Covid-19 in numbers Cases 14,526,609 | Death 175,649 | Vaccination 119,937,641

DATA STORY At 1,341, India records highest Covid deaths in a day

Coronavirus Dispatches World | India

Shekhar Gupta How the Modi government has walked into its biggest crisis

Covid: Not wearing mask in Railway premises will attract fine up to Rs 500

West Bengal election 2021 LIVE: 54.67% voter turnout recorded till 1:30 pm

Tea with BS Artist Jitish Kallat's search for an interesting space called the ordinary

Red Fort violence: Court grants bail to actor-activist Deep Sidhu

Fitch revises positive outlook on Future Retail Ltd, affirms rating at 'C'

T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan Do top economics journals hold women authors to higher standards than men?

Cuba: Era ends as Raul Castro steps down as Communist Party chief

From Sputnik V to Moderna, here's a snapshot of Covid-19 vaccines

SpaceX wins $2.9 billion NASA contract to build commercial moon lander

Aditi Phadnis If Congress wins Assam polls, national future for Bhupesh Baghel assured

Setting up a semi-conductor fab plant: Will India be third time lucky?

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Will fast-tracking approvals to foreign-made jabs help India meet its vaccination goals and achieve herd immunity by the turn of this Calendar year?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say







The Raipur-Guwahati connection

Aditi Phadnis

If the Congress wins the Assam elections, a national future for Bhupesh Baghel is assured

Of dubious products & cautionary warnings

Sandeep Goyal

Are "dubious" new categories and "shady" new brands, financed and funded by avaricious investors trying to change the contours of the Indian marketplace forever?

Tea with BS

Artist Jitish Kallat's search for an interesting space called the ordinary

In this extraordinary time, Kallat tells Pavan Lall about the interesting space called ordinary that he's fiercely in search of

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Web Exclusive

What you should do to soften the blow of second Covid wave on your finances

This is a time to focus not on maximising upside gains but curtailing downside risks

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Intel promises help for automakers as Biden works to fix chips shortage

The global chip shortage stems from a confluence of factors as carmakers, which shut plants during the Covid-19 pandemic last year

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