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Japan! A shoppers' delight

Japan! A shoppers' delight

Tokyo (Japan), Nov 30 (ANI): Tatsuno city of Hyogo prefecture produces the largest amount of leather in Japan. Traditional making of leather has been passed down for 62 years since the foundation of Nakashima Leather Company.

The art of leather making, produced through a thousand years of traditional technology and processes has become a fashion of glamor: a garment that decorates people's personal belongings. Japan is seeing an increasing number of visitors from overseas.

Various industries and retailers are making efforts to benefit from the business opportunities they provide, as many of those tourists are keen on buying Japanese products. BIC CAMERA is one of Japan's leading consumer electronics retailers.

BIC CAMERAS stores are located next to many main stations in TOKYO. Also, rice cookers are popular items.

Here you can see overseas models in different sizes. They can work with a higher electricity voltage without the need of using a separate converter.

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