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With Lok Sabha elections approaching, saffron surge seen in political ads

The BJP has been more aggressive in the first 11 weeks of the calendar year

Urvi Malvania  |  Mumbai 

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to dominate the space
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With elections approaching, political parties are going all out on their marketing campaigns. While digital and social media is emerging as the new battleground, traditional platforms like TV, and continue to find favour. The has been more aggressive in the first 11 weeks of the calendar year, taking up more than half the share of total political advertising from January 1 to March 16


Indexed growth of on TV, and radio*

1. The has dominated political advertising this year so far with more than 50% share of ad insertions across TV, and by political parties

2. The Congress comes in a far second in terms of ad insertions with a share of 1%

3. Ad insertion trend of in first three weeks of 2019 for and print were almost same


Source: TAM Adex

4. Political ad insertions highest on during 5th week and 11th week compared to other mediums

5. For first six weeks of 2019, was least preferred medium for such ads. But parties used the medium from the seventh week

6. Compared to 2014, political parties have shown a shift in platform preference. This year, so far, radio has seen a growth of 14% in political ad insertions, while print and have both seen a decline of 9% and 83%, respectively

First Published: Thu, March 28 2019. 22:40 IST