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Simple Mistakes that Prevent Weight Loss

Mentioned below is overview of some common mistakes that prevent one from losing excess weight.

Anurag Khare 

Simple Mistakes that Prevent Weight Loss

can sometimes be a frustrating affair. One may believe that he or she has done what is required to yet the scale displays the same weight for weeks. Do not panic, there is always an explanation and also a solution. Mentioned below is overview of some common mistakes that prevent one from losing excess weight.

Not enough sleep - Most people do not sleep the recommended 7 to 8 hours required for an adult. Lack of sleep makes one fat; it is a proven fact now. Observational studies have shown that people who do not sleep enough especially less than 6 hours per 24 hours have a higher body mass index. It is also now known that disruptive sleep effects the production of hormones that regulate hunger and satiety. Also individuals who sleep less secrete less leptin that calms hunger and lot of ghrelin that opens the appetite. As a result a person who doesn’t get enough sleep will eat too much, way beyond their energy needs.

Stress Management - is harmful for and can promote Stress hormones including cortisol promote the storage of fat. In today's time stress is commonplace with hectic professional lives, various conflicts and concerns. To overcome this problem one can use various simple techniques to calm down such as listening to music, taking a shower, spending time with loved ones, practice and breathing and much more.

Composition of Microbiota - Unique for every individual, the intestinal microbiota refers to all the microorganisms present in the digestive tract. Recent scientific studies have shed light on the composition and the link between unbalanced or undiversified microbiota and obesity. Trying to diversify one's microbiota is also a way to and keep oneself healthy. For that, eat a varied and a high-fiber diet. Include servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses and nuts, oatmeal and food items rich in probiotics such as yogurts, fermented milks and supplements.

Calorie intake through liquids - Most people who wish to and diet are conscious about what they eat but often ignore what they drink. Calories gained through liquid intake are just as potent as calories that one gets from food. If one eats a pastry then one may feel satisfied and will have less appetite in the hours that follow. But, if someone drinks a glass of wine or soda then he or she won’t feel any different in terms of satiety and will eat just as much as he or she normally does.

Frequent Dieting - It has been seen that 80% of people who through dieting often take back the pounds lost and often with a bonus. These pounds gained are harder to lose. This yo-yo effect has several causes, including the inevitable loss of muscle mass that accompanies the destocking of fats and therefore reduces the energy requirement of the body. To again, one has to focus as much as possible on physical activity and just eat a balanced diet, including foods that are usually not allowed in diets. Not to mention the golden rule, be patient, so that the result is sustainable over time.

Skipping Meals - Reducing the number of daily meals will not make one lose more weight. Breakfast is the meal that is skipped most often, without breakfast; the stomach remains inactive for more than 12 hours. This in turn will lead to overeating the next time around. Specialists recommend eating 5 small meals a day. In this way, one will not be hungry when the next meal arrives.

Not drinking enough water - To have a healthy body, it is essential to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water per day. between meals will cut one’s appetite and thus water is one’s best weapon against one’s nibbling between meals. Water also replenishes and moisturizes and leaves one with a feeling of satiety.

Not exercising enough - In order to lose weight, one need to burn calories and hence physical exercise matter. By training regularly, one will increase the muscle mass and a muscular body burns more calories, even when at rest. Running, swimming, dancing one can take up any physical activity, also small contributions such as taking the stairs instead of lifts or escalators helps.

First Published: Wed, January 10 2018. 13:32 IST