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In Norway, the richest Scandinavians are debating how to get $2.2 billion

Be careful what you wish for: Mugabe's ouster has left Zimbabwe in chaos

Want to see North Korea denuclearize, but we're in no rush: Donald Trump

China urges US to respect its right to develop, vows to open market further

Will Kim give up N Korea's nuclear crown jewel Yongbyon at Trump summit?

Wall Street rises as upbeat Walmart results boost investor sentiment

March 1 deadline for China trade talks not 'magical' date: Donald Trump


Indices Last Change (%)
Nikkei 225 21302.65 20.80 0.10
DAX 11309.21 10.01 0.09
Shanghai Composite 2755.65 1.29 0.05
DJIA 25891.32 8.07 0.03
FTSE 100 7179.17 -40.30 -0.56
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