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Sundar Pichai 52nd b'day: Lessons to be learnt from his successful life

Today, on June 10, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, turned 52 years old. In Silicon Valley, Pichai now leads one of the largest tech companies in the world, Google, which is worth a trillion dollars

Happy 52d b'day Sundar Pichai

Happy 52d b'day Sundar Pichai

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Sundar Pichai is a well-known Indian-American CEO who heads Alphabet Inc. and Google LLC at the moment. He was born in Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, on June 10, 1972. This year marks the 52nd birthday of Pichai. 
Today, on Sundar Pichai's birthday, we celebrate a momentous visionary in the business world whose journey is really inspiring. Sundar Pichai's rise from a modest upbringing in Chennai to his significant leadership at Google is completely exceptional. Many people are inspired by his dedication and strategy for success.

Happy 52nd b'day Sundar Pichai: Personal and Education insights 

Regunatha Pichai, a British conglomerate GEC electrical engineer, and Lakshmi, a stenographer, were the parents of Pichai when he was born in 1972. His father got a rotary phone when Pichai was 12 and introduced him to technology. 
After graduating from IIT Kharagpur with a degree in metallurgical engineering, he went on to pursue MS in material science and engineering from Stanford University. 
Later, he went on to pursue MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was named a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar.

Sundar Pichai 52nd birthday: Professional life 

Pichai began leading the Android division in 2013, and afterward moved to becoming the CEO in 2015. Google has maintained its focus on artificial intelligence ever since Pichai became CEO. An excellent example is Google I/O 2024, where the Gemini AI suite's advancements took centre stage. 
This followed the arrival of Gemini 1.5 Pro and 1.5 Flash alongside teasers for future extensions. The Trillium chip, Google's next-generation Tensor Processing Unit designed to accelerate AI performance was another significant announcement.

5 Life Lessons from Sundar Pichai

Lesson 1: Be adequately enough to think ambitiously 
Despite coming from a middle class family, Pichai hoped for the big. He teaches us that defining ambitious objectives is fundamental for progress. By envisioning dreams and making steps towards them, we can defeat any obstacles in our way. 
Lesson 2: Be unique and take chances 
Pichai stands out as a leader because he is willing to embrace his individuality and take risks. He urges us to remain consistent with ourselves and not conform to societal norms. Challenges may lead you to unchartered territories, however, this is usually where innovation and prosperity flourish.
Example 3: It doesn't make any difference where you start from 
Pichai's childhood in a modest home in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, teaches us that our starting points don't decide our fate. No matter what our background is, we can impact our lives through hard work and assurance.
Lesson 4: Don't worry about failing 
Pichai's positive attitude toward failure reminds us that failures are an inevitable part of the path to success. We should not be ashamed of our failures; rather, we must wear them as a badge of honour and learn from them. Failure shows us important lessons and strengthens our versatility.
Lesson 5: Strengthen yourself and others. 
Pichai is committed to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment. He focuses on the significance of lifting others as we move up in progress. We can reach greater heights together by constructing bridges and supporting one another's development.

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First Published: Jun 10 2024 | 1:26 PM IST

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