Aditi Phadnis The 'traitor' trait in the Congress

Shekhar Gupta A Gujarat gamble

More protests erupt in China against Covid policy triggered by deadly fire

From Meta to Zomato, how new online review rules will impact industry

RBI pauses onboarding of online merchants by Paytm Payments Services

Will make phones if Apple, Google remove Twitter from app stores: Elon Musk

Gujarat Assembly elections: BJP promises 2 mn jobs, implementation of UCC

Oyo Hotels reports net loss of Rs 333 cr in Q2; revenue increases 24%

Hike interest rates by 25-35 basis points in Dec: Economists to RBI

India waging a lonely battle to lay its hands on 26/11 attack masterminds

'5G rollout to be faster in India, neighbour nations' gears need checks'

Biggest World Cup crowd in 28 years sees Messi play against Mexico

Work to combat climate change, boost millet production: FM urges startups


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Should the RBI try to get the rupee over 80 against the dollar again?

  • Yes
  • No







'Moment marketing' with meaning

Sandeep Goyal

Social media posts loaded with cheeky messages and clever hashtags achieve really nothing

The 'traitor' trait in the Congress

Aditi Phadnis

Paul Brass's research on the Congress factions in Uttar Pradesh in the 1960s and 1970s holds true even today. Factions in the party are active and alive, and not merely in UP

Weekend Ruminations

The future of Indian economy: Should it play the power game or values game?

India must decide what it wants to be - a country admired for its soft power and market, or an arbitrary state that can do what it wills with both individuals and businesses - writes T N Ninan

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Selecting a target maturity fund based on your horizon and risk appetite

Constitution of underlying indexes doesn't matter since all the three categories of bonds they invest in are safe

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Elon Musk

Twitter will launch gold, grey checks besides blue tick: Elon Musk

Twitter's account verification program is finally set to launch next week