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Hacker finds secret 'Elon Mode' for hands-free driving in Tesla vehicles

A Tesla software hacker discovered a secret feature called "Elon Mode," which could be Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla's own supersecret driver mode. This enables hands-free automobile driving

Elon Mode

Hacker finds secret ‘Elon Mode’ for hands-free driving in Tesla vehicles

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Regarding Tesla vehicles, Elon Musk, CEO of the company appears to have a hidden advantage. A skilled Tesla software hacker, calling himself "greentheonly," has recently discovered a secret feature known as 'Elon Mode'. The hacker provided preliminary footage of the system in use to confirm that this elusive mode permits hands-free driving. "Greentheonly" confirms the existence and functionality of "Elon Mode," despite the fact that its specific settings were not made public.

Greentheonly has been looking into Tesla's vehicle code for years and has found interesting things like the fact that Tesla can restrict access to power seats and the centre camera in the Model 3 before they are actually activated. Elon Mode was discovered and enabled by this hacker in its most recent utilisation.

Elon Mode: Discovery

A software hacker, known online as @greentheonly, discovered a hidden feature called "Elon Mode," raising curiosity that Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have his own secret driver mode. A report says that the hacker went out to test the system and posted some rough footage of how it was actually used.

The hacker discovered that Tesla's Full Self-Driving software, the company's vision-based advanced driver-assist system that is currently in beta, will not require drivers to monitor their vehicles when using the feature. Owners who frequently experience "nagging" due to the system's frequent checks will benefit from the newly acquired feature.

Autopilot System, Tesla's first-generation highway driver assistance system needs a particular driver to nudge the steering wheel to verify their attentiveness while in use. Because they are frequently nudged, FSD users must also use sufficient force. However, this might accidentally turn off the entire system. 

Elon Mode: Exclusive

"Greentheonly" clarified that because they were unable to test it on a vehicle other than a Tesla, the test for Elon Mode was carried out in a vehicle owned by the company. "Unless you work at Tesla, or otherwise have access to relevant databases at the company, there’s no way to tell how many cars have ‘Elon Mode’ accessible at the moment," the hacker is reported to have said in an online chat. The hacker's video suggests that the test was conducted with an early Model X. 

Nagging was not detected during the hacker's 600-mile Elon Mode testing. Additionally, the system continues to appear to switch lanes at random, resulting in slow highway driving. There is no confirmation from the company regarding whether regular owners will have access to this version.

Musk hinted in December that a nag-free driving model would soon be available. When asked for an update on this several months after that tweet, Musk responded that the company is gradually reducing it in proportion to the much-improved safety of the vehicle and its drivers. 

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First Published: Jun 22 2023 | 12:31 PM IST

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