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How to lose friends

Several former colleagues say Arvind Kejriwal is undemocratic. But his loyalists stand stoutly behind him

On test, always

Pakistan, peculiarly, represents the best and worst of cricket. Over the years, its players have exhibited an unmatched hunger for success but are not averse to a bit of individual profiteering, whether in terms of sporting achievement or material ...

Steak out of a truck

Funkily designed trucks that serve grab-and-go food are the new rage in Bengaluru

At work and happy

Our job consumes a huge amount of our time. That is why it is important to teach ourselves to be happy at the workplace

Tractors, SUVs and ... grapes

The country's largest exporter of grapes is Mahindra & Mahindra. The author finds out how it happened

Silver standard

Harley-Davidson's Breakout is a great bike for weekend getaways, but its biggest challenge is its limited manoeuvrability and reluctance to take tight corners

Biju Ramesh took on an 'invincible' minister

If KM Mani, Kerala's finance and law minister, chairman of Kerala Congress (M) and a powerful figure in the ruling coalition, finds himself besieged for the first time in his half century in politics, it is all due to the efforts of one individual: ...

Up close with Van Gogh

As a fledgling artist, Vincent van Gogh hired a carpenter to build a perspective frame: a wire-grid window. He used it to draw the Dutch countryside, his eyes darting between his pencil and the views through the frame. A few years later, van Gogh ...

Birdman: A director's triumph

Birdman, with its stream-of-consciousness treatment, treads the fine line between theatre and cinema

Chess (#1133)

Magnus Carlsen duly won the top section of the 77th Wijk An Zee Tata Steel tournament (yes that's a mouthful). The world champion scored 9 from 13 (6 wins, 1 loss, 6 draws). All his wins came in one glorious burst. Carlsen was pursued by the quartet ...

16th century on the cards

A painstaking effort is on to revive an ancient card game that is a wealth of history and myths

US economy cools in fourth quarter

GDP expands at 2.6% in Q4, compared to 5% in the previous quarter

Creativity, brick by brick

Lego is not just a toy for children, it can help build some amazing things

North versus the rest

Is Jayanthi Natarajan a victim of Rahul Gandhi's 'shift' from being pro-poor to pro-industry?

Nurturing the collector

The exhibition looked at Clark's role as patron, collector and art historian and how he helped shape the course of British art

Nihilism in a medical ward

There is, of course, satirical exaggeration in this portrait of a medical ward as a purgatory for confused souls, administered to by angels whose faces keep changing

Gen Next or Gen Lost?

One of the biggest treats when we were children was being taken to India Gate on a cool summer evening or a not-too-severe winter one and let loose to play in the lawns. We invariably got a bright coloured balloon, a Kwality ice cream of our choice ...

Would you like to sleep the night in a Tesla Model S?

"It's probably safe to say this idea won't make significant money by itself," confesses automotive hotelier

Telcos to pay 33% upfront payment in 2100 Mhz band: DOT

Quantum of spectrum in 2,100-MHz band 75% less than Trai's suggestion

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