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Household financial savings rate inches up to 7.2% of GDP

Savings in deposits by the households rose to Rs 1 trillion (17%) in the year

Minimum pension of Rs 1,000 under EPFO; wage ceiling up at Rs 15,000

The increase in the minimum wage ceiling from Rs 6,500 to Rs 15,000 a month

EPFO retains 8.75% interest for FY15

The retirement fund body has about 5 crore subscribers and the decision will have a bearing on their retirement fund

EPFO may announce PF interest rate for FY15 on Tuesday

The issue of payment of interest rate for 2014-15 is listed on the agenda of the next meeting of the Central Board of Trustees

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40 Years Ago...And now: From outcry to just a click

Brokers trade over the terminal and with just a click of a mouse, buy or sell shares

For consumers, mediation might not mean much

Changes proposed to the Consumer Protection Act, such as inserting another round of mediation after filing a case, are unnecessary

Online wills are legally sound

Such a will, a cheaper and more convenient option, has to be signed by two witnesses

Gold purchases can wait

Unlike earlier years, buying it closer to the festival season can be cheaper

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Fixed deposits with a time frame of 1-2 years can work
Devangshu Datta

By November-December 2014, investors should also look at debt funds

The conservative should focus on diversified investing
Devangshu Datta

But a risk-taker can focus on a concentrated portfolio, like an entrepreneur whose portfolio contains just one business: His own

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Five things you wanted to know about the RuPay card

Recent developments saw Government passing on instructions to state owned banks to issue RuPay debit cards to their customers

5 rules to help you invest for the long term

Being a long term investor is also not an easy task, as for long term things might be not in your favour

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