Covid-19 in numbers India cases reach 2,567, deaths 72, says Worldometer

India coronavirus dispatch: Why we must prepare for the long haul

World coronavirus dispatch: US unemployment rises, job cuts at airlines

Covid-19 Factoid: Gap between daily new cases and recoveries widening

Business Standard Covid-19 tracker Tracing the pandemic in India and the world

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More pain ahead for the auto sector? Here's what top brokerages say

Shekhar Gupta Modi and his politics of messaging

FinMin transfers Rs 17,287 crore to states to deal with coronavirus crisis

Wall Street falls as coronavirus shreds US payroll; Dow, S&P slip over 1%

Small, used cars may see surge in sale after 21-day coronavirus lockdown

The history of the Tablighi Jamaat and its place in the Islamic world

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NCR, Mumbai stare at up to $1.7bn per week loss due to shutdown: Barclays

Coffee with BS Blackstone's Schwarzman on how to stay ahead of competition

Pranjal Kishore Even in the times of Covid-19, the SC order must not normalise an exception

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Will you avail the three-month moratorium being offered on the home loan you took from your bank?

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Covid-19: Ending the tyranny of scale?

T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

Scale became critical because of steadily increasing capital intensity that the new technologies engendered

Why KCR has started sounding desperate

Aditi Phadnis

All states face the problem of reordering their finances. But Telangana more than others because it has committed itself to a path from which it cannot swerve

Coffee with BS

Blackstone's Schwarzman on how to stay ahead of competition

Stephen Schwarzman talks to Pavan Lall about lessons from India, how he catches up on lost sleep and his formula to stay ahead of competition

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Small savings schemes continue to score despite the steep rate cut

Despite the steep rate cut, you are unlikely to find better paying schemes without taking excessive risk

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telemedicine, doctors, patients

Telemedicine helps doctors, patients stay connected amid Covid-19 lockdown

With a lockdown in force, many doctors are diagnosing patients remotely via audio/video calls and electronic platforms

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