Covid-19 in numbers Cases 21,077,410 | Deaths 230,168 | Vaccination 162,513,339

DATA STORY India reports its biggest-ever single-day Covid death toll of 3,980

Coronavirus Dispatches World | India

Ajit Singh, RLD leader and former union minister, dies of Covid

Nivedita Mookerji DoT should now rationalise the steep reserve price fixed for 5G spectrum

Jeff Bezos sells $2.5 billion of Amazon and signals more coming

China halting flights to India could hurt pharma supplies, say companies

Manned missions on the agenda: Space odyssey in reusable rockets

Second Covid-19 wave's decline may be as rapid as its rise: Gagandeep Kang

Indian Navy warships fan out to friendly nations to get oxygen amid Covid

Editorial Reservations: SC reiterates basic principle of affirmative action

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As partial lockdowns hit consumer confidence, market bets on consumer firms

Markets may be ignoring banks' NPA risk from second coronavirus wave

New assemblies, govts: How finances of states that went to polls look like

Shyam Ponappa Covid prevention guidance needed

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Will the suspension of IPL 2021 dilute the interest of sponsors and advertisers in big cricket tournaments?

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  • No
  • Can't Say







Covid prevention guidance needed

Shyam Ponappa

Authoritative guidance, if possible, on prophylaxis and early treatment would help

A slow but steady start for 5G

Nivedita Mookerji

It's now time for DoT to rationalise the steep reserve price fixed for 5G spectrum to bring India closer to Bharat in due course

Editorial Comment

RBI's rescue act

The move to avoid the moratorium route is a wise one

Reservations about reservations

SC reiterates the basic principle of affirmative action

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Google. Photo: Bloomberg

Covid-19: Google says 20% of workers will be remote, many more hybrid

Google says it expects about 20% of ifs workforce to still work remotely after its offices reopen this fall, while some 60% will work a hybrid ...

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