Levy exemptions for J&K floods

22 Dec 2014

The notifications were issued on the 11th of this month, amid phased polling in the state and a little over three months after the floods

Corporate India learns to live with competition law

21 Dec 2014

Compliance needs to be embedded in the decision-making process, say experts

Three areas of regulatory attention for 2015

21 Dec 2014

The process of selecting and appointing personnel to run the regulatory agencies is the weakest link in the system

Arbitration agreement needs no signature

21 Dec 2014

An arbitration agreement, even though in writing, need not be signed by the parties if the record of agreement is provided by exchange of ...

Putting an end to regulatory logjam

14 Dec 2014

As the government gears up to regulate the e-commerce business, the industry has to step up its compliance effort

Related-Party Transactions: Learning from the USL case

14 Dec 2014

Rejection of important RPT, which is not abusive, by a small group of minority shareholders is likely to hurt the company

Follow a phased, sequential approach for entry

14 Dec 2014

Legal profession in India is different and distinct from the profession practised elsewhere in the world. It is more litigation-oriented as ...

Foreign firms must submit to Indian disciplinary rules

14 Dec 2014

There is a need to create a level-playing field before foreign firms are allowed to enter and practise in India

Settlement must be free from duress

14 Dec 2014

Settlement of disputes can be challenged in court if a dominant corporation uses coercion, duress or undue influence of various types ...

Will HLC level with reality?

08 Dec 2014

In 2014-15 Budget speech, FM had announced that as an administrative step, he proposed to set up HLC to interact with trade and industry on ...

Making the company law work

07 Dec 2014

Amendments to the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 since April are largely the result of a drive to increase ease of doing business and ...

Including real estate in GST will be retrograde

07 Dec 2014

Any proposal to include immovable property in the design of GST should be rejected

Power commission must toe state policy

07 Dec 2014

A weekly selection of key court orders

Unwanted delay in FTP changes

01 Dec 2014

The policy hesitation of the commerce ministry seems set to continue till the beginning of next year

A chance for govt to come clean

30 Nov 2014

While other vexing issues remain, the Centre can send a positive signal to investors

Online, but far from easy

30 Nov 2014

A senior department official claims that the process has become fully automated only since May this year

De-listing 'reform' will nudge more fraud

30 Nov 2014

Sebi's propensity to legislate against every problem, real or perceived, makes life difficult for all

Speeding up land acquisition payments

30 Nov 2014

In Sita Ram vs state of Haryana, the award was passed in October 2003 and even after five years, compensation was not paid

Can India keep its flag high?

23 Nov 2014

Authors of World Bank's Doing Business report attribute India's jump to 7th place to changes in the company law, but rollbacks since June ...

Delhi's winter of reforms

23 Nov 2014

The FM has signalled financial sector and capital market reforms by committing to implementing recommendations of the Financial Sector and ...

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