Covid-19 in numbers India cases reach 2,461,190, death toll at 48,040 | Factoid

DATA STORY India now accounts for one in every nine positive cases globally

Covid-19 tests India conducted 848,728 tests on Thursday, had a test positivity rate of 7.6%

Coronavirus Dispatches World | India

T T Ram Mohan In a democracy, can monetary policy be left entirely to technocrats?

Delhi, Mumbai airports to partner firms for on-arrival Covid-19 testing

Covid-19 pandemic: What will happen if we can't produce a vaccine?

Latest LIVE: Rajasthan Assembly session underway; Trust vote tabled

How Biden chose Harris: A search that forged new stars, friends & rivalries

Core investment companies can have only two layers, says RBI

Bobby Ghosh How Israel, UAE and the US will benefit from the historic peace agreement

TikTok and WeChat expose how US tech giants lack innovation in social media

Telecom stocks trade flat ahead of today's SC hearing on AGR payments

BS READS The search for an Indian giant in difficult social media terrain

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Has the Supreme Court's judgment according equal right in property to daughters in HUF set the tone for similar amendments in personal laws of other communities?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say







Technocrats versus politicians

T T Ram Mohan

Illustration: Binay Sinha In a democracy, monetary policy cannot be entirely left to technocrats any more than war can be left to generals

A pandemic of opportunism

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

The pandemic could tear aside pieties and posturing and unveil a more authentic India by sparking the kind of economic surge that shaped the Roaring Twenties after the Spanish flu epidemic

Editorial Comment

Trusting taxpayers

The charter and faceless scrutiny should not remain just on paper

Daughter act

Apex court ruling is a big step towards gender equality

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Life insurance, insurance

Not a good idea: Surrendering insurance policy early entails higher loss

To avoid losing protection cover, explore the option of taking a loan against it

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Asus ROG Phone 3

Asus ROG Phone 3's 12GB RAM, 256GB storage variant goes on sale on Aug 21

The ROG Phone 3 was launched in India on July 22 in two variants, 8GB RAM 128GB internal storage and 12GB RAM 256GB internal storage priced ...

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