types of scholarships viz Merit andGeneral Scholarship are being provided every year under certain prescribed terms andconditions. In Merit Scholarship Students securing 1st to 20th position in Madhyamik/H.S. or any State Board or securing 95% and above marks in ICSE CBSE / ISC Exam (Class-X& XII) are given scholarship per month.

General Scholarship is provided to Students studying Class-V onwards upto Graduation /Post- graduation level in any discipline subject to prescribed percentageof marks.

20.3.2 Cash Award and Certificate of Appreciation:

Every year Cash Award of 5000 and 7000 are provided to the Meritoriouswards of CIL employees who secure 90% or above Marks in aggregate in 10th and 12thstandard Board level examination respectively.

Considering the high cost of technical and medical education in thecountry Coal India Limited is providing financial assistance towards meeting the cost ofeducation of the dependent children of Wage Board Employees to the extent of tuition feesand hostel charges who secure admission in IITs NITs ISM and Govt. Engineering andMedical colleges.

20.4 Medical Facilities

Coal India Limited and its Subsidiaries are extending medicalfacilities to the employees and their families through various medical establishments fromthe dispensary level to the central and apex hospitals in different parts of thecoalfields. For specialized treatment where the expertise/ facilities is not availablethey are also referred for outside treatment in the empaneled hospitals.

For transporting the patients to hospitals ambulances with latesttechnology and life support systems are provided at central places in entire coalfields.

In addition special emphasis is laid on Occupational Health HIV/AIDSand COVID-19 awareness programme for the employees and their families.

Medical facilities of OPD and indoor treatment in Company'shospitals/ dispensaries are also extended to the workers engaged by contractors.

20.5 Statutory Welfare Facilities

In accordance with the provision of the Mines Act 1952 and Rules andRegulations framed there-under subsidiaries of Coal India Limited are maintaining variousstatutory welfare facilities for the coal mines such as Canteen Rest Shelters etc.

20.6 Non-Statutory Welfare Measures

20.6.1 Co-operative Stores and Credit Societies.

In order to supply essential commodities and consumer goods at acheaper rate in the collieries Central Co-operative and Primary Co-operative Stores arefunctioning in the Coalfield Areas of CIL. In addition Co-operative Credit Societies arealso functioning in Coal Companies.

20.6.2 Banking Facilities and Post Offices

The management of Coal companies are providing infrastructurefacilities to various Nationalized Banks for opening their Branches and Extension Countersin Coalfields for the benefit of their workers. Workers have been educated to draw theirsalaries from the banks. Similarly there have been efforts to bring the post offices tothe proximity of workers by encouraging opening of facilities closer to residentialcolonies.

20.6.3 Holiday Homes

Coal India Ltd. provides Holiday homes facilities at places of touristattraction at nominal cost for the benefit of its employees & their families. Thesefacilities are also available for retired employees.

20.6.4 Sports Facilities

Sports Policy for CIL and its Subsidiaries was approved by CIL Board ofDirectors. As per the policy Coal India Sports Promotion Association (CISPA) anautonomous body for promotion of sports & culture has been registered under WestBengal Societies Registration Act 1961. This association supports Sports and Culture byway of providing sponsorship/ financial assistance in the coalfield areas.

20.7 Empowerment of Women

As on 01.04.2021 19535 female employees are working in CIL and itsSubsidiaries under different establishments. The Forum of Women in Public Sector (WIPS)was established under the aegis of Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) on12th February 1990 which came into existence at CIL in the same year. The forum has beenactively working for the empowerment of women in the Company.

Coal India Limited has a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committeecomprising of members as per the guidelines provided by Hon'ble Supreme Court ofIndia. The company in addition to maternity benefits provided under the Maternity BenefitAct 1961 provides 730 days of Child Care Leave on full salary to women employeessubject to other conditions as stipulated in the policy.

20.8 CIL Welfare Board Meeting

Coal India Welfare Board is the decision making forum for welfarepolicies which enables betterment and improvement in living condition of employees in CIL.

The members of CIL Welfare Board comprises of Central Trade Unionrepresentatives and Management representatives who meet on regular basis to discuss thewelfare measures and review the implementation status of various welfare schemes.


Ministry of Home affairs Government of India circulated an order videref No 40-3/2020-DM(A) dated 24-Mar-2020 and addendum dated 25-Mar-2020 wherein Coal andMineral production Transportation Supply of explosives and activities incidental tomining operations have been placed in exempted category of Industrial Establishment asCoal Industry is an essential services and Coal India Limited is a Public Utility ServiceOrganization.

However the employees working at CIL-HQ have been allowed to resumeduty at work place in a phased manner through roster duty and those employees who residein the containment zone have been fully exempted from attending duties in the office andhave been allowed to work from home.

Further following actions were taken at CIL Hq in view of PandemicCOVID-19.

Stopping attendance through Biometric Attendance System

Restricting physical movement of paper and people. Use of e-officeemail or other electronic mode of communication

Avoiding gathering

Meetings through Video Conferencing

Social distancing for employees at workplace

A. Following COVID-19 related CSR projects were undertaken by CILduring FY 20-21:-

Infrastructure Creation

Sl.No. Company Details of infrastructure created Location
1 MCL 525 bedded COVID hospital (500 general & 25 ICU beds). Bed addition is planned. Bhubaneswar Odisha
2 MCL 150 bedded COVID hospital (144 general & 6 ICU beds) and 50 bedded COVID care centre Lakhanpur Odisha
3 MCL 6 quarantine centers at HQ and different areas of MCL Odisha
4 BCCL Hospitals earmarked as dedicated COVID hospitals:
• Central Hospital Dhanbad (L – 3 with 30 new ICU beds)
• Regional Hospital Bhuli (L – 2)
• Regional Hospitals at Baghmara and Jealgora (L – 1) Dhanbad Jharkhand
5 SECL Govt. hospitals converted into 100 bedded COVID treatments centre with testing lab Ambikapur and Bilaspur
6 CIL 100 beds of Karnataka Inst. Of Medical Sciences (KIMS) converted into ICU beds Dharwad Karnataka

Equipment support for COVID-19 treatment

Sl.No. Company Details of equipment support provided Location
1 CIL COVID Cold Chain Equipment for Vaccine transport West Bengal Meghalaya
• West Bengal: 73 Ice Lined Refrigerators (Small) 70 Deep Freezers (Small) & and GMSD Kolkata
24 Deep Freezers (Large)
• Meghalaya: 7 Ice Lined Refrigerators (Small) 3 Deep Freezers (Small) &
10 Deep Freezers (Large)
• 2 refrigerated trucks (1 each for West Bengal and GMSD Kolkata) – Procurement is
in progress
2 SECL COVID Cold Chain Equipment for Vaccine transport Chattisgarh
• 25 Ice Lined Refrigerators (Small)
• 6 Ice Lined Refrigerators (Large)
• 13 Deep Freezers (Small)
• 1 Deep Freezer (Large)
• 1 Walk In Freezer
3 SECL 60 TRUE-NAT Testing machines Chattisgarh
4 NCL 50 Ambulances Uttar Pradesh

Contribution to COVID-19 related funds

• Rs 20 cr. to Disaster Management Authority West Bengal by CIL

• Rs 20 cr. to Disaster Management Authority Maharashtra by CIL

• Rs 10 cr. to Disaster Management Authority Chattisgarh by SECL

• Rs 20 cr. to Disaster Management Authority Jharkhand by CCL

• Rs 20 cr. to Madhya Pradesh CM Relief Fund by NCL

• Rs 1.25 cr. in total to 3 districts in Maharashtra and 2 inMadhya Pradesh by WCL

Distribution of COVID-19 related consumables

• More than 71000 food packets on Shramik Special Trains

• Around 2.3 lakh cooked food/dry ration packets in peripheralareas

• More than 80800 lt. of sanitizer in peripheral areas

• More than 17.56 lakh masks in peripheral areas

• More than 1.35 lakh hand gloves and 29500 PPEs in peripheralareas

B. Following actions were taken at mines/establishments of CIL in viewof Pandemic COVID-19

Stopping attendance through Biometric Attendance System

Restricting physical movement of paper and people. Use of e-officeemail or other electronic mode of communication

Avoiding gathering

Meetings through Video Conferencing

Social distancing for employees at workplace

C. Vaccination to Health workers and those above 45 years of age withco-morbities

Vaccinations were open for health workers in January ‘21 andsubsequently it was made available for people above 60 years of age or people above 45years of age with co-morbities. Vaccination status upto 31/03/2021 in respect of CIL is asfollows:

No of employees vaccinated (above 45 years of age)– 9069

No of dependents of employees vaccinated (above 45 years of age)–1539

No of contractual employees vaccinated (above 45 years of age)–222 Vaccination drives are being continued in all the Subsidiaries of CIL.


Plantation and Green belt are developed through extensive treeplantation programme every year by the Subsidiaries of CIL. Avenue plantation plantationon OB dumps plantation in and around mines residential colonies and availablegovernment land are undertaken in the existing as well as the new projects. Thesubsidiaries of CIL have planted around 19.89 lakh saplings during 2020-21 in an areacovering more than 861.81 Ha. (i.e. 19.59 Lakh Saplings over 844.31 Ha inside mine leasearea & 28400 Saplings over 17.50 Ha outside mine lease area) with an increase of morethan 6% over previous year in terms of number of saplings.


23.1 Coal India Limited is committed to implement the provisions ofOfficial Languages Act Rules and Regulations and all activities are held regularly ineach quarter. The activities in the year include the following:

4 workshops were organised in each quarter to enable use of Hindi inofficial jobs.

Employees were imparted Training on Hindi noting and drafting andprovisions regarding Official Language Act.

Publication of 2 editions of Hindi Magazine namely "KoylaDarpan" from CIL HQs.

Executives of Hindi Cell participated in two Rajbhasha Conference ofTown Official Language Implementation Committee (PSU).

Observation of ‘Hindi Fortnight' in all offices of CIL andSubsidiaries in the month of September by conducting various events and competitions.

Training of employees in Hindi Praveen classes under Hindi teachingscheme of Govt. of India.

Kavi Sammelan was organized on 12.03.2021 at Coal India Limited(Headquarters) Kolkata under the leadership of noted poet Mr. Arun Jaimini and in thepresence of poets like Mrs. Anamika ‘Amber' Mahesh Garg ‘Bedhadak'Dinesh Babra Rohit Sharma.

Three departments of Coal India Ltd. were conferred with RajbhashaShield for the best practices in Official Language implementation in the year 2019-20.

In order to promote use of Hindi in official work "CIL HindiBook Writing Incentive Scheme" and "Incentive Scheme for Correspondence/Drafting and doing other official work in Hindi" have been implemented.

Following awards were conferred on CIL by various Governmentorganizations:

In the meeting of the Town Official Language Implementation Committee(PSU) Kolkata on 28.01.2021 Coal India Limited was awarded Second Prize in the CorporateOffice category for the best execution of Official Language Implementation.


Coal India Ltd. has a well-structured Vigilance Division at CorporateHQ-Kolkata headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer of the rank of Joint Secretary to Govt. ofIndia assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of vigilance officers. Similarly all of itseight subsidiaries have their independent Vigilance Units each headed by CVOs at thelevel of Director to GoI.

CVO CIL at the Corporate Office acts as a coordinating authoritybetween Vigilance Departments of Subsidiaries Ministry of Coal and the CVC. ChiefVigilance Officer at corporate office deals with complaints investigations and systemicimprovements on issues having multi-subsidiary and often company-wide implications.

During the last two years Vigilance Division of CIL as a part oftheir preventive vigilance function explored several processes having tremendousoperational & financial implications and developed practical suggestions successfullyfor the management using modern data analytic tools and sometimes accompanied by fieldexperiments. Some of these studies attempted for the first time ever which crystalizedinto actionable and implementable suggestions for management the implementation of whichderived immense benefits for the company are briefly summarized below: z Study andsystemic suggestions on the phenomenon of under-loading of railway rakes: Till 2018-19underloading of coal dispatched to various consumers and the resultant under loadingcharges paid by the coal companies had been increasing at an abnormal rate reaching to alevel of Rs772 crores in 2018-19 from Rs332 crores in 2014-15. Despite several attemptsmade in the past through contractual and technological interventions to curb this trendno significant impact could be made.

In view of the inherent complexities involved the entire process wasstudied in great depth by Vigilance Division which resulted into various systemicimprovement suggestions. The implementation of these suggestions by the managementsuccessfully curbed the rising trend of underloading and resulted in reducing theunderloading charges to a level of Rs530 crores in 2019-20 and further to a level of Rs467crores in 2020-21. The absolute saving to CIL due to this single systemic improvementstood at Rs242 crores and Rs63 crores in 2019-20 and 2020-21 respectively. The progressivereduction of underloading charges in the financial year 2020-21 is more significantconsidering the fact that this year recorded the highest ever increase in coal dispatch byrail (324.8 Mill.T in 2020-‘21 as against 282.8 Mill.T in 2019-‘20) whichestablishes sustainable nature of such system improvements.

z Vigilance Division made an in-depth studies on various policies andprocesses related to measurement of coal and overburden – two core activities in coalmining. The studies revealed several vulnerabilities which had huge ramification not onlyin the investigation of coal shortage cases and excess payment cases for overburdenremoval but also in the accuracy and efficiency of measurement of coal stock and OBremoval. These suggestions led to embarking upon certain fundamental changes in theUniform Code commonly known as Yellow Book after nine years of its first revisionunveiled by the Hon'ble Minister of Coal on CIL's Foundation Day-2020.

In the quest for fast and accurate measurement of extracted materialduring mining CIL has always been upgrading its instruments for measurement. CIL has beenthe industry leader in introducing the latest Terrestrial Laser Based technology formeasurements. The study undertaken by Vigilance Division into the functioning of 3D TLSresulted in making these instruments more efficiently and optimally utilized which werebeing used for in-situ overburden measurement earlier. For the first time CIL decided toadopt them for measurement of coal stock also in selected major mines of coal companies.CIL also issued policy circulars to reduce the survey and measurement time through 3D TLSby a substantial margin. z In the current financial year CIL Vigilance Division embarkedupon a preventive vigilance exercise called "Mission – Quality Management"(MQM) to study the entire quality determination process chain of CIL and its Subsidiarycoal companies aided by modern data analytic tools. CVO CIL examinedconsignment-quality-test results of more than 1.2 million samples spanning over fouryears and representing a quantity of 1625 Million Tonnes of coal. Insights gained fromthis study altered certain fundamental perceptions about coal quality quality assurancequality control and customer satisfaction. Very elaborate systemic suggestions have beenpresented by CVO CIL through multiple Advisories which were discussed at the highestlevel. Effective implementation of these suggestions has secured rich dividends to thecompany in the form of quality bonus during 2020-'21.

In order to isolate and quantify intrinsic factors which contribute toquality variations several field experiments were conducted in collaboration with minemanagements under the guidance of CVO CIL to determine the extent of in-seam variation incalorific value of coal in some of the major seams of five coal companies. z During theyear 2020-'21 CIL Vigilance Division received 722 complaints including thoseforwarded by MoC CBI and CVC out of which 718 have been disposed during the year. zDespite the constraints posed by the prevailing COVID situation the Vigilance Units ofCIL and its subsidiaries undertook numerous intensive examinations surprise checks andinvestigations leading to punitive actions on 409 officials during the year. The majorareas of punitive action include procurement recruitment and measurement of coal stocksand overburden removed.

As directed by Central Vigilance Commission the Vigilance AwarenessWeek 2020 was observed in HQ and all Units of Coal India Ltd and its Subsidiaries from27.10.2020 to 02.11.2020 emphasizing the theme "Vigilant India- ProsperousIndia". Various awareness activities both within and outside the organization wereconducted during the observance of VAW-2020 strictly following Covid protocols.


Employee received remuneration either equal to or in excess of thelimits prescribed under Rule 5(2) of Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of ManagerialPersonnel) Rules 2014 during 2020-21 is given in Annexure 17. Details of Rule 5(1)of Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules 2014 ondisclosure in the Board Report with reference to remuneration of Managerial Personnel ofTop 10 employees are annexed to the Report.


Shri Pramod Agrawal was appointed as Chairman cum Managing Director(CMD) and Chief Executive officer (CEO) from 1st Feb'2020 and was on the Boardthroughout the year. Shri Binay Dayal-Director (Technical) Shri Sanjiv Soni-Director(Finance) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Shri S.N. Tiwary-Director (Marketing) wereon the Board throughout the year. Shri R.P. Srivastava Director (P &IR) superannuatedon 31st January' 2021 (afternoon) and Shri S.N. Tiwary Director (Marketing) had beenentrusted with an additional charge of Director (P&IR) CIL w.e.f. 01.02.2021 for aperiod of six months.

Shri Vinod Kumar Tiwari AS MoC was on the Board throughout the year.Smt. Reena Sinha Puri JS &FA MOC ceased to be the Director of the Company w.e.f 28thMay'2020 and Smt. Yatinder Prasad JS & FA MoC was appointed as a Director from24th August' 2020.

On completion of their tenure Shri V.K.Thakral and Shri B.L.Gajiparaceased to be the Independent Directors from 6th Sept'2020.

Shri S. Saran CMD CMPDIL continued throughout the year as a PermanentInvitee. Shri R.R. Mishra CMD WCL on superannuation ceased to be the permanent inviteefrom 1st January' 2021. Shri S K Mishra Addl. Member Traffic Transportation wasappointed as permanent invitee from 22nd April' 20 and continued throughout the yearand Shri P K Sinha CMD NCL had been appointed as a Permanent Invitee in CIL Board w.e.f21st Jan'21 vice Shri R.R. Mishra. Shri M.Viswanathan was the Company Secretary andCompliance Officer throughout the year. Your Directors wish to place on record their deepsense of appreciation for the valuable guidance and services rendered by the Directorsduring their tenure who ceased to be the Directors during the year.

In terms of Article 39(j) of the Articles of Association of theCompany one third of retiring Directors are liable to retire by rotation shall retire atthe ensuing Annual General Meeting and they are eligible for reappointment. Shri V.K.Tiwari will retire by rotation and has also offered himself for re-appointment.

The Board of Directors held 19 meetings during the year 2020-21.

27. Composition of Audit Committee

CIL in pursuance of excellence in corporate governance formed an AuditCommittee of its Board of Directors w.e.f. 20th Jul'2001 and Audit Committee wasre-constituted by the Board in its 410th meeting held on 2nd Sept'20 consisted of TwoIndependent Directors and one Government Nominee Director one Invitee and one permanentinvitee. From 6th Sept 2020 CIL did not have any Independent Director in its Board.Therefore Audit Committee is not functioning from 6th Sept' 2020. Company hadrequested Ministry of Coal its Administrative Ministry who is the appointing authority toappoint Independent Directors including a woman Independent Director. Details weredisclosed in Corporate Governance Report under point number 3.1.

28. Composition of CSR Committee

From 6th Sept 2020 CIL did not have any Independent Director in itsBoard. Therefore CSR Committee is not functioning w.e.f 6th Sept' 2020. Company hadrequested Ministry of Coal its Administrative Ministry who is the appointing authority toappoint Independent Directors including a woman Independent Director. Details weredisclosed in Corporate Governance Report under point number 3.6.

29. Declaration given by independent directors under sub-section (6) ofSection 149.

The following independent directors had given their declaration during2020-21 that they meet the criteria of independence as stipulated in subsection (6) ofSection 149 of the Companies Act 2013. i. Shri V.K.Thakral ii. Shri B.L. Gajipara Furtheras required under Section 149(7) of Companies Act'13 and Regulations 25(8) of SEBI(LODR) Regulations 2015 as amended both the Independent Directors had submitteddeclaration that they meet the Independence Criteria as provided in Clause (b) ofRegulation 16(i) of LODR 2015 and they are not aware of any circumstance or situationwhich exists or may be reasonably anticipated that could impair or impact their ability todischarge duties with an objective independent judgment and without any externalinfluence. Further as required under Regulation 25(9) of LODR 2015 as amended the Boardof Directors of the Company in its 405th Board meeting held on 12th Jun'2020 took onrecord the declaration and confirmation submitted by the Independent Director underRegulations 25(8) after undertaking due assessment of the veracity of the same.

30. Appointment/Re-appointment and Integrity Expertise &Experience (including Proficiency) of Independent Directors

No Independent Director was appointed/ re-appointed during thefinancial year 2020-21. Hence Board had not formed any opinion on the Integrity Expertise& Experience (including Proficiency) of Independent Director.

31. Recommendation of Audit Committee by the Board.

All the recommendations made by Audit Committee were accepted by theBoard.

32. Company‘s policy on directors ‘appointment andremuneration including criteria for determining qualifications positive attributesindependence of a director and other matters provided under sub-section (3) of section178.

MCA vide Notification dated 5th June'2015 had exempted the abovefor Government companies.

33. Remuneration policy of directors KMPs and Senior Management –Section 178(4).

MCA vide Notification dated 5th June'2015 had exempted the abovefor directors of Government companies.

34. A statement indicating the manner in which formal annual evaluationhas been made by the Board of its own performance and that of its committees andindividual directors.

MCA vide notification dated 5th July' 2017 had exempted evaluationmechanism for Govt. Companies. However Company had prepared a policy for formalevaluation of Independent Directors Board Committees of the Board ExecutiveDirectors and Non Executive Directors and got it approved by Board in its 385th meetingheld on 30th May'19.

35. Contracts or Arrangements with Related Parties

Related Party Transactions made with the Subsidiary companies wereexempted under Regulation 23(5)(a) and (b) of Securities and Exchange Board of India(Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 being transactionsbetween two government companies and transactions entered between a holding and its whollyowned Subsidiaries whose accounts are consolidated with holding company and placed beforethe shareholders at the general meeting for approval. Hence Form AOC 2 is not prepared.However the remuneration paid to Key Managerial Personnel is disclosed separately inpoint no VI of Annexure 17.

36. Loan guarantees or investments by a company under section 186 ofthe Companies Act'2013

Loan guarantees and investments made by Coal India Limited in terms ofSection 186 of the Companies Act 2013 is enclosed in Annexure 18.

37. Familiarization programme of Board Members.

Board of Directors are fully briefed on all business related mattersassociated risk new initiatives etc. of the company. The Board of directors were alsobriefed about the provisions of Companies Act 2013 Prohibition of Insider TradingRegulations 2015 as amended and SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirement)Regulations 2015. As per Regulation 25 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and DisclosureRequirement)

Regulations 2015 the listed entity shall familiarize IndependentDirectors through various programmes about the listed entity including the following: (a)Nature of the industry in which the listed entity operates; (b) Business model of thelisted entity; (c) Roles rights responsibilities of Independent Directors; and (d) Anyother relevant information.

As per regulation 46 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and DisclosureRequirement) Regulations 2015 the details of the familiarization programmes given toIndependent Directors is to be disclosed on the website of the company. The same isdisclosed on company's website and link is givenhereunder:-

38. Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace

The company has an Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy in line with therequirements of The Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention Prohibition& Redressal) Act 2013. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is working at everySubsidiary and office of Coal India Limited to redress complaints regarding sexualharassment. All women employees (permanent contractual temporary trainees) are coveredunder the said policy. The ICC members of Coal India Limited head quarters are asfollows:

1. Ms. Ratnabali Shome – Chairperson

2. Smt. Sangita Goyal – Member

3. Sri Chinmayanand Gupta – Member

4. Dr. (Mrs.) S.P. Banerjee – Member

5. Shri Hrishikesh – Member

6. Ms. Pallabi Halder – NGO Member

No sexual harassment complaint was received during the year 2020-21 atCoal India Limited Hqs.


In terms of Section 134(3) (c) of the Companies Act 2013 read withthe Significant Accounting Policies at Note-2 & Additional Notes on Accounts atNote-37 forming part of CIL (Standalone) Accounts and Significant Accounting Policies atNote-2 & Additional Notes on Accounts at Note-38 forming part of CIL (Consolidated)Accounts.

It is confirmed that: a) In the preparation of the Annual financialstatements the applicable Indian Accounting Standards have been followed and that nomaterial departures have been made from the same; b) The Accounting Policies have beenselected and applied consistently and judgements and estimates made that are reasonableand prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company atthe end of the financial year and profit & loss of the company for that period; c)Proper and sufficient care have been taken for maintenance of adequate accounting recordsin accordance with the provisions of this Act for safeguarding the assets of the Companyand for preventing and detecting fraud and other irregularities; d) The Annual Accountshave been prepared on a going concern basis; e) Internal Financial Controls have been laiddown and that such controls are adequate and were operating effectively during the yearended 31st March 2021. f) Proper systems have been devised to ensure compliance with theprovisions of all applicable laws and such systems were adequate and operatingeffectively.

For CIL (Consolidated) Accounts such confirmation is based onconfirmation obtained from eight Indian subsidiaries of CIL viz: Eastern CoalfieldsLimited Bharat Coking Coal Limited Central Coalfields Limited(consolidated) NorthernCoalfields Limited Western Coalfields Limited Mahanadi Coalfields Limited(consolidated) South Eastern Coalfields Limited (consolidated) and Central Mine Planning& Design Institute Limited. However for the overseas subsidiary viz. Coal IndiaAfricana Limitada which was incorporated under Mozambique Commercial Code and for JointVentures viz. International Coal Ventures Private Limited NTPC Urja Private LimitedHindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited Talcher Fertilizers Limited and Coal Lignite UrjaVikas Private Limited where CIL is not the majority shareholder such confirmation havenot been obtained.

The group is taking continuous measures to combat the adverse impact ofCOVID-19 and has implemented manifold measures for ease of doing business. The group hasconsidered the possible effects that may arise due to pandemic in the preparation of thefinancial results including the recoverability of carrying amounts of financial andnon-financial assets as on 31st March 2021. The group will continue to closely monitorany material changes arising out of future economic conditions and the resultant impact onits business.

Internal Financial Control & its Adequacy : (Details are disclosedin MD & AR portion) 40. ACCOUNTS OF THE SUBSIDIARIES

The statement containing the salient features of the financialstatements of company's Subsidiaries Associate companies and Joint ventures underthe first proviso to sub-section (3) of section 129 of Companies Act 2013 is enclosed asAOC 1 in Annexure 19. In terms of General Circular No.2/2011 dated 8th February2011 from Ministry of Corporate Affairs the Annual Accounts of the Subsidiary companiesshall be made available to the shareholders on demand.


M/s Dhananjay V. Joshi & Associates conducted Cost Audit of yourcompany for the year 2019-20 and Cost Audit Report was approved by the Board of Directorsin their 413th meeting held on 14th October 2020. The above report was filed in XBRL modewith MCA on 9th November 2020.

M/s Shome & Banerjee was appointed as Cost auditor for CILStandalone for the year 2020-21. E-form CRA-2 has been filed with MCA portal vide SRNR53219853 dated 4th September 2020.


In pursuance of Section 204 of Companies Act 2013 company hadconducted Secretarial Audit for the year 2020-21 by a peer reviewed practicing CompanySecretary firm M/s Parikh & Associates Practising Company Secretaries. Theirappointment was approved in 400th CIL Board meeting held on 12th March'20. Companyhas obtained ‘Secretarial Audit Report' and the response to their comments areenclosed in Annexure 20. In addition CIL has 6 Material Unlisted Subsidiaries andtheir Secretarial Audit Report along with Observation of Secretarial Auditor ofSubsidiaries and Management Reply are also annexed as per Regulation 24A of LODR 2015.


CIL Board had approved Risk Management Charter and Risk Register tobuild up a strong Risk Management Culture within CIL in achieving company's goals andobjectives. The entity level Risk Assessment included: i) Strategic Risk ii) OperationalRisk iii) Financial Risk iv) Compliance Risk v) Project Related Risk and vi) SupportSystem Risk.

As per the Risk Register different risks have been identified for CIL& its Subsidiaries Risk Owner & Risk Mitigation Plan Owner have also beennominated for each risk identified to ensure continuous monitoring and mitigation thereof.A Risk Management team headed by CRO in consultation with HoDs and under the guidance ofthe Risk Management Committee had implemented the governance process envisaged in the RiskManagement Framework along with formulation of Risk Mitigation plans for the PrioritizedRisks and RTMs (Risk That Matters) of CIL.


The following policies may be accessed on the Company's website asunder:-

1. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

2. Vigil Mechanism/Whistle Blower Policy:

3. Policy for determining Material Subsidiary: 21032015.pdf

4. Related Party Transaction Policy:

5. Policy on determination of Materiality under SEBI(LODR)Regulations 2015

6. Policy on Preservation of documents including Archival Policyunder SEBI(LODR) Regulations 2015

7. Dividend Distribution Policy under SEBI (LODR) Regulations 2015

8. Annual Return for the year 2020-21.

Pursuant to Section 92(3) read with Section 134(3)(a) of the Act theAnnual Return as on March 31 2021 is available on the Company's website on COMPANY CONFIRMS THE FOLLOWING:-

1. None of the Directors are disqualified for appointment as perSection 164 of the Companies Act'2013.

2. Company has not issued any Equity share with differential votingrights Sweat Equity shares and ESOP.

3. Unclaimed Interim Dividend for the year 2012-13 was due for transferto IEPF Account on 13.04.2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and within the time permitted byMCA it was transferred on 26.06.2020. Further Unclaimed Final Dividend 2012-13 on whichdividend had not been claimed for seven consecutive years were transferred to IEPFAuthority on 19.10.2020 as stipulated in Companies Act 2013. Further Unclaimed InterimDividend 2013-14 along with shares on which dividend had not been claimed for sevenconsecutive years were also transferred to IEPF Authority on 15.02.2021.

4. Statutory Secretarial and Cost Auditors had not resigned duringthe year 2020-21

5. No relative of director was appointed to place of profit.

6. As per Regulation 32(4) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and DisclosureRequirement) Regulations 2015 deviation of Proceeds of Public issue is not applicable tothe company.

7. There is no deposit covered under Chapter V of Companies Act 2013.

8. There is no deposit which is not under compliance of Chapter V ofCompanies Act 2013.

9. There is no change in the nature of business.

10. No Director is in receipt of any commission from Subsidiarycompanies in which he is a director.

11. Applicable Secretarial Standards i.e. SS-1 and SS-2 relating to‘Meetings of the Board of Directors' and ‘General Meetings'respectively have been duly followed by the Company.

12. There is no Material Change from the end of financial year 2020-21till the date of this Board Report.


1. Details in respect of frauds reported by Auditors under section143(12) other than those which are reportable to the Central Government.: No such reportof fraud as per Audit Report of Standalone as well as Consolidated Accounts has beenreceived.

2. Material changes and commitments if any affecting the financialposition of the company which have occurred between the end of the FY and the date of thereport: No material changes and commitments occurred between the end of the FY and thedate of the report which may affect the Standalone as well as consolidated financialposition of the company. Impact of outbreak of COVID-19 has not significantly affectedperformance of the company. However management is closely observing the impacts ofpandemic on its performance.

3. The names of companies which have become or ceased to be itssubsidiaries joint ventures or associate companies during the year. New Joint Venturenamely Coal Lignite Urja Vikas Private Limited was incorporated in FY 2020-21.

Further the company has incorporated two wholly owned subsidiaries on16th April 2021 viz. CIL Solar PV Limited for manufacturing of solar value chain(Ingot-wafer-Cell Module) and CIL Navikarniya Urja Limited for renewable energy.


The Board of Directors of your Company wishes to record their deepsense of appreciation for the sincere efforts put in by the employees of the Companyduring difficult Covid-19 time and Trade Unions. Your Directors also gratefullyacknowledge the co-operation support and guidance extended to the Company by variousMinistries of the Government of India in general and Ministry of Coal in particularbesides the State Governments. Your Directors also acknowledge with thanks the assistanceand guidance rendered by Statutory Auditors the Comptroller and Auditor General of IndiaRegistrar of Companies West Bengal Secretarial Auditor and Cost Auditor and wishes toplace on record their sincere thanks to Consumers for their continued patronage.


The following are annexed:-i) Pre-tax Profit of CIL & itsSubsidiaries for 2020-21 vis--vis 2019-20 (Annexure 1). ii) Subsidiary wisedetails of Dividend income of CIL Standalone (Annexure 2). iii) The comments of theComptroller and Auditor General of India on Standalone Financial Statements of Coal IndiaLimited (Annexure 3). iv) Auditors Report on the Standalone Financial Statementsfor the year ended 31st March 2021 including Report on the Internal Financial Controlsunder Clause (i) of Sub-section 3 of Section 143 of the Companies Act 2013 ("theAct") [Annexure 3(A)]. v) The comments of the Comptroller and Auditor Generalof India on Consolidated Financial Statements of Coal India Limited (Annexure 4).vi) Auditors Report on the Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31stMarch 2021 including Report on the Internal Financial Controls under Clause (i) ofSub-section 3 of Section 143 of the Companies Act 2013 ("the Act") [Annexure4(A)]. vii) Subsidiary wise Coal Off-take. (Annexure 5) viii) Sector-wisedispatch of coal & coal products. (Annexure 6) ix) Subsidiary wise details ofStock of Coal. (Annexure 7) x) Subsidiary wise details of Trade Receivables.(Annexure 8) xi) Subsidiary-wise payment of Royalty GST GST compensation Cess CessSales Tax and Others. (Annexure 9) xii) Subsidiary-wise Coking & Non-cokingproduction Production from underground and opencast mines. (Annexure 10) xiii)Subsidiary-wise Washed Coal (Coking) Production. (Annexure 10A) xiv) Subsidiarywise Overburden Removal. (Annexure 10B) xv) Population of equipment. (Annexure11) xvi) Subsidiary wise System Capacity Utilization. (Annexure 12) xvii)Subsidiary wise details of Capital Expenditure. (Annexure 13) xviii) ProjectImplementation (Annexure 14) xix) Safety performance. (Annexure 15) xx)Subsidiary wise manpower. (Annexure 16) xxi) Disclosures under Rule 5(1) ofCompanies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Rules 2014. (Annexure17). xxii) Loan and Advances Guarantees Investments made by the company underSection 186(4) of the Companies Act' 2013 (Annexure 18). xxiii) Statementpursuant to first proviso to sub-section (3) of section 129 read with rule 5 of Companies(Accounts) Rules 2014) as on 31st March 2021. (Annexure 19). xxiv) SecretarialAudit Report under Section 204 of Companies Act 2013 and Secretarial Audit Report ofMaterial Subsidiaries and Management Explanation. (Annexure 20). xxv) ForeignExchange Earning and Outgo under Rule 8 of Companies (Accounts) Rules 2014 (Annexure21). xxvi) Details about Research and Development of the Company (Annexure 22). xxvii)Disclosure as per Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 on Corporate Social Responsibility (Annexure23). xxviii) Significant and Material Orders passed by the Regulators or Courts. (Annexure24). xxix) Corporate Governance Report. (Annexure 25)

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
Pramod Agrawal
Dated: 13th August 2021 Chairman-cum-Managing Director
Kolkata (DIN-00279727)