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A new social order

As digital marketing takes root, communication start-ups come of age

We might look at an integrated product folio: Amar Babu

Interview with COO, Lenovo, Asia Pacific & chairman, Lenovo India

Reaching out to GenNext

The latest campaign of 99acres aims to make searching for rental properties a hassle free experience

Book Extract: Increasing cross-cultural awareness

Small gestures such as knowing how to greet or pronouncing names correctly can make a huge difference while managing today's cross-cultural teams

Spicy beginnings

Premium spice brand Catch launched three variants recently - Catch Paani Poori Masala, Catch Tea Masala and Catch Tandoori Masala. These will be launched in phases starting with north India followed by the rest of the country. Catch Pani Poori ...

How social influence effects buying behaviour

If the passenger sitting next to you on a flight buys a snack or a movie, does that make it more likely that you, too, will buy something? Yes, says Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Pedro M Gardete. He examined what's known as social ...

The innovative power of slack time

There is a whole lot more to innovation than thinking up a great new idea. A new study from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management suggests that when budding entrepreneurs get time off their normal activities to work on other things ...

The Strategist Quiz (#416)

After World War II, many veterans returned to the US with mechanical skills learned in the service. So they used old model cars that were cheap and abundant and modified them for racing in old and abandoned military airports. What was the name given ...

Answers to last week's quiz (#415)

Evan Spiegel, founder, Snapchat. All Diamonds were once owned by the famous American Jeweller Harry Winston. His company, Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, is now part of the Canadian Dominion Diamond Corporation. Campbell Soup Company. In 1898, ...

Communication first

Indians spend 47 per cent of time using communication apps such as voice and instant messaging. These apps have a higher dependency on mobile broadband and account for 40-50 per cent of data consumption against video apps (20 per cent), finds a ...

Irdai steps in to get rid of the middleman

The draft guidelines, if implemented, will ensure TPAs can no longer reject claims

Depositors get some protection if bank fails

Deposits up to Rs 1 lakh are insured. Read on for ways to raise this cover

PM's Digital Dialogue

Opinion polls show 'No' ahead in Greek bailout referendum

Rejection of creditors terms will set the country on a path out of the euro

Nitin Pai: How to buy a rifle

Prepare procurement plans well in advance, and have them cleared by the Cabinet, not just the services and defence ministry

Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly: Greece's moment of reckoning

The Greek leadership is trying to convince the people that voting "no" would not necessarily lead Greece out of the euro

Sunita Narain: Smart agencies for smart cities

Smart cities will work only if we can reinvent the very idea of urban growth. Smart thinking will require the government to not only copy the model cities of the already developed Western world, but also to find a new measure of livability that will ...

Canon EOS 750D: Entry-level DSLR with advanced features

Buy this camera if you can afford; but you need to buy better lenses to realise its full potential

Foreign flavour: Use with caution

As advertisers consider the charisma of international endorsers, they need to be aware of the nuances

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