WhatsApp new feature: Search chats by date. Here is how to do it

WhatsApp New Feature: The meta-owned platform announced the new feature where users can search the chat with the mentioned date instead of typing keywords. Read this detailed report to know more

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3 min read Last Updated : Sep 12 2022 | 8:07 PM IST

WhatsApp is continually working on the latest features and updates to improve the user experience and boost engagement on its platform. According to the recent reports by WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned messaging app will allow users to search messages on chat much more easily.

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WhatsApp will allow users to search for messages on chat by mentioning the date. The feature was first spotted in 2020 yet could not make it to the company's plans. But, now, it looks like that update is ready to roll out in the market.

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WhatsApp New Feature: What is the benefit?

If a user forgets the conversation but remembers the date, this feature can help them sort out the chat without typing keywords. All they need is to filter by mentioning the date when they chatted.

The latest feature will come in handy for searching crucial conversations or recalling an important chat between users or in a group on a specific date.

According to the reports, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform works primarily on this feature for iPhone users. Though, WhatsApp will also introduce the feature for Android smartphones.

WhatsApp New Feature: What's new for iPhone users?

The Meta-owned platform will stop working on some Apple iPhone devices from October 24, 2022.

WhatsApp will no longer support users with iOS 10 and iOS 11 smartphones. Precisely, iPhone and iPhone 5C users will be ineligible for WhatsApp updates.

WhatsApp New Feature: How to use the new message searching feature?

According to the WABetaInfo report, the feature was in the process for two years but was denied later. But, "after releasing the WhatsApp Beta for iOS from the Testflight, we found that WhatsApp is finally planning to release the feature again in the future".
  1. Tap the icon, and you can jump instantly to a certain date to start reading all messages from that date.
  2. Scroll through the conversation to dismiss the date view.
  3. The feature will be beneficial when you want to discover the first message shared with a certain contact or read what messages were shared on a particular date.

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Indeed, the feature is still not fully developed, the WhatsApp has implied that they are finally working on it again after discarding the same plan two years ago. Besides, WhatsApp has also announced the release of a new feature, allowing users to share feedback on the app itself.

(Written by Zuhair Zaidi)

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First Published: Sep 12 2022 | 8:07 PM IST

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