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Best of BS Opinion: Fiscal math of imponderables, power reforms, and more

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Alokananda Chakraborty 

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From why the government always finds privatisation difficult and how the opening up of the space sector will help overcome the manpower and budgetary constraints in the area and the reasons the skirmish between studios and theatre owners over releasing films online is an aberration, here's a selection of Business Standard pieces for the day.

Growth holds the key to the government’s fiscal deficit slippage, writes A K Bhattacharya. Read on...

The government has done well to show the intent to carry forward the reforms process but intent alone will not be enough, says our top edit. Click here to read...

The opening up of the space sector should result in a rapid development of capacity in this high-tech area, says our second edit. Read on...

The measures for the power sector suggested in the recent economic package are by themselves good but they do not provide immediate relief, writes Somit Dasgupta, former member (economic and commercial) of Central Electricity Authority. Click here to read...

Vani S.

Kulkarni & Raghav Gaiha disagree with the ordering of the rationing priorities during Covid as it involves favouring the young over the old. Read on...

Producers/studios and cinema owners are critical parts of the movie ecosystem. Their interdependence is too high to risk it for short-term cash, writes Vanita Kohli-Khandekar. Click here to read...


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