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Company chairman speech

Dear Shareholders

On behalf of the Shashijit Infraprojects Limited I take thisopportunity to express my sincere thanks for your continued support and goodwill that iscritical to the success of our company.

During fiscal 2017-2018 we recorded revenues of Rs.45.73 crore. Ourcompany's annual revenue growth rate was

79.49%. The directors recommend a dividend of Rs.0.20/- per share forthe year ending March 31 2018 Subject to the approval of Members in the ensuing AnnualGeneral Meeting.

Since the incorporation our Company is the Dividend paying Company.

Our company's performance in the last fiscal illustrates theopportunities and challenges facing our industry. The phenomenal impact that the focus ofgovernment policies on infrastructure growth is having on businesses around the nation iscreating exciting and viable new opportunities for us to partner with clients. Howevercapitalizing on this opportunity requires a strong focus on team building expansion ofgeographical boundaries technology up gradation & new collaborations.

With immense pleasure I am pleased to share with you again that yourCompany has been accredited with BEST SME-INFRASTRUCTURE for the year in NAVBHARATSME BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD 2017 in recognition for outstanding performance andcontribution for splendid growth in Infra sector.

At the same time there has never been a greater imperative to embracetechnology upgradation to counter the downward pressures on pricing resulting from sheercompetition & commoditization of traditional infrastructure services in order tomaximize efficiencies and reconfigure our solutions.

We have set for ourselves aggressive and ambitious goals for FY 2018-19& forward the Board strongly believes that these are eminently achievable throughgame changing initiatives. This will of course not be easy. These goals have to be viewedin the context of significant external and internal challenges. Markets are volatilebusiness models are changing rapidly new capabilities in terms of team building andgeographical expansion need to be built and the organization needs to adapt with greatagility. However the start of the journey has been very encouraging as evidenced by theperformance during the last fiscal year both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Withfocused energy creativity and discipline many new initiatives are beginning to showtangible results.

The Board of Directors is completely aligned with the management teamon the longer term goals and I would like to take this opportunity to pledge to you thatwe will pursue them on a foundation of the highest standards of governance and ethics.These are aspects that our company has always valued and been known for. Respect for thelaws of the land fairness to the interests of all our stakeholders and a commitment touphold our core values drive the deliberations and decisions of the Board.

In addition to our business goals and commitment to drive shareholdervalue our company is focused on playing its role as a responsible corporate citizen. Wecontinue to contribute towards initiatives that drive societal change in the communitieswhere we operate while ensuring that our growth is sustainable. I frequently interactwith our team at all levels. I am glad to notice a renewed sense of vigor and energy inthe organization. Team Shashijit are at the heart of our successes and potential and Iwould like to gratefully acknowledge their commitment and contribution. Before I concludeI would also like to thank other stakeholders our clients vendors and partners for theirtrust and support.

And of course I look forward to your continued support and bestwishes.

Thank You


Sd/- (Ajit Jain)