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Panache Digilife Ltd.

BSE: 538424 Sector: Consumer
BSE 05:30 | 01 Jan Panache Digilife Ltd
NSE 05:30 | 01 Jan Panache Digilife Ltd

Panache Digilife Ltd. (PANACHE) - Chairman Speech

Company chairman speech

With pleasure I wish to present that Your Company has successfully listed IPO on 25thApril. 2017 at NSE Emerge Platform and has raised Capital of Rs 1458 Lacs. As expectedIPO was oversubscribed to 2.23 times. This indicates the level of confidence andreputation that your company enjoys in its field of operation and business. This milestone was established in short span of 10 years.

Your company believes in developing Products and Solutions with values for making humanlife easy and enriched through innovations and creativity.

An event like an IPO has not happen overnight. The idea was conceptualized longtime agoand immense efforts were aligned for making it happened. It necessitated acute planningwith b rds-eye detailing. Your company is fortunate enough to have a team of verymotivated and dedicated colleagues. It is a privilege and a great joy for me to extend mythanks to all those who have contributed in one way or the other to make the IPO asuccess.

The Realm of Information Technology (IT) is changing at a rapid pace beyond imaginationof common man. Let me say IT industry provides footing for most of the changes that worldis experiencing in day to day life. The future is in digits collaborative and globalconnectivity. Keeping the technological evolution in mind your company incorporated threesimple ideas in its approach like rejuvenate and help the clients modernise or improvetheir business and drive innovation and new opportunities in the business of clients andachieving all these based on a culture of learning estaolishing and collaborat ng. Theidea of continuous improvement has helped your company *or further learning in automationof business processes and establishing new mindset for future growth.

For the coming year your company is planning to have focus on strengthening of customerloyalty tor company's established brand Panache. Our team's determination stimulates ourVision to accelerate the significant development in the business while plummeting ourenvironmental footmark and enhancing our optimistic social impact. We believe thatsustainable growth is the only acceptable model for our future business. Your company Iocsrecently incorporated subsidiary "Wemart Global" in UAE for enhancing andexpanding B2B trade giooally. The omnipresent IT has an impact on the society as wc II asbusiness. As IT increasingly becomes a catalyst for global economic growth we are alsoaligning our efforts in preparing PDI into a leaner simpler and nimbler organization.During the past year we could sustain steady growth and manage to have strong foot on theground to ensure our growth for future.

Our Persistence and Revelation combine a commercial imperious to succeed againstcompetition with the mutable attitudes and prospects of our consumers. While the adverseeconomic climate has impacted (or a short-term but it is looking positive in bringing inthe best for our future endeavors. Your company however has sustained to follow thepurpose and work no towards shaping the dream into a reality.

With the Vision "Making Human Life Easy." your company thrived to beingproducts and technology which are useful affordable and are loaded with latesttechnology. The future is expected to see newer technologies sued as Machine to Machine(M2M) and Natura User Interface (NU1) which will quickly come in to mainstream.

I am confident that Panache Digilife I td with its committed clients and associateswith support of stable and dedicated management team will cont nue to deliver significantvalue to its stake holders in the years to come.

I would like to assure that your company will endeavor to capita we on availableopportunities in trie 11 Market arid achieve new heights in the yeais to come.

Your company team has vision to see PDL being built on the pillars of:

Sharp Customer Focus by Building stronger relationships coupled with improved servicesand advanced innovative products to the existing product palette.

Driving Domain and Technology benefits to customers by he ping them optimize and win intheir markets.

I he team look forward to linking our solut ons and products e ven more closely to theclients' need.

You company has plans to build and enhance the sustained! ity for customer'ssatisfaction. Customers prefer to work with companies that have an agenda onsustainability. It blossoms through creativity innovation and lor cos which think out ofthe box to deliver innovative solutions that help us grow faster and run business in aresponsible manner. It is believed that sustainability bu Ids on the traditions and valueswhich are followed by a system. It is a reflection of our desire for responsible businessgrowth as if is of our pioneering spirit of the leadership.

Yours Sincerely

Amit D Rambhia

Managing Director

Panache Digilife Limited