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  • 11-Sep-2015 | A Seshan

    When M S Subbulakshmi brought Meera to life

    The writer remembers the queen of Carnatic music, M S Subbulakshmi, on her centenary year

  • 07-Apr-2015 | A Seshan

    Monetary policy in a bind

    How can the interest rate policy alone tackle the problem when what is required is supply management?

  • 01-Mar-2015 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: A welfare-oriented Budget

    The various social security schemes, especially for the unorganised sector, and the enhancement of the limits for tax concessions will benefit the common man

  • 07-Jan-2015 | A Seshan

    The art of managing capital flow volatility

    The volatility of capital flows has increased significantly in recent years, particularly since the global financial crisis of 2008, making their management one of the biggest challenges facing emerging market economies (EMEs). The two broad ...

  • 22-Nov-2014 | A Seshan

    Formula 1 heads to Abu Dhabi for a suspenseful finale

    The 2014 F1 season is poised for a thrilling conclusion with both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in with a chance to win the title

  • 02-Sep-2014 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: 'Insiders' vs 'outsiders' at RBI

    The real issue is reconciling the problem of staff denied promotion with the management's desire to promote excellence. But history shows that the solutions lie within the central bank

  • 23-Aug-2014 | A Seshan

    Can Federer do it at the US Open?

    Federer's advantage is his versatility. He can produce an ace when in trouble. But he has to watch out for unforced errors, which often are the cause of his undoing

  • 05-Jul-2014 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: Four suggestions for the Budget

    Introduce a flat tax, tax dividends and capital gains, expand wealth tax and link fiscal deficit to revenue receipts

  • 25-Jun-2014 | A Seshan

    Booms, busts and human nature

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."- George SantayanaThe recent international financial meltdown following the failure of two hedge funds owned by the US investment bank Bear Stearns and the subprime crisis has spawned ...

  • 23-May-2014 | A Seshan

    French Open: Will Nadal wear the crown again?

    Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal look likely to contest the title at Roland Garros

  • 14-Feb-2014 | A Seshan

    Gangubai's search for perfection

    Throat surgery left her with a masculine voice, but the doyenne of the Kirana gharana turned it into an advantage through years of hard work, says author in a review of a biography of the musician

  • 03-Jan-2014 | A Seshan

    It's time for the Grand Slam!

    Will it be the same old stalwarts or will a new star emerge at the Australian Open, starting on January 13?

  • 26-Dec-2013 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: The dangers of 'tolerable' inflation

    The committee set up under Urjit Patel to revise the policy framework needs to re-examine the Reserve Bank's approach to monetary stability

  • 20-Dec-2013 | A Seshan

    Interpreter of numbers

    A global doyen and theorist in the world of statistics, CR Rao's work has influenced fields as varied as economics, medicine and anthropology

  • 13-Dec-2013 | A Seshan

    The origin of runaway inflation

    A faulty approach to money supply in the mid-eighties transformed the paradigm for monetary policy, says A Seshan in this review of the fourth volume of RBI's history series

  • 25-Nov-2013 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: Would foreign banks prefer subsidiaries to branches?

    The answer could partly lie in the issue of reciprocity but this route may not help the monetary authority

  • 15-Nov-2013 | A Seshan

    Can the Czechs do it again?

    In the world of tennis the doubles matches attract crowd only in Davis Cup. It has lost much of its sheen in Grand Slam events because leading players no longer participate

  • 18-Oct-2013 | A Seshan

    The bet's on Vettel!

    "I don't think the title fight is still on. Even if Sebastian retired from all four (remaining) races, I would have to win all of them."- Fernando Alonso The third Indian edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix race at the Buddh International Circuit ...

  • 14-Sep-2013 | A Seshan

    The financial tsunami of 2008

    On the fifth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers' collapse, a look at the financial failures it caused, as well as the lingering effects

  • 03-Sep-2013 | A Seshan

    A Seshan: Swapping current troubles for future ones

    RBI's forex swap window for oil marketing companies addresses an urgent issue but what happens when the dollars have to be returned?