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5 benefits of finding a part time job while studying abroad

It is possible that you have heard about something similar from friends or relatives who have gone abroad for studies, and who may have mentioned about different jobs they did on a part-time basis.

Debolina Raja 

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Now that you have secured that study position abroad, congratulations! You are already on the right path to securing your dreams and reaching for your goal.

As you tick off options on your list of things to do while studying abroad, one option that can be a good thing to look out for is a part time job. It is possible that you have heard about something similar from friends or relatives who have gone abroad for studies, and who may have mentioned about different they did on a part-time basis while they were studying in a foreign country.

However, it is also possible that you have never met anyone who did a part time job while studying abroad, and are not sure what to look out for and how to go about it.

If you are interested in understanding more, do read on.

Benefits of having a part time job while studying abroad
Even before you start looking for a part time job abroad, you should first understand how it can help you while you are studying there. Here are a few reasons how you can benefit from a part time job during the time you spend studying abroad.

1. Extra money: Doing any kind of part time job means that you have access to some that you may have otherwise planned for. This is good, because you will have some additional financial security to fall back on, out of your student budget. As this is an additional inflow of cash, you can use it to pay off your study loan earlier than you otherwise would, or utilize to pay for other necessities you may require when you are studying abroad.

2. Use for additional course: While you enrol for a particular course as part of your academic curriculum, you can always use the money from your part time job to invest in a course that can provide you added qualification. For instance, you could enrol in some weekend classes or workshops that you feel will add to the knowledge or experience you are gaining while studying.

3. Build on your language and social skills: Once you start working part time in a new country, it means that you will come in contact with people from a new social and cultural background. A lot of things they do will be different from what you are accustomed to. For instance, you will get to hear and learn a new language, understand newer ways of dealing with people on an everyday basis, have a better understanding of the people in that particular country, and also learn how people conduct themselves in a professional or relaxed setting. All this will help you acquire more ‘real’ skills that can definitely help you in future.

4. Grow your network: When you are working in a part time job, you will come in touch with people from various walks of life. From people you regularly meet at work, to those you connect with when you look for new work, to people you meet on your daily commute and so on, there will be many opportunities for you to expand your network in a new country. As you gain more experience and start getting more familiar with the culture, you will be able to build on your network, which can come in handy when you are looking for any recommendations or later.

5. Understand the work culture: Most people go for studying abroad with an intention of working in the same country for at least the first few years. When you start a part time job, you will have a first-hand experience and understanding of the work culture in that particular country. From the ways of work to the hours of work, work ethics and so on, you will learn a lot of things that will help you in your professional life later on.

First Published: Mon, October 23 2017. 13:09 IST