Top 10 business ideas under 10 lakh in India, check the list below

There are plenty of business ideas that you can begin with low investment. If you are looking for business ideas under Rs 10 lakh, here are the top 10

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Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi
Entrepreneurship isn't about coming up with great ideas, it is more about the right implementation. There are plenty of people who have the attitude to start their own business, but they don't have sufficient funds. Finance is one of the most critical aspects of setting up any business.

In case you have some money but you are not sure about what business to start, then this article is for you. This article mainly focuses on business ideas under 10 lakh rupees, which are easy to begin and grow. Thereafter, if you want to expand your business, you can add more money and reach more people.

Top 10 business ideas under Rs 10 lakh

Start an ecommerce business

Starting an ecommerce business is a great way to set up your own profitable business. You can begin your ecommerce store journey by selling small products at home. This is one of the fastest-growing business ideas under 10 lakh across the country.

Just register your company on the e-commerce platform through local authorities and get a PAN card and GST number for your company. 

Food service

After the COVID outbreak, food delivery business service has reached new heights as now users can get food at their doors with just a few clicks. Online platforms like Zomato and Swiggy are making it easier and affordable for users to order their meals. Hence, launching a food delivery application can be a good business idea under Rs 10 lakhs.

People have become health freaks now, and they demand nutritious food. Hence, you can reach such people by meeting their demands. You can also start your own restaurant under Rs 10 lakh. 

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On-demand cleaning service

In the last few years, cleaning companies in industrial buildings and medical facilities have expanded significantly as more and more people are becoming aware of their health and sanitation. In this growing demand for cleaning services, it can be a great business idea to start an on-demand cleaning service, and the best part is that it doesn't require a huge investment.

Start a car rental service

Starting a car rental service is one of the most lucrative business ideas under Rs 10 lakh of investment. More and more people are engaged in this business as starting this service is hassle-free and can give you attractive profit margins in just a few months.

Daily movers find it fascinating to book a car rather than owning one as it is cost-effective. Consequently, car-renting service providers are generating huge revenue. Hence, start a car-renting business and earn a huge sum in just a few months.

Toy manufacturing

This is one of the evergreen business ideas that you can begin and earn a massive amount of money. Toy making is an art, and if you have learned how to manufacture toys, like plastics, wooden or stuffed toys. You can use creativity to generate a variety of toys. You just have to decide what sort of toy you are going to manufacture. You can set up this business with an investment of Rs 10 lakh.

Eco-friendly disposables

The government is launching new laws to stop the use of non-disposable plastics after understanding their harmful impacts. However, the demand for eco-friendly disposables has risen significantly as they are required in huge amounts at weddings, parties, tea stalls, etc. You can take advantage of this period and start manufacturing eco-friendly disposables. The investment required for this small-scale manufacturing business is around Rs 5 to 7 lakh.

Start a health and fitness centre

People are becoming fitness freaks nowadays, and they are now conscious of their health. They are now understanding the value of a healthy body. Hence, they are not worried at all about spending money to keep themselves in good shape. Starting a health and fitness centre can be a very profitable business idea as its demand is growing significantly. Initially, you can have only a few types of machinery, and later you can expand your business accordingly.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is a one-stop solution to all digital marketing needs. It can promote any product or service digitally to attract more viewers and buyers to the platform. Digital marketing works through online mediums like social media, email marketing, websites, blogs or any other way.

Digital marketing agencies' demand has increased immensely. This business has a higher return on investment than traditional forms of marketing. Setting up a digital marketing agency is also not a big deal as one can start providing marketing services in less than Rs 10 lakh.

Art and Craft business

If you are a creative person, then there can't be a better business idea with a low investment than starting a craft business. There are thousands of ways to sell your crafts online, all you need to do is to create your name brand out there to make it a real business.

There are plenty of artists who have expressed themselves through their art, sell their work online and ship the craft directly to customers' homes and offices. You can make your art your business and earn huge sums of money through it.

Tissue paper making 

Tissue papers are huge in demand as every restaurant, tea stall, food centre, and coffee shop needs them. You can start manufacturing tissue papers from your home. The cost of a tissue paper-making machine is Rs 5 lakh. However, the scope of growth is immense in this business. One can start a tissue tissue-making business with an investment of less than Rs 10 lakh.

First Published: Sep 18 2023 | 4:54 PM IST

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