Top 10 business ideas under 15 lakh to start earning money today in India

Starting a business can look hectic, but if you have sufficient capital, most of your problems are already eliminated. Here are the top 10 business ideas under 15 lakh

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Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi
There are plenty of business ideas available if you have a sufficient amount to invest in your business. However, starting a business is not only about investment, a lot of things are involved in a successful business venture, such as a good idea, the right execution and a passion to build something. 

The most critical aspect of starting your business is capital. If you have sufficient money to invest in your business, you have plenty of business ideas under Rs 15 lakh.

Top 10 business ideas under 15 lakh

Gadget Shop

The demand for electronic items is growing significantly, and there is no reason that their demand will shrink anytime soon. Opening a good electronic shop is a great idea to attract customers, especially the youth. Make sure you sell the product in retail with a team that possesses good knowledge about electronic products. Electronic business is a very good business idea under Rs 15 lakh. With proper planning and execution, you can also convert your shop into an e-commerce portal for better profits.

Open a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant or coffee is one of the most viable business options nowadays. This is a very lucrative business idea as it has a lot of potential to grow and can easily give you a good return on investment. You should invest in this business and offer high-quality food, exceptional customer support, and an attractive ambience to outperform your competitors.

Travel Holiday Planning Business

People have become aware nowadays, and they have started investing in themselves. The number of travellers is rising exceptionally and they want someone who can plan everything for them. This brings us to the idea of starting a Travel Holiday Planning Business. All you have to do is do proper research on different places, travel modes, booking ideas and varying customer needs. You can start this with an investment of less than Rs 15 lakh, no formal education required, and even no need for office premises.  

Catering Business

Another flourishing business that you can start with Rs 15 lakh is the catering business. Irrespective of the occasion, food has been the key thing in any business. If you manage to serve delicious food, it won't take you long to establish your name in the market.

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All you need is a strong understanding of foods and a cook who can make premium quality dishes for your business.

Online Advertisement Business

According to some reports, the online advertising business manages to earn Rs 600 crore in revenue every year. Big brands and companies do understand the power of online marketing, and hence they are investing huge money to cement their online presence. Advertisement is a fun way to work with stats, graphics, and various tools to provide the brand it wants.

Online advertisement allows you to reach people across the world through digital mode and is a perfect way to highlight brand image.

Franchise Business

Investing in a Franchise business is one of the best business ideas that allows you to use a company that has a strong brand presence. You just have to invest in the franchise business with a proven track record. You can leverage an established business model and get benefits from ongoing support and marketing efforts.

Start a fitness centre

People nowadays are very conscious about their fitness, and they try everything to stay healthy. The COVID pandemic has taught people the importance of a healthy body, consequently, many people have joined fitness centres. 

It indicates that the fitness centre business is flourishing in India, and it is one of the best businesses to invest in. One can start the fitness centre with an investment of less than Rs 15 lakh and start earning good money from it.

Photography and Videography

Clicking images is not just a passion thing, but a great business idea. If you are someone who loves to click pictures and want to monetise your photography skills then there can't be a better business idea than starting a photography and videography studio.

Offer your professional services to parties, weddings, and other corporate functions. Invest in high-quality gadgets, build a portfolio and attract more clients.

Health Food Store

The demand for healthy food is rapidly growing, people now want to eat only organic and natural products, including fresh produce, dietary supplements, gluten-free options, etc. People have understood the importance of healthy foods, hence you can open a Health Food Store where you will provide healthy and hygienic food to all your customers.

Home Decor and Furnishings

People have become very particular about how their house is going to look like. Many people hire professional house decor and furnishing companies that offer a range of home decor products. So if creativity is your game, then you can start this business. You can offer products to clients who are ready to pay you money for affordable stylish products like furniture, lighting, rugs and other decorative items.

First Published: Sep 19 2023 | 5:02 PM IST

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