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When is World White Cane Day

World White Cane Day

About World White Cane Day

When is World White Cane Day

World White Cane Day is celebrated every year on October 15. Also known as White Cane Safety Day, the day was first marked in 1964 in United States by President Lyndon B Johnson. In 2011, President Barack Obama named the day as Blind Americans Equality Day. The day is now observed worldwide and recognises the movement of blind people from dependency to active participation in society. It also celebrates the achievement of the blind people.
What is white cane and what is its significance?
White cane is an important mobility tool and a symbol of independence. Canes have been used by blind people for centuries but white cane was not in use before the 20th century. It was introduced in the US in the 1930s and it helped motorists identify blind people walking on the streets.
The cane has now become a symbol of freedom, independence, and confidence.  It enables a blind person to move freely and helps in accomplishing daily tasks.
How it works?
Blind people use their hearing and touch sense to understand the environment around them. It helps them in assessing the situation, directions, obstacles, and take decisions quickly without any hesitation. The tool enables the person in doing almost everything in his or her life without much difficulty.

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