Covid-19 in numbers Cases 13,873,825 | Death 172,085 | Vaccination 111,179,578

DATA STORY India adds 101,006 active Covid cases in a day, reports 1,027 deaths

Coronavirus Dispatches World | India

UP Panchayat Election 2021 LIVE: Voting begins; eyes on Gorakhpur, Ayodhya

Indo-China trade deficit hits 7-year low amid Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 risk on flights drops by half when middle seats kept vacant: Study

Maharashtra curbs: FMCGs chalk out production, distribution plans

Editorial Renewed risks to recovery: Rising Covid cases could reverse recent gains

R Gopalakrishnan Independent directors should at least try to balance morality and law

Naushad Forbes Coping with Covid: We should stop messing around and plan ahead of the infection curve

Neelkanth Mishra Progress comes in layers

Dr Reddy's to also use govt cold chain infra for Sputnik V distribution

Infosys attrition at high of 15%; to hire 25,000 from campuses in FY22

Editorial Worsening wildfires: Local tribes should be involved in forest upkeep and management

Second Covid-19 wave: Hospitals running out of beds, staff overstretched

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Will fast-tracking approvals to foreign-made jabs help India meet its vaccination goals and achieve herd immunity by the turn of this Calendar year?

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Coping with Covid

Naushad Forbes

Coronavirus, lockdown, covid-19 We need to stop messing around and plan ahead of the infection curve

Legality versus morality

R Gopalakrishnan

Law and morality are often not aligned. Apart from regulations, we must consider the difficult perspective of character versus morality by exploring "behavioural corporate governance"


Renewed risks to recovery

Rising Covid cases could reverse recent gains

Worsening wildfires

Local tribes should be involved in forest upkeep and management

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Medical insurance, health, cover, discounts, premium, coronavirus, covid

Low sum insured, sub-limits give rise to partial payouts: Experts

Supplement a policy with a substantial emergency corpus

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Intel promises help for automakers as Biden works to fix chips shortage

The global chip shortage stems from a confluence of factors as carmakers, which shut plants during the Covid-19 pandemic last year

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