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Richie Rich or Peter the Pauper? This calculator tells you where you stand

This Business Standard tool, created on the basis of tax data, allows you to figure out how many people in India make more money than you, and how many make less

Sachin P Mampatta & Sameer Mulgaonkar 

Photo: Shutterstock

You've got an annual pay pack of a million rupees. Depending on how extravagant or frugal you are, the amount could be just what the doctor ordered, at one end of the spectrum, or a pittance at the other.

But wait a bit. Don't you want to find out how many of your fellow citizens are better off, or worse, than you?

The government recently released statistics for the financial year 2016-17 (FY17). Business Standard has created a calculator based on this data which allows you to figure out how many people make more money than you, and how many make less.

To do this, we looked at This includes salary, business income, and income from house property besides income from other sources.

All you need to do is enter your income for the year in the space below to figure out where you are. The government had announced that for FY17 at just over Rs 100,000 for 2016-17 at current prices.

If you earn more than that, then you are likely to be richer than a significant chunk of the population. A fact borne out by the calculator below:

You are richer than 0% Indians 0% Indians are richer than you. You are as rich as 0% Indians Note: ‘Indians’ here refer to India’s total taxpayer base (46,540,078 I-T returns) Data sourced from Return Statistics (October 2018) Calculations based on data for individual in FY17 .

First Published: Mon, December 24 2018. 08:15 IST